Best Potty Training Pads For Dogs Reviews

Let’s face it, the idea is ingenuous, getting a dog or puppy  to use a potty pad while the rest of the home remains immaculately clean is a dog owner’s dream come true. Too bad though that soon reality hits hard when dogs seem to potty just about everywhere except on the pee pad! If you’re dealing with this frustrating situation, rest assured you are not alone, countless owners get frustrated when their dogs totally miss the target and aim wrong. Is something wrong with the potty training pads for dogs just not getting it? Does Rover perhaps need a marksmanship class? Understanding better how potty pads work and how dogs perceive them, can help troubleshooting the problem.

Dog Potty Pads Under Scrutiny

best potty training pads for dogs

What are potty pads for dogs? Also known as potty pads,  piddle pads, wee-wee pads or training pads, dog pee pads are simply square or rectangular layers of absorbent material meant to soak up a dog’s excretions.

Most dog potty pads are made of gauze over blue plastic which is meant to face down. Several brands also have adhesive tabs to help them adhere to the floor. For owner appeal, several brands  now offer odor-eliminating scents so to reduce odors. 

There are a variety of potty pads on the market nowadays with different features and perks. The next question is though, do potty pads really work? Are they suitable for everybody?  What can owners do to increase the chances that their puppy or dog will use them?

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The key to effective dog toilet training is starting quick and taking the right approach. All dog experts and veterinarians recommend that you have a potty training plan already in place before you bring home your new pup, with a right set of puppy training pads to avoid any mess from the get go.

In this article, we’ll discuss the most effective technique of potty training a puppy, see what pet owners and vets have to say about dog training pads, and then review the best potty training pads for dogs currently available, including these top ten rated ones:

Using Dog potty pads for toilet training

The invention of the best dog potty pads for toilet training dogs solved the major problem for all new pet owners. Today, most veterinarians, dog trainers and pet owners themselves recommend the convenience of dog potty pads for toilet training your dog as the quickest solution to avoid messes at home.

Many people assume that once you place a potty pad on the floor, the dog will magically pee on it every single time. Sorry, to burst someone’s bubble, but if things were as simple as that, the process of potty training would be as easy as pie and dogs would start growing halos over their heads. The truth is that dogs need to be trained to use the pads and it can take even a bit of time and patience. There are several strategies though that can help attain success.

  • Set your dog for success. Placing the potty pad in the farthest corner of the house is like sending your dog on a treasure hunt through a maze, especially for small pups. Make it easy to find.
  • Make going potty on pee pads easy, fun and rewarding while making going potty in other areas, difficult, boring and close to impossible (courtesy of management and supervision).
  • If you must leave for the day or cannot supervise you puppy, keep your puppy confined inside a small enclosed pen with the pad strategically located at the opposite side from his bed, water bowl and toys. Most dogs do not like to soil near where they sleep, eat or drink, so their best choice is to use the pad.
  • Choose a spot for the pee pads and make sure to keep the location the same. Dogs are routine-oriented creatures so if you start changing around the location of the pee pad they start feeling confused. If you really must change, do it gradually over several days moving it a few inches at a time.
  • Pick a location that is quiet and with not many distractions going on.
  • Keep the pee pad on a surface that is easy to clean such as tile floor. If you must use carpet, place some tarp under it to prevent urine from seeping into the carpet.
  • The minute your pup positions himself to eliminate on the pad, be sure to say “go potty”so that he associates that word with the action of elimination.
  • Always lavishly praise and reward your dog or puppy for using the pee pad.
  • Never scold your puppy for missing the pad or going somewhere else. Scolding makes puppies associate your presence with punishment causing them to potty secretly out of sight behind a couch or under a bed.
  • Clean up all accidents with an enzyme-based cleaner that dissolves any traces of residual odors. Remember that to a dog, residual odors of previous accidents act as reminders of the past which may trigger them to urinate on them once again. While we use our eyes to locate a restroom, dogs use their noses.
  • If you are using the pee pads temporarily and then you are planning to let your dog potty outside grass, your best bet is to use a pee pad that smells like grass, or even better, use one of those fake grass litter boxes for dogs that provide the scent and feel of real grass. Also, placing the pad gradually closer and closer to the door can be helpful if your final objective is to get your dog to potty outdoors.
  • Once your puppy learns to reliably used the pads in his enclosure, you can gradually increase his confinement area (keeping the pads always in the same place) until he graduates to being left loose in the house and remembering where to go.

