Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate Review

A Heavy Duty Dog Crate: Strong Escape Proof Cages

So you know that your dog makes light work finding a way to destroy or escape a standard crate. And now is the time to take evacuation proof, indestructible, hard gorilla, dog crate to ensure powerful or intelligent power. Then you are in the right place. We have reviewed a selection of the toughest heavy duty dog crate and kennels that best match your needs and budget.

As you know, if you do not have experience – perhaps more than once, regular crates often not good for a dog big or powerful which will destroy, chew, or break out of a livestock farms frequently. They do not fit the Smart Houdini to quickly learn the weaknesses in the bin and then exploit them as soon as you are out of sight.

To train a dog vigorous artistic or escaped from their cages, you will need a crate safe, strong, tough and powerful, designed to virtually impossible to destroy and can not avoid. So let us see what the barrel is called the Alcatraz dog cage, what they provide and the different models are solving your problem in the review of our dog.

Regular Wire Crate – Heavy Duty Dog Crate Comparation

Regular wire dog cages are built primarily to secure puppies as they grow into adult dogs and are actively being crate trained. Or for dogs that may bark and whimper but don’t try to escape or break free of their crate.

But for escape artist or powerful dogs, wire dog cages are unlikely to be strong, robust or durable enough. These dogs will either prove to be a Houdini and learn how to exploit the cage weaknesses, or they will overwhelm or destroy it with brute force. Wire crates tend to be far too weak for securely containing dogs that are large, strong or non-crate trained and determined to break out out.

Some standards crates simply have poor security, and your pet escape artists quickly learn how to exploit weaknesses and exit the cage. Hence the need for a stronger inescapable dog crate that is strong and secure enough to prevent them from escaping.

Note: Heavy Duty Crate Are Not All Built Equally!

It is worth bearing in mind that while a heavy duty dog crate is intended to prevent a dog from escaping, it does not necessarily mean that it will be robust enough to 100% prevent any dog from breaking out. These kennels are not all built equal. So even the best ones are to be regarded as virtually indestructible or escape free.

The quality and build of these kennels are major factors to consider. There are three classes of sturdy tough heavy duty dog crates that we have identified.

Choice A Cheap Heavy Duty Dog Crate?

Cheap cages can reduce the quality of materials or construction. As such, they may prove to be not strong, reliable and effective in preventing some dogs from getting out.

Some are okay and do reasonably meet the goal of providing a user-friendly solution to the budget. This can especially happen to the dogs at the bottom of the exiting artist or the scale of the power.

Some cheap “heavy duty” cages can even be unsafe. So, you may want to be careful with any brand that is not known if they have very little reviews to back up and inform you of what to expect.

Market Value of Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Good heavy duty dog crate are designed and constructed to be far more robust, reliable and effective at ensuring there is no escape for would-be Houdini escape artist dogs.

They generally get the job done.

They can generally be relied on to secure low to moderate escape artist and powerful dogs.

Extra Tough and Secure Heavy Duty Dog Crates High-end

High-end solidly built heavy duty dog crates are robustly built quality cages that are designed to be virtually indestructible and inescapable for the strongest and wiliest of dogs.

These heavy duty dog crates will be the most successful at securing and preventing escape or break out of the most powerful and determined dogs. There may be a weird exception – so almost. Shoes for most armpits, they will stay where you want. No longer hesitate, then wave their tail as they welcome you at the door.

High-end crates offers the best peace of mind. Trade off the interests which of course is reflected in the price.

Crate Training has an important role to play

Of course, the use of any crate should be supported with regular crate training and it is appropriate for your pet to learn how to use his crate as his home.

A lack of crate training and a poor crate experience is what makes you feel abandoned, imprisoned, and upset in your cage. So he soon became anxious, desperate and determined to escape, because he knew you were going to leave him there.

Take a look at some quality bins in this class to suit all budget types, starting with the most sustainable solution.


Is it really too expensive?

