Top 12 Best Dog Steps And Ramps Reviews

What you need a Dog Steps And Ramps?

Dog are among the closest pets to the human being. They deserve proper treatment in all aspects. Now, when traveling with your dog in the vehicle, a ramp is a vital component in assisting your dog to either climb or down the car. This may be due to the age, weight or healthy condition of the dog.

Before you buy the ramp there are some the factors to consider. This is where many people make mistakes when that is buying these gadgets. Some of aspects top consider include, ease of use, strength, safety, and traction. These are essential because if the pet is too heavy and the ramp is weak, it may lead injuries due to falling. Also, traction should be adequate to avoid slippery conditions.

What is a Dog Steps And Ramps?

Dog Steps And Ramps are designed to provide our four-legged friends with comfortable access to any elevated objects. So, they can be used to help them get into a vehicle, on a sofa, bed, armchair or other pieces of furniture with ease. Both Dog Steps And Ramps are especially useful for senior dogs with joint problems. Hence, ramp and stairs are the best solution for dogs and cats who need to refrain from jumping. However, they are also very beneficial to young dogs/cats or small breeds who just cannot climb onto a bed without any assistance. We have looked through tons of models and chosen best Dog Steps And Ramps for your small angels!

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So you’re in the market for either pet stairs, Dog Steps And Ramps. You have a reason to buy one, but aren’t sure which option fits your dog or your home better. You’re not alone, because most dog owners are often confused about the differences between dog ramps, dog stairs and dog steps.

Why do pet owners even need Dog Steps And Ramps for dogs?

There are several reasons a pet owner usually needs a Dog Steps And Ramps:

  • Senior and/or arthritic dogs that need assistance
  • Dogs with other hip and joint problems
  • To prevent unnecessary stress on dogs’ joints and hips
  • Small breeds or puppies that need help getting into cars or onto bed

When it comes to joint problems in dogs, dog stairs, Dog Steps And Ramps are always a good idea. Several studies have found that jumping or even climbing steep surface places a lot of stress on the dog’s joints because they’re not designed to sustain it (unlike humans).

Further, research also found that climbs and jumps increase likelihood of arthritis. Dogs who are more active and spend a lot of time jumping up and down from elevated surfaces are simply much more likely to experience joint pain, agility issues or develop arthritis later in their lives.

On a different note, using dog ramps or steps can also help us, dog owners. The most common example is pet owners with SUVs and medium sized dogs. If your dog cannot get into the back of your car, it means you have to pick him up and help him into the vehicle. Doing so on a regular basis places a lot of unnecessary stress on your back and joints.

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What to Look for When Choosing a Dog Steps And Ramps

Strength: Check the weight capacity of each ramp and ensure it can hold your dog before you purchase it.

Portable: You will be the one who needs to lift, carry, and set up this ramp. Make sure you are able to do all that before purchasing. Also, check how compactly it can fold for storage.

Safe: Perhaps the most important thing to look for the safety features. Look for features like non-skid feet, front and rear stabilizer lips, and side railings.

Traction: To prevent slips and falls, make sure the ramp has enough traction. This is especially important if you live in an area where it rains or snows a lot.

Benefits of Buying Dog Steps And Ramps

Dog Steps And Ramps can improve your pet’s quality of life by quite a bit. These ramps are perfect for small dogs, old dogs, and dogs with health conditions that limit their motion, like arthritis. Dogs with physical limitations should not be prevented from taking part in life’s many pleasures. After all, even old dogs love a trip to the dog park. Dog ramps make it easy to load your pup into the car for a trip to the park or a vet visit. They can also be indoors, making it easier for your dog to climb stairs or hop into bed with you. With Dog Steps And Ramps, your dog will be able to do everything a dog is meant to do.

What Features to Compare

Design/Best for

Before purchasing Dog Steps And Ramps for your furry friend, you need to decide on the design and on what it is best for. Every pet is different, so there is no sole solution for choosing either a ramp or stairs. In our review, you have an opportunity to consider both pet ramps and pet stairs.