Below is the list of best potty training pads for dogs that you can use as your first actions. Remember that puppies aren’t kittens; they won’t use dog potty pads the same way cats use litter boxes. Therefore, make sure to learn about the process of teaching your dog how to use dog training pads.

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There’s no doubt that when it comes to potty training pads for dogs, a good plan of action using dog potty pads is the most effective way to condition your young dog not to go inside the house as well as train them not to poop in the crate. Using these absorbent dog training pads doesn’t mean you can forget about all the proper training techniques, however, so make sure you’re ready to potty train your pet as well.

10 most effective and absorbent potty training pads for dogs


AmazonBasics Pet Training and Puppy Pads

best potty training pads for dogs

Are you seeking the perfect leak proof puppy pee pads? Look no further, because the AmazonBasics Pet Training and Puppy Pads, can offer you exactly what you are seeking and more. These pee pads feature plastic lining to prevent damage to the floors, quick-dry surface with built-in attractant, and super-absorbent core that turns liquid to gel upon contact.

Buy these amazing puppy pee pads once, and you will be guaranteed to buy them again and again. They do exactly what they are supposed to do. You will never have to worry about your puppy peeing on your carpet ever again!


All-Absorb 120 Count Training Pad

best potty training pads for dogs

Have you tried out several puppy pee pads that claimed to not leak, but when you purchased them, they still did? When it comes to these splendid and well made puppy pads, you will not have to worry about that. This is the real deal.

Some of the great features of the All-Absorb 120 Count Training Pad, 17.5 by 23.5-Inch, White and Blue, include a quick drying surface that prevents tracking, built in attractant and odor neutralizer, and compatible with regular IRIS Training and Puppy Pad Holder.

These puppy pads work great and you won’t regret your purchase!


Four Paws Wee-Wee Pet Training and Puppy Pads

best potty training pads for dogs

Many puppy pee pads are unattractive, or simply don’t fit in anywhere in homes. The Four Paws Wee-Wee Dog House Breaking Pads, are designed to look pleasant and fit in wonderfully with home decoration.

If you are a huge fan of always having the house look like it’s in great shape, purchase these puppy pads. There will be no odor or obvious signs that these are even puppy pads to begin with. Someone may think they are simply a rug.

Some of the great features include that it uses 5-ply leak-proof Floor Armor system with 100% leak-proof guarantee; heavy-duty leak-proof liner protects floor and carpets.


Parachute Pet Products Dog Training Pee Pads Multi-Layer, Fast-Absorbing Pads

best potty training pads for dogs

No more coming home to your pets’ accident spilling over your paper thin puppy pee pad. Go with this company’s ultra absorbent training pads today for the best value for the price choice. Their best puppy potty pads are backed by a 1-Year Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee.

They seem to be so confident in the quality of their potty training pads that if you are not fully satisfied with the with these best puppy potty pads for any reason, just contact their Email Support Team and ask for a refund, no questions asked.


Simple Solution 6-Layer Dog Training Pads, Absorbs Up to 6 Cups of Liquid

best potty training pads for dogs

Is your dog on the big side, older in age and has a very hard time holding his/her bladder? The Simple Solution Training Pads, 50 Pads, Extra Large, is great for older dogs that are a big breed and have a hard time holding their bladder. Dogs are like people in the sense that they get older and sometimes regress in time. It’s not always the puppies that need pee pads, just like it’s not always babies that need diapers. Some older humans have to use diapers, and some older dogs have to use puppy pee pads.

Although, it may be sad to admit that your dog is getting old in age, save them the inconvenience and embarrassment of not being able to make it outside to use the bathroom. These pee pads will get the job done and you will find them a true convenience for your loyal dog. In fact, these are some of the best pee pads for dogs.


Top Dog Deluxe Puppy Pads and Dog Training Pad

best potty training pads for dogs

The Deluxe Puppy Pads and Dog Training Pad with Super Quick-Dry Activated Black Carbon Technology – Perfect for Puppy Housebreaking and as Mature Pet, 100 count large (22″ x 23″), is filled with many great features that will be great for your dog.

Some of the features of these puppy pee pads includes that they absorb twice as fast and twice as much ensuring that you never return home to find ruined floors, the color is black so that your pets mess stays discrete and you never have to come home to find a yellow stain on a white rug. You will certainly be happy with the purchase of these puppy pee pads.


