Top 10 Best Dog Grooming Table Reviews

Best Dog Grooming Table For Owner Great!

Whether you are thinking about starting your own dog grooming business or are just getting to grips with DIY dog grooming, a dog grooming table is most definitely a necessary purchase.

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Best dog grooming table
Best dog grooming table for owner great.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I tried to groom my dog in the corner of a room or in our bathtub. You can only get away with this approach for so long before your back gives in or you reach breaking point with the mess and your dog constantly moving around whilst you try to give their coat a trim.

What to look out for when considering a dog grooming table:

  • Size
  • Does it have a harness?
  • Does it come with a stool?
  • Can it be stowed away easily?
  • Can the height be adjusted?

The closest human companion and one whom you owe a deep gratitude for being your best friend, your dog, is the most deserving when it comes to the best in adulation, love and care that you can give him.

However, as pet owners there are numerous challenges one faces. Be it to keep our furry friend in the best of health or to provide him all the care to make him look his best.

Grooming particularly is one such challenge and has been considered one of the most important elements in complete pet care. Essentially grooming a dog involves the care of ears, nails, paws and fur, though dogs don’t need to bathe as humans do, keeping them groomed ensures hygiene, lesser susceptibility to infections, lesser injuries and all round good health.

Dog grooming has several benefits which one needs to understand to make the entire process not only comfortable for your pet but also something you and the pet can both look forward to.

Taking care of grooming at home is a sensible idea provided you are guided right through it by the veterinarian and also if you train well. The other aspect that makes grooming a smooth sail is the right equipment. High on the list of the most useful of apparatus you can possess as a pet owner would be a dog grooming table.

Why is a Dog Grooming Table Recommended?

  • They ease the process of grooming particularly in breeds needing trimming of hair and brushing quite regularly.
  • Puts less stress on the pet if you are also at ease.
  • Physically less strenuous as the activity can now be at an elevation of your choice.
  • Accessing areas difficult to reach is possible.
  • Injury to dogs is minimized as not only are dog grooming tables designed to be skid -free but it allows you to restrict unwanted movement.
  • Vets and dog groomers use them because it allows them to control the dog better and in your case with the dog able to see your eyes and gather every small hint of a signal, will react appropriately.

Things To look For In A Dog Grooming Table

  • Be clear about your need. Since you are not a professional groomer with a whole lot of payload of grooming tasks, you don’t need to over spend on the state of art pieces that are available.
  • Look for the basics like a dog harness to keep your dog in place however intimidating it may look, is an essential.There may be cases where dogs struggle a lot more if put in a harness; in that case do explore tables without this feature.
  • Hydraulic system to aid the leverage, is a matter of great convenience and so a plus point.
  • You need to keep in mind not only space constraint but also your budget before you take the plunge.
  • With an especially wriggly dog you need to be looking at double harness options that holds your dog around the neck and the hind quarters.
  • Above all do look into the durability aspect but also weigh it against the cost in case the grooming is not required to be done that frequently.

How to Choose the Best Dog Grooming Table

If you are trying to decide whether to buy a dog grooming table or not, this article will give you all the facts and options to help you make an informed decision. Starting with the advantages of a grooming table, this article will identify the types of grooming tables that are available in the market and finally help you decide if a particular grooming table is the right one for you and your dog.

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Having understood how grooming tables make life easier for the pet and the owner, and the prudence needed while selecting one, it is important to take a look at the best options available in the market.

These are all things questions that you need to ask yourself during your search for a dog grooming table. Now, it could be that some of the questions aren’t as important to you as others, that’s ok, your individual needs will vary from others’ so make a quick list of what features are more important to you and then take a look at my dog grooming table recommendations below.