This is an interesting question. When it comes to saying you get what you pay for, it certainly rings true when it comes to obtaining a safe and powerful dog gorilla dog. Do you expect to pay around $150-800 to get a market value crate.

You can get a better crate for less, but you risk buying a cheap build that your dog can pass. You see, with some cheap cages, you mainly rely on your pets to believe that the crate is too hard for them to get rid of. In other words, your pet can easily retrieve a number of boxes, as long as they trust the illusion and make an effort to escape from poverty, if they even try to escape.

However, cheap crate can also pose a serious problem besides just escaping. Most have little or no test or customer feedback to back it up. And in some cases, poor construction quality can be very dangerous to your pets.

If you choose to buy a cheap crate, do not be surprised if you are going to buy another one. If you’re lucky, a cheap bucket can last a few months. But for many unfortunate buyers, their pets will exploit, destroy or destroy their tanks within days of being protected.

And that is not all, dangerous has been mentioned. In the action of your dog destroying the crate, broken and torn material can expose the sharp edge that can harm your pet. And of course the trash has been destroyed does not mean you have to pay to replace the trash. You will also have to pay to repair or replace anything that is damaged while Rover wanders in your home and was up to naughty.

Or maybe your pet was injured while tearing the crate out or swallowing something that he should not have and now has the veterinary bill to pay. We know some people still want to be fully aware of the choices and will have their chance.

On the positive side, it seems that some dogs are strong enough to escape the cage being threatened by construction, and therefore do not try their best to escape. We will introduce you to cheap options that you can choose from, but if your budget can last long, we recommend looking for a reasonable market price for the right container. and more peace of mind.

Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate: Top 8 Reviews

1. Grain Valley Collapsible, Durable Aluminum Dog Crate

At the higher end of the budget are gorilla tough dog crates called the Grain Valley Collapsible, Durable Aluminum Dog Crate. It comes with a few bonus features for cage mobility and pet travel.

This industrial machine is designed to ensure the safety and safety of your dog by building strong. This strong, sturdy, tough chew proof cage is and virtually inescapable and unbreakable.

Yet at the same time, the Grain Valley Collapsible, Durable Aluminum Escape Proof Dog Kennel aims to make your pet feel at home through its more den / kennel like appearance. The design is important as it can help to reduce the anxiety level of your dog and help him feel just like he is in a safe and private space.

Grain Valley Crate Build & Quality

The Grain Valley heavy duty dog crate is made from strong, strength reinforcing aluminum. This escape proof heavy duty large dog crate. is very strong. It’s a secure crate with robust industrial strength, and of high enough quality and reliability for even the police and military to use.

It has a definite anti-chewing design to prevent a strong, aggressive dog from putting his jaw or jaw into work to destroy the shed and escape. There are very few opportunities for you to escape the dog artist escaping Alcatraz in this gorilla monster dog crate.

It has a virtually indestructible chew resistant design that prevents an aggressive, strong or powerful dog from setting her jaws or paws to work in an attempt to destroy the cage and escape. There’s little chance of your escape artist dog escaping from Alcatraz in this gorilla tough dog crate.

This heavy duty escape proof dog kennel is also great for the home space conscious, or those that would like to travel with their dog. This is because the crate has a portable design. When not in use, it can be quickly and easily collapsed into a suitcase or briefcase style shape 8 inches high.

Not only that, it is not a heavy crate. It’s lightweight and portable. So, as well as indoor use, because it can easily be used to travel too. In fact, it is a design that also allows you to fly with your dog.

2. Zinger Winger DX5000 Deluxe 5000 Aluminum Dog Crate

Heavy Duty Dog Crate

This crate measures 28”x32”x40” and weighs 49 pounds. It is designed to secure a dog of up to 150 pounds.

The Zinger Winger line of professional cages is quite impressive for a few reasons.  First of all, they are made of aircraft grade aluminum and extremely strong.  They are able to have this strength at only one-third of the weight that similar steel cages have.  This makes them easier to transport around and take your pooch on vacation with you if desired.