Absorbz Optimum Training Pads for Dogs

best potty training pads for dogs

If you are seeking great pads for training large breed puppies, the Absorbz Optimum 584987 Training Pads for Pets, 100 Large Pads, 24″x24″, will be wonderful for you. These pads are durable, hold a lot of liquid, and do not leak easily. You will absolutely love the convenience that the pads will offer for your puppy or older dog.

Once you use these splendid pads, you won’t go back to the inconvenience of trying to get your puppy to pee outside.


California Pet Supply Dog Training Pads- Maximum-Absorption Puppy Pads

best potty training pads for dogs

With these dog training pads from California Pet Supply, you just might find that urine goes away faster than ever before. These pads are slightly larger than those produced by other manufacturers and features several layers of material, including one layer that turns liquids into a thicker gel.

That gel liner works with the plastic border to make it easier for you to toss away the pads without dropping urine on the floor.


PETMAKER Puppy Potty Trainer – The Indoor Restroom for Pets

best potty training pads for dogs

Help your dog learn that bathroom breaks are for the great outdoors only with this indoor training restroom set. Designed to look just like the real grass growing on your lawn, it features replica grass over the very top with a large channel built inside.

The urine your dog releases goes right into that channel for fast and convenient clean up. Reduce urine smells and get the set ready for your pet with a little soap and water.


Hartz Home Protection Dog Pads

best potty training pads for dogs

There are many reasons why you may need to purchase puppy pee pads for your dogs, and this extends further than training them to pee in the right spots. There are times for all of us when we aren’t home all day. Maybe you work all day everyday and you don’t have someone to come let the puppies out to pee. Puppy pee pads are the perfect solution for this problem.

You will search the whole market trying to find the best pee pads for dogs, and when you complete your search, there are good chances you will find your way back to the Hartz Home Protection Pads for Dogs. These puppy pads are totally awesome and work great!

10 More Best Potty Training Pads For Dogs Options as Alternatives

The above list of best Potty Training Pads For Dogs that contains ten of the top options available today should give you more than enough options to choose from. I highly recommend you also read dog potty pad reviews from other pet owners and take a look at our comparison and test of these pads.

The ten top rated Potty Training Pads For Dogs we’ve discussed have proven to be most effective and popular among majority of pet owners who successfully used them for toilet training dogs. They also have a great price-for-value ratio: they are good quality and very cost-effective.

However, if you were unable to pick any of the dog training pads from the above list, here are five more alternative dog pee pads that can work for your puppy potty training routine.


Gardner Pet Super-Absorbent Dog Training Potty Pee Pads

best potty training pads for dogs

Gardner Pet believes that its Super Absorbent line of puppy pads are the best on the market, and you might feel the same way after using those pads in your house. These pads have a soft material on the top that absorbs urine that pushes the urine into an odor absorbent center layer to reduce the smells in your home. You’ll also love the strong plastic bottom that acts as a liner to keep the pads from leaking.


AKC Training Pads

best potty training pads for dogs

The American Kennel Club is one of the most prestigious registration organizations in the world for pets, and the AKC now offers its own line of puppy pads to help you train your pure bred pet.

These pads feature an amazing six layers of protection and a gel material in the center that absorbs and quickly dries urine or any liquid. These pads feature antibacterial properties and ingredients that reduce odors too.


All-Absorb Training Pads 100-count

These last best puppy potty pads are made out of the unique, 5-layer superior material technology.

best potty training pads for dogs

Built with strong woven fabric polymers with a quilted surface to ensure super fast absorption. This reduces messy paw tracks. Holds up to 3 cups of liquid (750ml) for 100% leak-proof guarantee.

These dog training pads have quick odor reduction: superior layered technology turns the urine into gel in a mater of minutes reducing bad odors. These are also the most popular puppy training pads you can purchase on Amazon or other online retailers, and the owners seem to absolutely love them, both due to low price and great quality.


IRIS Neat ‘n Dry Premium Pet Training Pads

best potty training pads for dogs

Some pee pads are better for puppies that haven’t quite mastered going to the bathroom yet, and some of them are better for older dogs that can no longer hold their bladder as good as they once could. The IRIS Neat ‘n Dry Floor Protection and Training Pads for Puppies and Dogs, works great for both puppies and dogs. If you have an older dog, a young puppy, or even both, these pee pads will work great for your beloved pets. These pee pads have many great qualities, including fast absorbing pads that protect your floor while you potty train your pet, and they are perfect for training or assisting aging dogs.