  • Pet stairs come in different heights and sizes to fit every breed. The advantage of steps is that they take less space compared to pet ramps. Pet steps are ideal for tight spaces and can be placed alongside a bed or chair. If your kitty or doggy is young and in good health, steps offer a wonderful way to climb up and down safely from furnishings inside a house or apartment. You can also use these stairs outside as they can be placed next to pet doors or decks. Besides, pet stairs are now very popular among cat/dog owners who try to keep their furry friends away from health problems (joint pain, arthritis, etc.) ahead of time. Anything that prevents your little friend from jumping up and down will benefit his/her joints greatly in a long run. But, if your pet is quite old, it is obvious that climbing stairs, at this point in its life, is physically demanding. So, our suggestion is to stop considering stairs.
  • We advise the owners of senior pets to direct their sights toward ramps. Dog or cat ramp is a humane solution for our small friends that have become disabled or arthritic with age. Ramps can be also very useful for dogs or cats that got used to single-floor houses and have never mastered moving up the stairs. Moreover, if you are the owner of a pet recovering from an injury, a ramp is a must for you! Both doggies and kitties will benefit of the straight and plain walk up as contrasted to lifting their legs over stairs. Ramps are also a necessary thing for people who cannot imagine car trips without their animal friends. Car ramps will give all pets a chance to continue their favorite activity – traveling with owners in the car!


The next thing you should pay attention to is the size and the material. It is obvious that the higher the reach is, the longer the ramp or stairs should be. For example, a broadly extended ramp will be comfortable for large dogs as it will help them easily climb into a high SUV or van. On the other hand, such ramps can be a problem for houses and apartments as they take a lot of space. So, if you want a ramp for home use, consider smaller ramp-steps for installation near furniture. As for material, it must be durable and reliable in order to withstand different loads. The frame should be made of steel and have a non-skid surface.

Note, that if you want dog steps and ramps for indoor use, it is advisable to consider lightweight models made of durable plastic or wood with carpeted surface. In general, the maximum load for ramps is 200 pounds. The steps for home use can withstand a load up to 130 lbs. All in all, you don’t have to worry that they might break under your pet.


There are various things that can add extra comfort. For example, the stairs are usually carpeted in order to provide your pet with a comfortable climb. The bottom of the ramp can be rubberized so as not to slide on the ground. All ramps are lightweight and easy-to-use. Furthermore, most ramps and stairs can be folded and placed in a trunk. Additionally, many of them have special locks and, consequently, they cannot open during a trip. As for models for indoor use, they can easily fit under a bed. Finally, many designs do not require any assembly at all, making the setting process a snap.


Pet Loader Light 16″ Platform, Plastic

Want to load your dog into the back of your vehicle with no hassle? The Pet Loader Light has you covered and the different models range from three to five steps for a great number of options.

Best Dog Steps and Ramps

The steps themselves fold down for easy transport as well, making for a crazy amount of convenience. The size range isn’t overly specific either, ranging from 29” to 40” so you’ll be able to get your pet on board with almost any vehicle.

The multiple steps make for a low angle of entry which even the most skittish dogs will feel comfortable with. Less fear means easier going for both of you, and it really is the best way to load your dog up without having to worry about the risk of injury inherent to loading the dog by hand.

If you’ve got a medium or large sized dog that you can’t bear to be apart from, the Pet Loader Light makes for a fantastic way to get them aboard and take them on any adventure you can dream of.

Heininger 3052 PortablePET Twistep Dog Hitch Step

Less of a set of steps and more of a single one, the PortablePET Twistep is a semi-permanent solution for any dog who has trouble getting into the car on their own.

Best Dog Steps and Ramps

The non-slip platform will easily fit into most trailer hitch attachments, allowing your dog to climb up, then you can simply twist it under the bumper and it’s out of the way but easily accessible for the next stop.

The height has 6” of adjustability, so you can pick the place where it best suits your pet in order to make sure that they can easily get in and out of the back of your vehicle. It’s a large step and suitable for dogs of any age or size.

Whether you just want to keep your young pup from jumping and potentially damaging their joints or want to help your aging family dog to gracefully get in the car, you’ll be covered. Even better, you won’t be able to forget it since it’s attached to the car.

If it suits your dog, and you’re the forgetful type, you’re going to fall in love with the Twistep and your dog’s joints will thank you.

PetSTEP Original Folding Pet Ramp

Want a longer and more graceful way for your dog to get in? Try this dog ramp for SUVs, trucks, and any other vehicle with a considerable amount of ground clearance.

Best Dog Steps and Ramps

The primary draw here is definitely the non-slip, rubberized surface which will keep your dog from sliding when they ascend or descend the ramp.

No tools needed here, either, just unfold the ramp, set it down, and let your dog go up or down as the case may be before you fold it and return it to the back of the vehicle.

The ramp measures a full 6’ when it’s extended and is only 3’ when it’s not, making it a gradual slope when unfolded but you’ll still be able to tuck it away neatly when it’s not in use.

