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Hello, and welcome to our official About Us page, available on US and UK. Hopefully, you will be able to find out a little bit about what this site is about the so-called lucky, it really makes sense for the person running it. All I want to do is to love the animals in particular, the pets in general especially the lovely dog, your loyal friend and me. As promised, I will reveal the secret, the so-called lucky at the end of this page.

How to dog care - Best top care with dogs

First, invite readers to an introduction to how dog care, say what? me or us, a team work, all right, because i do is it.

Who’s How Dog Care?

This is the short answer to this wonderful question.

Disclosure: How Dog Care is a personal blog created by me to share the experience of how to dog care, It’s not for my own profit purpose, But, At the same time is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate program designed to provide a means for websites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. It does not mean profit is placed first, Agreed, it is the cost to me to maintain the website. Read more here about how you support my website.

Readers will call How Dog Care is a resource on natural best top care with dogs, alternative canine medicine, low energy foods, dog health-related products such as grooming tools, dog grooming table equipment, dog house, camera for pets, And more for your dog when traveling, going to the beach or simply wanting your dog to have a comfortable sleep with a dog bed. I spend a lot of time compiling content, researching dog related issues to give you the most varied content, glimpse of how to take care of dogs, I know you really do not There is plenty of time to study what you buy for your pets, so I’m here for you. And I survive because of you, that’s fair. Do you have to work for a living? Let’s do this for us, I will help you best top care with dogs.

I will summarize the basic content of what I can help you:

 Dog grooming tips help you save money, address the health problems of dogs they are dealing with, treat and prevent, synthesize low-fat foods, cook dog food for a good meal, and many issues related to routine and how to train them.

√ Product Reviews what you need (you need to avoid). and extended videos give you the most general view on Youtube.

√ Top brands for dog care products

√ Guide shoppers and how to use the product most effectively. 

That’s about all we can offer you. If you want to get more, be sure to let us know.

I saw your link with Amazon?

Yes, I have put Amazon’s link on the best list and reviews articles on dog supplies.

I really take a lot of time for my research, I love dogs, love pets, I work for passion but the cost to maintain a wep page is not small, I understand the discomfort and annoying when a banner ad appears in the post, so I chose to place affiliate marketing link in the article to be the source of income support for the wep page.

It is important to understand that I never accept a response to a dog product manufacturer. I guarantee that give you the most honest opinion on product reviews. I do not sell my ads to the manufacturer. It is a conflict of interest for readers. I do not create any bias! I put my marketing affiliate in the review article, I give honest opinions for it, and you read all the reasons to buy that product. Then you make the final decision whether to buy it or not?

Summary, the more you read through Howdogcare, the more products you choose to spread. you are part of our family. One day, I will update this page with more, so be sure to check next time. You can even say ‘hello’ to me and ask your question, or drop a comment on any article – I read it all!

As promised, I will tell you about Lucky!!!

Actually this is my own story, and I want to share it with you people who really love dogs.

Lucky is a dwarf dog, for me it is not just a dog, a pet, but a spiritual child, a close friend since childhood.

How to dog care - Best top care with dogs
This are Lucky!

I remember when I was in elementary school, in a big, heavy rain, my mother brought a puppy to me (because a month ago, I had a puppy but no my mother did everything to make me not sad anymore, when i received this puppy, i was very happy, i watched it for over an hour and i gave it myself Bottled milk, indeed it’s too much, it has not opened yet. I was afraid it was dead, it was heavy rain that night, and it was cold. I had to temporarily use a blanket, pants into a small nest full of warmth. And I put it in to keep it warm and it was really asleep. I rest assured to go to bed and sleep, but things did not stop there, at night, while sleeping dreamily, I heard moaning of puppies, I was startled to wake up and run to it, I see it not sleep, it’s disturbing and screaming, i think it’s too small to be away from her, she probably miss her mother? So I was awake one night to stay with it to ease my loneliness.

And after that destiny, I decided to name my dog Lucky! A lucky name and after many years I and Lucky grew up together. And now I’m grown up and here to tell you this story, and to Lucky it comes to old age. I used to know that a dog can live from ten years to more than twenty years, now it’s more than fifteen years old. I am so sad if that day comes, it is the rule of nature and I will prepare for that. “I will cry”

Tomorrow’s the future, right now I’m lucky and happy and happy with what I have now. It is very easy, does not it?

I will stop here, and let you tell about it, I would love to hear the story from you!!

Have A Good Day,

Lucky and Me!!