ImagesProduct NameRatingPriceReviews
Master Equipment Adjustable Height Dog Grooming TableMaster Equipment Adjustable Height Grooming Table for Pets4.6$$$Quick view
BEST DOG GROOMING TABLEGo Pet Club Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Pet Dog Grooming Table with Arm4.5$$$Quick view
BEST DOG GROOMING TABLEMaster Equipment Pet Grooming Table for Pets4.5$$$Quick view
BEST DOG GROOMING TABLEGo Pet Club Pet Dog Hydraulic Grooming Table with Arm3.9$$$Quick view
Best dog grooming tableFlying Pig Large Size Super Durable Heavy Duty Dog Pet Foldable Grooming Table4.7$$$Quick view
BEST DOG GROOMING TABLEUltra Low Z-Lift Electric Grooming Table by ComfortGroom4.7$$$Quick view
BEST DOG GROOMING TABLEGroomer’s Best Grooming Table for Pets3.6$$$Quick view
BEST DOG GROOMING TABLEGo Pet Club Grooming Table, Electric Motor4.3$$$Quick view
BEST DOG GROOMING TABLEGo Pet Club Pet Dog Z-Lift Hydraulic Grooming Professional Table3.4$$$Quick view
BEST DOG GROOMING TABLEPrecision Pet Professional Series Grooming Table4.9$$$Quick view

How to use a the dog grooming table

Before making a great decision for your dog – a best dog grooming table. Let’s take a look the dog grooming process on the dog grooming table That is cut the toenails for this dogs.

Manipulation becomes very simple is not it? See the clip for more information!

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“We love handheld and cordless versions for quick spot cleanings around the house. Fellow pet owners will know how quickly a situation can crop up. You don’t always have time to haul out your full-size vacuum!”

1Master Equipment Adjustable Height Grooming Table for Pets

Master Equipment Adjustable Height Dog Grooming Table
Master Equipment Adjustable Height Dog Grooming Table

Dog grooming tables are an important tool for any groomer looking to access a pet, and the Master Equipment Adjustable Height Grooming Table for dogs is out to prove that everyday owners and mobile groomers can use them too.

This simple looking table doesn’t have a lot of features, but it does boast a strong frame on adjustable legs and a secure non-slip surface for animals. This is sold as a folding portable option for those on the move, but does it really do enough to keep groomers, and the dogs, happy?

The difference is that it is a simple, manual device. There are locking pins than can be added at 1-inch increments for varied options and an even height. This is ideal for those that want to be able to groom at an appropriate height and reduce the risk of back problems.

That folding frame and the simple shape are also appealing for buyers because it seems like the ideal option for mobile groomer going home to home.

The compact shape means that it can be transported in a car with ease. Furthermore, the legs are electroplated chrome, so still strong and sturdy despite this design. In fact, they are built to hold a weight of as much as 200lbs.

The weight problem of this table is interesting. On the one hand, you have people who worry about transportation and on the other hand have a guarantee that this will be a solid, well-built board. Finally, positive comments from the owners of large dogs and participants all over the country to dog shows have spoken to themselves.

This Master’s dog grooming can be as simple as its approach, but it meets its requirements in a safe and reliable place to take care of the large stable.

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2Go Pet Club Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Pet Dog Grooming Table with Arm Review

Go Pet Club Heavy Duty Stainless Steel dog grooming table

This pet grooming table is one of the more popular ones on Amazon. It is ranked as number 7,305 in Pet Supplies. It features a fold up table and a detachable arm that features a built-in removable leash system. One of the best uses for this pet grooming table is for groomers who are on the go, if you visit client’s homes or go to pet shows. It is easily transportable and has a non-slip rubberized top so that your dog, or your client’s dog, will have an easier time staying on the table. Go Pet Club also produces this same table size in 32, 42, and 48 inch models for dogs of different sizes.

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3Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table for Pets Review

Master Equipment dog grooming table

For those that have small dogs or take care of small dogs this table is a great option. The 18 inch table top makes it great for small dogs but also ideal for transporting in an SUV or even a larger sedan with no issues. Unlike most other pet grooming tables this table is circular and not standalone. That means that in order to use this table you must have a flat surface. However, because of that you can turn almost any flat surface into a grooming table without having to bring a fold out table with you.