It’s high-quality, heavy duty, and pretty much any canine will be quickly using this dog ramp for pickup trucks or anywhere else you might care to take them. Whatever your reasons, you really can’t go wrong with this dog ramp.

Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Dog Ramp

Looking for an easily stored and light dog ramp? This one has you covered, it’s made of aluminum and plastic and has a unique telescoping system which is even easier to use than the dog ramps which fold.

Best Dog Steps and Ramps

The ramp sits at 39” initially, but can later be extended up to 72”. If you own multiple vehicles of varying heights, you may have just found the dog ramp of your dreams.

There’s a lot to be said about it, including the non-slip plastic, the one year warranty, and the fact that it can support over four hundred pounds of dog at a time but the main draw for most people is going to be the quick and easy mechanism and the ability to use the same ramp between vehicles of almost any size.

It’s wide enough to suit almost any dog, so why not do them a favor and buy them a present?

For those of us with multiple cars the telescoping design is absolutely perfect. It’ll support any dog, it’s wide and safe to use for both of you, and the convenience of only having to buy a simple ramp is hard to compete with.

Solvit Pet Ramps with FREE Dog Training Clicker Bundle

Some of us are just looking for a solid dog ramp for our trucks, no frills needed. This option from Solvit will have you covered in that case.

Best Dog Steps and Ramps

It’s a big, heavy-duty, plastic ramp that measures 62” when extended. It’s also affordable on even the tightest budget and still has some amenities that’ll help your pup out.

It also has some rubber feet under the edges to make sure it doesn’t go anywhere, which is great for those rambunctious dogs that are super excited to get a ride in the car.

The surface is made of a sandpaper like material which will make things easier for your dog to grip, regardless of their disabilities and they’ll be taking it confidently in stride in pretty much no time at all.

It’ll reach up to about 24” safely, so you might not want to go with this one for your lifted truck, but it’s a solid, well-thought-out option with minimal frills and a fantastic price so it might be just what you’re looking for.

Guardian Gear 4-Step Auto Ramp

Best Dog Steps and Ramps

Guardian Gear 4-Step Auto Ramp is a wonderful product to help dogs climb up and down. This foldable ramp with 4 steps was designed to protect pet’s paws and auto finishes from pinches and scrapes. So, it can provide your four-legged friends with easy access to cars or other high places. Note that this model is advertised as a dog ramp for use with cars, but there are a number of different ways how it can be deployed. You can also use it for pets who have difficulties with health and need extra assistance even for climbing onto low-height furniture or vet tables. Moreover, some customers even use it as a dog ramp for bed. In addition, it is also great for prophylaxis of joint diseases.


The construction of pet ramp stairs is foldable and easy to set up. It includes a steel frame, which is very steady and durable. The steps are made of sturdy plastic. What is more, these dog stairs have a non-skid coating that prevents slipping. The dimensions of the item are 58 x 20 x 6.5 inches. So, this model is quite long, wide and has a generous step size. As for the pet weight, the ramp can withstand pets weighing up to 150 pounds. Hence, it will be extremely useful for medium and large dog breeds. For example, if your dog is a gentle giant who is afraid of jumping up into a car, this car dog ramp is definitely an essential buy. Finally, it weighs only 21 pounds, so it’s great for transportation. Well worth the cost!
A distinctive feature of this very model is that it may serve as both steps and a ramp. Steps can be easily transformed into a smooth ramp to provide access to a car and create an additional training push of hind legs. Moreover, this ramp is also ideal for young healthy dogs because it can remove unnecessary stress on their joints and back. The design of this pet ramp for car is easy to fold and carry in the trunk. Moreover, it is equipped with a fixing lock in order to prevent accidental unfolding. Don’t hesitate and make your pet’s dream come true!

Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp

Best Dog Steps and Ramps

Wow, this thing can make your life so much easier! Pet Gear Tri-Fold Pet Ramp is a tri-folding ramp that serves for a comfortable access to high cars. So, it is a must for all dog fanciers who own pickups or SUVs. Keep in mind that this ramp will also reduce the load on the back and the joints when your pet is getting into a car. And it goes without saying that this model is definitely a necessity for dogs that have hip problems or arthritis. But, some people also use it as a bed dog ramp in order to provide the smallest puppies with access to their “parents” bed. All in all, this model will be very convenient both for old dogs and puppies. Great!