Lightweight and a strong build isn’t the only thing this line has.  They also have great ventilation.  If you need a heavy duty crate that’s good for the summer, this would be one a good option.  There are quite a few vent holes and the door has lots of room for air as well so your canine can stay cooler on those hot days.

The door is made of heavy duty steel bars that are sure to keep every escape artist hound securely inside.  There is also a flush mounted slam latch on the door that further adds to the security of this cage.  For air travel, you can purchase and install the optional rails to make it airline approved.  This model can be stacked with other crates as well if needed.

This dog crate is IATA-approved if airline rails and packaging are added, so it is recommended for those who may need to take a plane ride with their pets. It is the perfect size for easy handling and compact enough for added sturdiness. The non-corrosive material and well-executed construction will hold out to rough and extended use. It’s a little bit more expensive than most crates, but for long-term use, the price is very reasonable.

3. Diamond Deluxe Aluminum Single Hole Dog Box

Heavy Duty Dog Crate Steel

For those looking for a handy dog crate or carrier, this one from Diamond Deluxe could be it. The Diamond Deluxe Aluminum Dog Box is a great option if you’re looking for a box that can easily go in the back of your pickup truck.  It gets its name because it is made of-of diamond tread aluminum which not only looks good but is extremely tough and durable.

There is a locking T-handle to make it completely escape proof for every hound.  At first glance, this box might look pretty heavy but it weighs in at only 25 pounds, making it easy to get in and out of the truck or ATV.

This dog crate measures 17.25”x30”x20”, and will house a small to medium dog securely. This is ideal for transporting dogs, crate training, and even comfortably housing small pets. There are vents on the walls with slide covers for protection when it rains or snows.

Dogs find the Diamond Deluxe Aluminum Dog Crate cozy and don’t seem to mind getting into the crate. Buyers with dogs weighing 20-40 pounds were happy about their purchase. Bigger dogs will not be as comfortable and may feel cramped inside this cage. It is very well-made and extremely durable. Buyers didn’t have issues with their dogs chewing on this crate.

This is a sturdily made crate that’s great for transporting and carrying dogs for the reasons that it’s compact, light, and not so large. The aluminum material, smooth flooring and adequate vents afford a cool and cozy interior. Hence, dogs settle well and anxiety or chewing issues are lessened. It is vital though to measure your dog carefully as you compare it with the description. An uncomfortable dog will find every means there is to escape his or her restrictive situation.

4. ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

Heavy Duty Dog Crate Steel 1

For most owners of Alcatraz escaping Houdinis or cage destroyers,  the highly rated ProSelect Empire Dog Crate is the best when it comes to balancing budget with high security and reliability.

It is a very robust, durable and sturdy dog cage that has satisfied many customers. That’s thanks to its 20-gauge solid steel frame.

The solid steel frame of this heavy duty Level 3 dog crate is reinforced and strengthened with half-inch diameter steel tubes design with welding at the stress points. This cage is also reinforced by its pair of stout door latches. For most dogs, it’s a breakout proof dog kennel that has been well proven by a large majority of highly satisfied buyers to be virtually indestructible and inescapable.

The floor grate is built in and there is a removable steel tray below it. Joints are welded together and the front door has two door latches. The crate has a hammertone finish which is durable and anti-corrosive. It can be moved around conveniently with four casters which can be locked or removed, if so desired.

This escape proof dog kennel has been tried and tested by many buyers too. The vast majority have found it gets the job done. They agree it is tough, sturdy and robust enough to keep their Houdini secured.

The great news is this tough dog crate is not too expensive, even though of course you’re paying more for the build quality, design and material in comparison to a regular wire dog cage. Being that it’s also a dog cage on wheels, you can easily move it across the floor if necessary. The wheels of course can also be locked in place to keep this durable crate sturdy and secure in place.