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4Go Pet Club Pet Dog Hydraulic Grooming Table with Arm Review

Go Pet Club dog grooming table

Are you looking for a dog grooming table for a more professional setting? Maybe you need one for your new dog grooming facility. Well you are in luck, this Go Pet Club dog grooming table is perfect for anyone who has a professional dog grooming business. It features a 35.5 inch table with an arm that is able to be raised up to 40 inches, you can replace the arm if you need to though. The key feature of this table though is the hydraulic lift system that can make it easier for smaller dogs to help themselves up but also makes it easier for the optimal grooming position depending on who is using the table. One size fits all with dog grooming tables doesn’t always work.

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5Flying Pig Large Size Super Durable Heavy Duty Dog Pet Foldable Grooming Table

Best dog grooming table
Best dog grooming table by Flying Pig Grooming

This is the best design of the small boards also have larger ones for larger varieties. The first brand to jump back here is the Flying Pig with their Large Super Durable Foldable Grooming Table. This 44-inch table is obviously much larger for larger animals, but it’s also interesting that it weighs in at 330lbs. Hence the feeling that this model is built with the same specifications and similar power, it is just a bit more spacious and longer. These great examples of this come with familiar features such as bone structure mats and adjustable arms and storage cradles. Many people feel that this is quite solid and reliable, but also very burdensome for those who need to move it around.

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6Ultra Low Z-Lift Electric Grooming Table by ComfortGroom Review

Ultra Low Z-Lift Electric dog grooming table

Best pet grooming table on this list has been well-regarded by home groomers but particularly by professional pet groomers since it’s common to use it in grooming salons. It’s full of incredibly useful features, but it’s also one of the most expensive dog grooming table out there.

This table has a perfect five star rating on Amazon and many other grooming supplies websites, and outstanding reviews. Ultra Low Z-Lift Electric Grooming Table’s height is adjustable from 12 inches to 42 inches, depending on where you need it to be. It moves in a Z-shape, almost like a crane or lever. The high-density table top is made of a textured pebble surface and has a trim made of protective vinyl along the edges. On the underside of the table top is a thin layer of foam.

The motor of this dog grooming table runs silently and easily powers the table up and down to the adjusted height that you need. There is a lifetime warranty on the frame and a two year warranty on the motor. Lastly, the table has a 400 pound capacity, meaning that pretty much any size dog can fit on this best dog grooming table, which has dimensions of 42” x 24” x 1.2.”


Professional groomers raved about this best dog grooming table on reviews, forums and comment sections, saying that its durability and “amazing quality” are the most attractive things about it. Larger dogs and smaller dogs can both feel comfortable on one of these best dog grooming tables from ComfortGroom because they stoop low enough for them to climb on and feel secure.


There aren’t too many negatives to this table, which is why it sits at the top of the list of best dog grooming tables with pride. However, one disadvantage of the Z-Lift table is of course its price. The MSRP of this usually runs around $$$.00 before shipping, which seems pretty steep for most dog owners who want to groom their pets at home. But again, think of it as an investment.

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7Groomer’s Best Grooming Table for Pets Review

Groomer’s Best dog grooming table

Best dog grooming table on the list is a pretty solid choice as well. Its height adjusts from 19” to 39” depending on what you need, and the table operates using a foot pedal that uses a hydraulic pump to adjust the height. The coating on the dog grooming table is a powder grey and the table top is steel-reinforced, meaning that grooming arms won’t dent it or damage it. The table top is non-skid, owing that resiliency to the fact that it is sprayed with textured sealant.

Conveniently, Groomer’s Best Grooming Table for Pets includes two scissor holes and clipper holders, making for an easy reach while grooming. The weight of this second option on the best dog grooming tables list is a sturdy 95 pounds and the dimensions can hold dogs of up to 100 pounds or more. The levers on the bottom are adjustable to the level you need and the dimensions of the table top are 24” x 42,” making for a table that is sizable for dogs of most sizes.