This is a great ramp for a huge grown-up dog or a wary puppy. It is made of lightweight and durable plastic with a non-skid coating for extra stability. Measuring 71 x 19.5 x 4 inches, this model is very steady and wide. Hence, Pet Gear Tri-Fold Pet Ramp for car ensures comfortable climbing and descending. Moreover, this is the longest ramp for dog in our review, so you may use it even for the highest cars and vans. Some customers claim that it is a little bulky, but it definitely suits the purpose. The maximum load on the ramp is 200 pounds. A great solution for the owners of real giants.


This tri-fold ramp is fairly light, compact and folds up nicely. Hence, it is ideal for transportation in the trunk of any size. Moreover, the special locking mechanism does not allow it to open while driving. Also, the ramp is equipped with a handle for easy carrying and cleaning. It also stays in place when in use and, owing to rubber grips on edges, it doesn’t kick out or move when a pet runs up and down. So, you will be provided with extra safety when loading/unloading your little friend. To sum up, no worries about sliding anymore!

Solvit PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs

Best Dog Steps and Ramps

These cat and dog stairs are awesome. Solvit staircase with 4 steps is somehow decorative and is intended only for indoor use. It can be conveniently placed almost anywhere in your apartment. This Pup Step Plus Pet Stairs will definitely provide your pet with a comfortable access to any sofa, bed, or another favorite napping place of your animal. So, if you want your furry pet fly up and down this steps reaching you wherever you want, don’t hesitate. Just buy it!


The construction is not too bulky, its dimensions are just 24 x 16 x 20 inches. So, it will not take up much space in your house or apartment. It feels like Pup Step Plus Pet Stairs are barely a pound in weight because they are made of plastic! At the same time, the construction is very sturdy and can withstand dogs weighing up to 120 pounds. Thus, it will be best for small and medium-sized dogs and cats. Note that if you have a small doggy or kitty, it may be terrified at first. But after some time, your little friend will race up it like it is nothing!


As it has been mentioned above, these steps are very lightweight and can be folded. So, you can conveniently store this item in a closet or under your bed. The design requires no assembly. Moreover, it has an appropriate height for the majority of sofas, chairs, and other home furniture. The stairs are covered with a special carpet to prevent slips and injuries. Furthermore, the sides protect pet’s feet, keeping your little devils on target going up and down. For its price, the unit brags a sturdy construction, convenience, and small weight – this Solvit model is really great.

Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog RampSteps

Best Dog Steps and Ramps

Pet Studio RampSteps includes 3 steps and mahogany-finished pine frame. This model is a great option for indoor use. It has a versatile design that converts steps into a ramp to reach for beds, sofas, couches, chairs, and more. Not only are these 2-in-1 stairs luxuriously made, strong, durable, and versatile, but they are also optimally suited to small-sized, medium-sized or even somewhat larger breeds of dogs/cats. Good news for owners of badgers! This indoor pet ramp is especially great for short-legged dogs. Super!


The frame of this pet ramp stairs is made of quality mahogany-finished pine and has a very stylish design that decorates any interior. This indoor pet ramp is strong and stable, its dimensions are 40 x 17.5 x 19.5 inches. So, it is able to withstand the loads up to 130 pounds. Moreover, the landing of every step is quite wide and long. What is more, the steps are covered with a soft low-pile carpet. This special carpeting provides excellent traction and, hence, reduces a risk of falling off. All in all, this is an ideal cat/dog ramp for bed!


One of the distinctive conveniences is that you can use it both as stairs and a smooth ramp. Stairs are ideal for young, healthy dogs and cats who cannot climb because of their size or weight. And this dog or cat ramp is best for aging pets or pets with health problems. These RampSteps are a snap to fold, thus, they are extremely convenient in storage. Furthermore, they come pre-assembled so all you have to do is just pop the stairs into place. Besides, this indoor pet ramp is like a piece of furniture that will be a great addition to any room. This is definitely a worthy purchase.

Otto Step Car Pet Ramp Pet Step

Best Dog Steps and Ramps

If you like to travel with your big furry friend, the Otto Step is what you need. It’s one large step, which can be easily attached to a standard hitch receiver (2 inches). So, it serves as an additional springboard for the pet. This step is designed for large and heavy dogs. It will help them conveniently get into your SUV or pickup. Moreover, the step minimizes the risk of problems with pet’s back or joints.


If you think that ramps are too cumbersome, this Otto Pet Step will be a great solution for you. The size of the step is 16 x 18 x 2 inches. We assure you that’s enough for a large dog to safely jump into your car. The step is easy to carry and store as it is very compact and lightweight. To specify, it is made of plastic and weighs only 6 pounds. But! The step is capable of withstanding loads up to 200 pounds. So, if you own not only a large car but also a large dog, this special step is a truly must-have product for you!