5. Walcut Heavy Duty Fodable Strong Metal Pet Dog Cage Crate Cannel Playpen

Heavy Duty Dog Crate

This best heavy duty dog crate has been tailored to pets weighing less than 176 pounds (80kg). It’s spacious but not overbearing, sturdy but not impossible to move and practical but not entirely for play. This metal dog crate pan gives your dog the space to move about and rest naturally while you are away.

This frame is made out of heavy duty steel and contains thick metal bars spaced apart for reinforcement and strength. Each bar is welded in place at the base and can withstand your dog’s nervous quirks, dynamic movements and the wear and tear of transporting the heavy duty dog crates and kennels to and from events.

News Style With The Latest Technology: This heavy duty steel dog crates is an updated version of the former Walnut model with a few renovations and revisions making it more reliable, sturdy and efficient.

Easy To Assemble: This heavy duty dog crates and kennels comes with clear instructions for assembly that take you less than 30 minutes to put together. Once it is assembled you don’t ever have to take it apart, and it is good to go!

Easy To Move And Transport: This central metal dog crates playpen is collapsible (if you want it to be) and easily transportable in your car or on its wheels. It’s big too heavy to carry by hand, however, as it weighs 93 pounds and is quite bulky.

6. SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Cage Crate Kennel

Heavy Duty Dog crate

This large metal dog crate  is built to last a lifetime and is constructed with a 3/4″ frame as well as a series of 1/2″ diameter (20 gauge) tubesmadeof high-quality steel for maximum strength and unbreakable usage.

Convenient access from the side or top of the kennel allows you to get you pet in and out quickly whether you’re going to the vet, the park or visiting some friends for a puppy play date. There is two side door latches are one main door lock for optimal security and safe keeping.

This heavy duty dog crates and kennels is finished with an ultra-durable, multi-layer coating that is much stronger than your average top layer coating that other kennels tend to have. This finish is also rust, corrosion and fades resistant, making it suitable and ideal for all sorts of outdoor and indoor uses.

Four Rolling Casters; Two Are Locking: Easy to transport, no matter the size or weight of the dog you have kenneled, thanks to four rolling casters. Super safe, stabilizing and steady when the two locking casters are in use.

Quick and easy setup and take down. For your convenience, this item ships partly assembled for a more rapid and minimal setup. It takes only a few minutes to build this heavy duty dog crates and kennels. For maximum comfort, the metal dog crates should be sized roughly 4″ to 6″ longer than the full head to tail length of your dog, and 4″ to 6″ taller than your dog’s shoulder height. If the animal is not fully grown, you should consult a breed chart to approximate the dog’s future adult size, and choose a crate accordingly.

7. ecoFlex Pet Crate/End Table

heavy duty dog crate

This heavy duty dog crates looks like a regular end table and will compliment your living room set up far more than any metal crate would. It features a wooden table top over the metal crating for a natural more sophisticated look.

Flexible And Sustainable: This heavy duty large dog crate comes in 3 different colors, and four different sizes are making it the perfect heavy duty dog crate for any sized dog and any home. Features an ecoFLEX tough wood, that won’t scratch or stain; contains polymer composite materials for long-lasting performance and high-quality appearance.

Easy Assembly: This heavy duty large dog crate easy and fast 10-minute assembly that can be done without using any extra tools.

Double-Latch Door: This heavy duty dog crates double latch door features an extra dose of added safety and allows you to leave the house with a peace of mind and without worrying whether or not your pet with a breakout. Latch the doors and leave in peace. It’s that simple.

5 – 10-Year Warranty: Even if something does go wrong with this product, they will stand behind it. That says a lot more than most other dog kennel companies. When it comes to buying products, I always enjoy buying one with a warranty. If something goes wrong, you will ensure.

8. Advantek The Original Pet Gazebo – Large

heavy duty dog crate

If you can’t figure out why your dog escapes in the first place, but you think they might want to be outside more, or want something bigger than a standard crate then look no further!