This dog grooming table is truly high quality, and the stainless steel reinforcements on the table top are sprayed, making it resistant to just about everything (as opposed to cheaper tables that swell and get mildew when they’ve been coming in contact with water for a long time). The hydraulic system makes it silent, so dogs that are scared of noise or motors won’t have a problem with it. Professional groomers were among the purchasers that most heavily complimented this best dog grooming table, claiming that it was perfect because of how well it held up to even multiple dogs a day.


One customer noted that the packaging on this product left much to be desired. Another pet parent seconded that, saying that the problem here wasn’t with the table itself, which they loved, but the packaging could have been better.

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8Go Pet Club Grooming Table, Electric Motor Review

Go Pet Club dog grooming table

Best dog grooming tables is the Go Pet Club one which operates electrically, with a quiet running motor that adjusts the table’s height from 21.5” to 41.3.” The table top’s dimensions are 36” wide and 23.6” long, making it appropriate for large size dogs.

According to the manufacturer, these best dog grooming tables can hold dogs of all sizes and weights. The Z-formation of the lift itself provides extra strength in lifting and the motor is smooth—no wobbling, tilting, or shaking when you use it. The base is shaped in an “H,” which makes it extra stable and sturdy.

There is a grooming leash attached to the top for convenience and security (just in case your dog decides he or she wants to go somewhere in the middle of the grooming session). Dog grooming table’s top itself is made of plastic and rubber composites, making it very easy to clean.

The sides are lined with steel alloy for extra reinforcement and durability. The product, conveniently, comes fully assembled which is absolutely ideal for busy dog owners who don’t have much time to be setting up their own dog grooming tables. Finally, the product comes with a clamp-on adjustable steel arm.


Customers were thrilled with Go Pet Club Grooming Table’s durability—and the leash attached was a nice touch as well, most thought. The dog grooming table leash makes it easier for purchasers who want their dogs to stay still and not go bounding off and the plastic and rubber composition of the table made cleaning a breeze.


In all honesty, after researching for a while I noticed that there aren’t too many cons to note for this dog grooming table. Some customers did, as with the last table, have a problem with the packaging, claiming that the table got “dinged” when it was being carried before arriving at their doorstep.

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9Pet Dog Z-Lift Hydraulic Grooming Professional Table with Arm 36 inch Review

Pet Dog Z-Lift Hydraulic dog grooming table

Another variation of the above secondly best dog grooming table, this Go Pet Club Grooming Table with Hydraulic has a Z-lift base and is adjustable to heights of 22.5 inches to 40 inches. The hydraulic foot pump is used to adjust the height. The base prevents the dog grooming table from wobbling or teetering, and there is a grooming arm (also adjustable) with a leash attached for your pet’s safety.

The dimensions of the table are suitable for dogs that are large sized, with the tabletop measuring at 23.6 inches by 36 inches by 41.3 inches. The table top is made of both rubber and plastic, making it extremely easy to clean and maintain, though the sides are steel for reinforcement and stability.

The tabletop of Go Pet Club Grooming Table with Hydraulic is pebble-textured, meaning that it is non-slip and your dog shouldn’t be in danger of accidental falling. The product comes fully assembled by the manufacturer, requiring little effort on your part to get it set up. The weight of this grooming table for dogs is 96 pounds with a shipping weight of 136 pounds, so it is a hefty piece of equipment that won’t slide across the floor or be dangerous for your Fido, regardless of size, to get up on. The table’s adjust-ability makes it perfect for any size animal that needs to step onto the table for grooming.


One of the main things that customers were delighted by when it came to this grooming table for pets was its stability and durability. According to one customer, the table was “very stable and very easy to use.” Professional dog groomers were the ultimate test of this product’s durability and they all measured it as successful. It is a very well-constructed fourth best dog grooming table with a top of almost one inch thick. It holds up to 200 pounds, so just about any size of dog can fit on there without an issue.


Some pet parents who bought these best dog grooming tables with hydraulics reported dissatisfaction with the grooming arm that came with the table (with other customers reporting that their table served them well).