As we have already mentioned, Otto Step is very easy-to-use as it can be installed in any 2-inch hitch. But keep in mind that it cannot be used while driving. The design is resistant to corrosion, so if you are planning a picnic, you can leave the step in your hitch. Hence, your doggy or kitty will be able to get in and out the car wherever it wants. Furthermore, the step has a non-skid surface, which is easy to clean. To summarize, we highly recommend this step. You will be pleased … either will your pets!

Gen7Pets Natural Step Ramp for Pets

Best Dog Steps and Ramps
Gen7Pets Dog Steps and Ramps

If your dog is easily scared with other rubber ramps, this realistic grass covered ramp may be just the tool for you. With an easy to fold lightweight design, you can bring this ramp anywhere in and out of your house. It has an automatic locking mechanism built in for added security when it is folded up. Not to mention, it can hold up to 250 pounds when set up with a 16 inch wide walking path. This is the perfect tool to use with extra skittish dogs who require a little more comfort.

This ramp provides a truly natural way for dogs to experience safe grip walking up and down any incline. As dogs naturally use claws walking uphill for stumble-free grip, they now can climb into and/or out of the car using this accessory comfortably and easily for the artificial turf on its surface is convenient for the pets’ pads while offering firm grip for their claws anytime they climb.

Mr Herzher Smart Dog Ramp

Best Dog Steps and Ramps

For those with large dogs, you know their jumping often risks their hips, backs, and other joints. This ramp provides a wonderful solution with ease of use, safety, and versatility. It also provides secure footing thanks to its OSHA-approved materials as well as its firm frame for accommodating your dog’s weight safely. It is sturdy and has a slip-free surface, yet lightweight for effortless portability.

Pros and cons of using Dog Steps and Ramps, stairs?

One of the major advantages dog steps and stairs have over pet ramps is that they often take up less space when in use, while both are designed for pets to reach the same height.

Dog bedside ramps Review
Bedside Dog Steps and Ramps

The way dog ramps designed, they are simply not very ergonomic when extended, nor can they be (however, some dog ramps are easier to store than pet steps).

Pet steps can be placed alongside a bed or chair and are ideal for tight or limited spaces. If your dog is young or middle-aged and in good health, steps offer a great way to move up and down safely from a variety of furnishings in almost any area of a house or apartment without taking up as much space as dog ramps do.

You can also use dog stairs outside your home, as they can be used next to decks, vehicles or doors. While majority of pet owners can find the right size and type of pet stairs for their dog, some may like to have a special size. In that case, some companies are willing to customize a set of pet stairs according your specifications. Simply call the manufacturer with the dimensions in order to obtain a quote and compare it with other dealers who offer customization too.

Here are a few pet companies that offer customized pet stairs for dogs:

Finally, high quality dog stairs are almost always cheaper than high quality dog ramps due to cheaper quality builds and less material used, so they’re perfect for owners on a budget. It’s true that there are dog ramps that are priced same as pet stairs, but I would never trust any of those (if you’ve seen them live, you know what I mean).

As for disadvantages when comparing pet stairs and steps to dog ramps, there are a few of those as well, both of which can be a deal breaker for some dog owners. In fact, there are three very important differences between dog steps and stairs.

First, when everything is set up, locked and secured, most dog steps are not as reliable and sturdy as dog ramps. If you secure your dog ramp properly, it will always be much sturdier and immovable than a set of dog stairs.

Second, dog ramps are always better for arthritic dogs than pet stairs. Even though pet stairs are better for your dog than simply jumping up and down from elevated surfaces, they still require some effort and stress the dog’s joints. Dog ramps, on the other hand, allow your Fido walk the ramp with significantly less stress placed on the joints.

Finally, some dogs simply prefer ramps over steps because they don’t seem to trust small and iffy, narrow looking set of pet stairs (and I can certainly understand them). Dog ramps look much more acceptable; however, this isn’t the case with every dog and some actually avoid both ramps and steps no matter what.

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In Summary

Dog Steps and Ramps, Stairs: which one to pick?

There’s a good reason why pet owners are often confused by whether dog ramps or dog steps/stairs are the best fit for their dog and their home. In general, either one will usually work for most dog related daily life activities, so it would be hard to make a terrible choice.

You can narrow down your choices by noting that pet steps take up the least amount of space when in use and are often cheaper than dog ramps. Pet ramps are best suited for disabled pets or for geriatric dogs that lack strength in their rear legs, and they can take up less space when not used.

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