The Advantek original pet gazebo is an extra strong heavy duty outdoor kennel that will keep your pet contained while still allowing them to have a bit of room to run around and stretch their legs.  The design is low profile which allows your pet to stay covered from the rain and the wind.

It comes in 3 sizes to house all breeds of dogs.  The small is 48 x48 x 48″ and designed for smaller dogs or a puppy up to 50 pounds.  The medium is 60 x 60 x 60″ and made for canines up to 100 pounds.

The large is for big dogs up to 180 pounds and measures in at 90 x 90 x 90″.  The unique octagonal design is made of extra strong steel and coated with an AztekGold durable finish to last a long time.  An access window keeps your doggy safe and allows easy access. Setup and take down is a breeze and requires no tools as well!

Consider When Buying An Heavy Duty Dog Crate

When you’re in the market for a quality product that will last a long time it’s important to consider a few things that we will go over.


One thing that you need to ask yourself when looking at heavy duty cages is if it’s portable? If you plan on doing any kind of traveling with your hound then you must make sure that the cage can be transported easily.  Airlines have strict regulations and might not allow a low-quality crate, as it would be potentially dangerous for your pet.

For vehicle travel, some products are better than others.  For cars, the Variocage is a great option if you can afford it, and for trucks, the Diamond Deluxe is the top pick for taking your dog out on a trip in the back of the truck.

Strong Chew Proof Material

The material is another aspect that you will want to check when you buy any kind of dog-related product. If you wanted a chew proof harness then you would want to get one made of tough nylon that is built to last.

Obviously, when it comes to cages, materials like wood and plastic are just too weak for the strongest breeds.  Metal, and in particular steel is what you want to use here, and it should be a good thickness, preferable around 20 gauge.  The Pro select empire fits this description very well.  As for wire, it really depends on the size and strength of the canine.

Heavy Duty Dog Crate For What Dog Breed?

Different breeds will require a different strength of crate. There are dog breeds that escape from their crate way more often than others. The first thing that you’ll want to take into account is how big and strong your dog is. For a very strong dog like a pit bull, you’ll want to get a top of the line crate such as the Impact Case or the ProSelect Empire, both of which can be viewed above.

On the other hand, if your pooch is on the smaller side then maybe you can get away with not having heavy duty 20 gauge steel. In this case, you can probably get the Smithbuilt model, but beware that there have been reports of stronger breeds destroying this crate.

Also, some breeds are timider than others. If your dog gets scared easily, then getting a kennel with a cover will help to reduce their anxiety.

How To Prevent Damage For Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Once you have looked through all the heavy duty dog crates and gotten a good one, there are a few preventative measures that you can take to try and stop your canine from damaging it.

Limit Time in the Heavy Duty Dog Crate 

This goes without saying but you should try and limit the time that your dog is in the cage. If they are locked in there too long, separation anxiety can start to kick in. Once this happens they will surely look for a way out.

So how do you decide how long your pooch can be caged for? Well, this depends on how old they are. A puppy that has never been crated before should not be locked inside for hours right away, as a heavy duty dog crate can be a little intimidating at first for a young puppy. One way to judge the amount of time is to look at their age. If they are 3 months old it shouldn’t be locked in for more than 3 hours.

For younger pups especially, you need to slowly work up the amount of time that they are locked inside. Start with 15 minutes for puppies under a month old, then increase that by 15 minutes at a time when they start to get more comfortable.

For adult dogs, you can start off a little longer, but we should note that it’s not recommended to crate your pet for more than 5 hours at a time. If they are having accidents in the crate consistently, then they’ve been in there too long. Elderly dogs, in particular, may have bladder issues that make them unable to stay inside for long periods of time.

For Dog Separation Anxiety You May Also Like:

Heavy Duty Kong Dog Toy And Treat
Best dog toys

While heavy duty dog crate are great for keeping your pet contained, the issue of relieving your companion’s desire to get out still needs to be addressed.

It is known that that your pet is most intensely anxious in the immediate minutes that you leave.