EZwhelp Washable Whelping & Puppy Pad

best potty training pads for dogs

When looking for a training pad, one option that you should not ignore is the EZwhelp Washable Whelping & Puppy Pad. Specifically, it is the perfect choice for pet owners who wants to have lifetime potty pad for their dogs.

It has an ergonomic design that would allow you to use it quickly. It has a rounded corner that prevents curling. At the same time, such physical innovation enables you to put this potty pad nicely anywhere.

Since it is a washable pad, the EZwhelp is guaranteed environment-friendly. There are no suspicious chemical treatments that are present on this one. Moreover, it has the durability that can last for several years.

Buying Guide Potty Training Pads For Dogs

Before you decide to buy a dog potty pad, make sure you already have the plans for using it. Take this one for example. A lot of pet owners use the dog potty pad as a form of transition accessory while they are potty training pads for dogs outside. If you are aiming for such a long term goal, then the training pad would simply be a temporary tool for you. However, there are still few owners who want to use the training pad for a long time.

Selecting the Pads Based on Application

If you aim to train your dog momentarily before transitioning to outdoors, the best route you can take is disposable pads. After all, washable pads are more expensive than the disposables. The former will only benefit you if you are planning to use them on a long-term basis.

Of course, it would be too impractical to choose disposable pads if you plan on using them for the entire lifespan of your pet. Although disposables are cheap, the accumulating cost of buying it frequently would eventually overwhelm you. In this case, washable pads are your best choice.

Regardless of your preference, make sure that the product you choose is environment-friendly. You don’t want to choose a puppy pad that has adverse implications on Mother Earth. Your dog would be sad about that.

Disposable Pads

best potty training pads for dogs

Disposable pads are an easy-to-use potty tool. Using it won’t give you any a headache since you can throw it after it is full already. Moreover, its initial cost is way cheaper than washable pads. Meanwhile, most of the disposables today have chemical treatments to prevent any pungent smell from fuming.

On the flip side, there are still drawbacks for disposables. The first one is that they can accumulate a lot of waste in the long run. It would be troublesome to deal with. Moreover, your dog might chew and move the pad.

Washable Pads

best potty training pads for dogs

Washable pads can give a lot of advantages. They are cost-efficient on the long run. You don’t need to buy another one if your current pad is still in good condition. Furthermore, washable pads are durable too. Your pups won’t be able to rip them easily.

Another impressive feature of a washable pad is its stability. Specifically, you can mount and secure it to the floor so that your dog won’t be able to move it! They can hold huge volumes of liquid as well. As a result, you don’t have to wash them frequently.

But on the downside, most washable pads don’t have chemical treatments. Therefore, if you don’t wash them regularly, they could release foul odor in your home.

Using a Dog Potty Pad as a Transition Tool

best potty training pads for dogs
Using potty training pads for dogs

If the training pad is just a temporary training tool for you, then there are easy guidelines that you can follow to make it a convenient process. The first thing that you have to do is placing the pad away from the food and crate of your dog. Specifically, the distance should be around a meter from the door.

After few weeks, you should put the training pad right in front of the door already. In this way, your dog will immediately run towards the door when it wants to pee. Sooner, it would be okay for your to remove the pad and let your dog do the deed outside.

Using a Dog Potty Pad as a Lifetime Solution

best potty training pads for dogs
Using potty training pads for dogs as a Lifetime Solution

Similar to the previous process, you need to place the pad away from the sleeping and eating area of your dog. Moreover, you should choose an area that has no carpets or other delicate home furnishings. Your dog might miss on its first attempts. The key here is to accustom your dog to the training pad. Therefore, you should bring your pup towards it before it goes to sleep and when it wakes up.

Of course, positive reinforcements could also help in the training. When they relieve on the wrong spot, you have to correct them, too. However, you should not inflict any form of physical punishment to your dog . It won’t do any good in the training. Instead, firm and sincere affirmations would correct the behavior of your dog. Also, don’t forget that treats and rewards could help in the potty training pads for dogs.

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Final Verdict

A dog potty pad is essential for toilet training. Of course, you can potty train your dog withoutthis accessory. But you have to prepare for the potential mess that it could bring. The reason why many pet trainers recommend this product is because it protects your home from those unwanted discharges of your dog. If you could teach your dog to put its mess on the pad, then your home would be free from urine leakages and odor.

All of the products that we listed here are some of the best potty training pads for dogs on the market today. Many dog owners choose them over other training pads because of their excellent absorption and quality. Aside from that, these pads are highly durable as well. Therefore, if you are looking for a training pad for your dog, better check out these products first!

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