When The Puppy Has Diarrhea You Should Do?

Diarrhea is one of the most common diseases in dogs, especially puppies. So what is the method of prevention when the puppy has diarrhea? Please read through the article below!

Prevent Puppies From Getting Diarrhea From Diet

Dog’s diet should be on time, and good eating habits should be formed, which in turn will benefit stomach function. Absolutely do not let the puppies be hungry a meal, full stomach a meal because will cause dysfunction of the stomach, which can lead to diarrhea. If the puppy is about 4 months old, food should be soaked in warm water, but should not be soaked in water for too long, otherwise it will be degraded.

Good diet help prevent puppy has diarrhea
Good diet help prevent puppy has diarrhea

Chewing ability of dogs is innate, but it is best not to feed the dogs, especially when the dog eat chicken bone can not digest, is likely to tear the digestive organs.

In addition, puppies need to drink fresh water, preferably half a day changed water once, because in unclean water can have many harmful bacteria.

You should also select suitable dog food. In the market today there are many different types of grain fee dog food, which is the best choice. But choose the most comfortable place to buy then you can go to the famous brands such as Wellness, FAMILY OWNED, etc. on amazon.

Prevent The Puppy Has Diarrhea From Living Environment

Spaces and activities of puppies need to be kept clean, and should be periodically cleaned. In winter they need to keep warm where they are, in summer need to keep cool air ventilation. If you want to take puppies out of your travel or somewhere else, be sure to provide adequate supplies of drinking water and food and shelter for puppies. It is better to buy a dog carrier bag, which will help prevent wind and cold when you take them out.

Prevent The Puppy Has Diarrhea From Living Environment
Prevent The Puppy Has Diarrhea From Living Environment

When travel owners are more prone to diarrhea, puppies are much more at risk. When puppies arrive in an unfamiliar environment, they need time to adjust, so make sure they have enough time to rest, preferably not changing their diet.

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Prevent Puppies From Getting Diarrhea By Walking

When walking the dog, they will like to sniff, looking everywhere, now the owner can not be vigilant. Do not let the puppy sniff things that are not clear, nor can they eat anything out of the way (possibly through training to control the dog’s character).

Prevent Puppies From Getting Diarrhea By Walking
Prevent Puppies From Getting Diarrhea By Walking

Many dogs do not eat high fiber foods for long periods of time, so the body does not have enough fiber to eat some plants when walking. Employers should prevent this behavior, as there are several plants that are toxic to the dog’s physique. Such as peach, sweet potato, evergreen. In addition, when hearing or detecting other puppies, especially a puppy is sick. When walking, do not let your dog approach other dogs.

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Vaccination And Deworming To Prevent Puppy Has Diarrhea

Immunization is the most effective way to prevent infection. Puppies have many infectious diseases, such as: care, parvo, gastritis, etc. There are some fatal diseases, which, once the disease is developed, will not have any radical treatment. through vaccination to avoid. The first injection requires 3 consecutive shots, between 2 to 4 weeks between shots.

Vaccination And Deworming To Prevent Puppy Has Diarrhea
Vaccination And Deworming To Prevent Puppy Has Diarrhea

After the injection of three shots, one injection every year, because the effect of the drug only lasts for a year. When given to puppies, they should be in a healthy state, with no unusual reactions or illness. When picking puppies home for about a week, no unusual phenomenon can be vaccinated.

From the beginning of the first shot, puppies will be at risk, as the vaccines are weakened and can not be bathed at this time. It is not possible to take them out (avoid contagious disease) before the third injection.

Diarrhea is caused by parasites in the body, usually puppies like children have parasites in the body, such as roundworms, hookworms. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically worm out puppies. Puppies under 1 year old usually have to clean the worm every 2 to 3 months. At 1 year old deworming half a year, preferably in the spring and summer. You can refer to the most effective dewormer for dogs here.

Have a good day!

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