Help keep your dog busy and distracted in those crucial first 20 minutes of separation. Give him a Kong dog toy that you can fill with food and treats.

It will give your pet a challenge and something to occupy himself with while you are away.

It’s not just a fun toy that provides a useful chewing distraction for them. It is also a treat dispenser. Stuff it with treats to keep him busy. These can either be the official treats that Kong produce.

Or if you’re more adventurous or like to control what your dog eats, here are some home made dog treat ideas.

Make Your Own Dog Food

He’ll have fun working hard to get at those treats. Toys like these will help him associate crate time as being a good thing.

The Kong comes in 4 versions. For dogs needing a gorilla tough crate, you’ll probably want a heavy duty Kong Toy.

This black colored toy from Kong is officially called the Extreme Kong dog toy. It indicates that it has an extra strong level of toughness for extreme chewers. It should prove indestructible for most serious power chewers.

Should I Use A Dog Bed?

If your dog is potty trained and won’t litter their crate with any provided food and water, then yes. A crate usually has a hard floor. Some of them have a grilled floor. This can become quite uncomfortable after a few hours. So a potty trained dog will certainly appreciate your efforts to make their crate feel like home.

However, you may have a problem if they love to chew and decide to make their bed the object of a chewing desire. Of course beds are designed to be comfortable, which means making them chew resistant is difficult.

However their are some beds made for light to moderate chewers. One such manufacturer of a bed designed to be chew resistant is K9 Ballistics.

Related post: Top 6 Best Orthopedic Dog Beds Reviews

K9 Ballistics self-describe their popular Original TUFF Dog Bed as having a 4/5 chew rating and you can check customer reviews of the K9 Ballistics bed on Amazon to judge for yourself. Again remember though and as they state, their beds are deigned to be a little tougher to withstand light to moderate chewers.

Another bed to check out is the Orthopedic 4″ Dog Crate Pad by Big Barker.

However, do bear in mind the thickness of a bed and how this may reduce the height of your pet’s crate. Specifically your pet’s ability to comfortably stand and turn around in it.

ThunderShirt Dog Shirt

ThunderShirt Dog Shirt

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, you may like to consider the Thundershirt. It is a highly rated product that many customers have felt very positive about. It may prove useful when crate training.

From the manufacturer: “ThunderShirt is a terrific solution for fear of thunder, fireworks, separation anxiety, problem barking, travel and more!”

Many customers online agree, and have awarded it high ratings. They’ve also expressed delight and high satisfaction that the ThunderShirt has helped them by helping calm down their pet.

Related post: Top 10 Best Dog Crate Reviews

The ThunderShirt manufacturer’s themselves claim 80% success rate. So while each dog is different, online reviews show that most dog owners have had success with using a ThunderShirt.

However, while it may help provide physical comfort to your pet, remember that it is your pet’s physical needs that need addressing in particular. So the ThunderShirt can be used as an aid to helping deal with your dog’s separation anxiety. It is not the solution. You’ll still need to complete crate training with your pet to ultimately help them get over their anxiety.

For such a low investment cost, it’s got to be worth a try for a calming effect if you are finding your pet is incredibly anxious. Especially if everything that you have tried so far to relax and calm your dog down hasn’t worked. It may be a great investment to purchase with your escape proof cage.


We hope that you can get all the information you need to pick out a solid Heavy Duty Dog Crate. We really can not emphasize the importance of it is to get a heavy prison that they can not get out of.

Certainly these types of bins can get a little expensive, but we want to consider it as a long term investment. It is actually cheaper in the long run, as some dogs can destroy your belongings when you go out that could have cost you damage, especially if they chew on your furniture or shoes!

You also do not want to deal with the stress of going home one day and finding out your dog has escaped again. It’s a really horrible situation, not sure whether your pet is or not. That’s why we feel it is worth it to invest in a control box that escapes the dog because nothing is more important than the safety of your beloved pet!

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