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10Precision Pet Professional Series Grooming Table with Arm Clamp and Noose Review

Best dog grooming table 1
Best dog grooming table by Precision Pet

Finally, the last one of the best dog grooming tables is the Precision Pet Professional Series Grooming Table with Arm Clamp and Noose that is often used by dog owners who are taking their dogs to shows. This great dog grooming table is constructed of plywood that has no exposed screws or nails that would be risky for pets with long fur (ouch!) The plywood also isn’t absorbent, so you won’t have to worry about mold or mildew.

The top of this ten best dog grooming table is vinyl, moisture-resistant, and mold-proof on the edgings. It comes with a leash (what the company regrettably terms a “noose”) that you can use to hold your dog in and secure them to the pet grooming table.

The ribbed top prevents slipping and the largest size of the table has dimensions of 48 inches by 24 inches by 30 inches. The welding is extra-strength, lending itself extra durability and sustainability. These best dog grooming tables also come with an arm clap that is securely fastened to the table itself.


Owners with high-maintenance dogs were pleased at this table’s performance, and it had a perfect rating on Amazon as well as many other websites. It is sturdy and well-built with an ability to hold dogs up to 100 pounds. The arm clamp was able to be moved and readjusted easily, which made changing the clamp way less painful than on many other tables.


One of the most obvious disadvantages of this fifth best dog grooming table (and really the only one, actually) is that the legs are not adjustable. This is something that the company makes clear, so if you are looking for legs that adjust and go up and down, this might not be the one for you.

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Advantages of Using an Actual Dog Grooming Table

There are good reasons why professional dog groomers use a special grooming table while tending to dogs. These are the same reasons why you should consider using one too instead of using a makeshift table for grooming your dog. These reasons include:

  1. Safety
    When using any regular household table or bench to groom your dog, there is a chance of injury. A wet dog on the slippery surface of a table or bench is a recipe for disaster.A grooming table should have a non-slip surface which allows the dog to get a good grip and to stand still for a period of time, eliminating the risk of injury from falling or slipping off the table. Many dogs can become nervous or uncomfortable with the grooming process, so you may want to consider a table with a harness to reduce fidgeting and jumping around.
  2. Cleanliness
    Grooming tables help you collect the grooming leftovers in one contained, easy-to-clean area. This prevents large amounts of hair from accumulating in non-grooming areas.It is also important that your grooming table itself be easy to clean, particularly with heavy or constant use.
  3. Convenience
    A good dog grooming table should place the dog (large, medium or small sized) at just the right height for grooming. This alleviates any awkward leaning or reaching as well as any unnecessary back strain for the groomer and makes the grooming process more enjoyable for both groomer and dog.  This is far better than making do with a regular domestic table which has a fixed height and size.

What Makes a Good Grooming Table?Top 10 Best Dog Grooming Table ReviewsEquipment Dog Grooming TableMaster Equipment Small
Pet Grooming Table, Blue
Top 10 Best Dog Grooming Table Reviews

There are no universally good grooming tables. Some tables that are excellent for larger dogs can consume more space than necessary if you have a small dog. Similarly grooming tables that are ideal for small dogs can turn out to be inadequate for a bigger dog. There are a lot of grooming tables out in the market but what makes a grooming table good is how well it serves your needs and your dog’s needs.

Different Types of Grooming Tables On the Market

  1. Electric Grooming Table
    Electric grooming tables are among the most expensive grooming tables but offer the greatest convenience. They can be set to any required height by a simple push of a button and are particularly useful for grooming large dogs.
  2. Foldable/Adjustable Dog Grooming Table (Manual)
    Portability is the first word that comes to mind here. Portable dog grooming tables are ideal for mobile groomers or anyone grooming pets in a number of locations.
    Foldable grooming tables are non automatic grooming tables which are among the cheapest varieties.
    These tables usually allow you to change the table height by adjusting the legs according to the required height. If cost is a major concern, these tables are a very good option. If you are looking for an adjustable dog grooming table, the comparison below includes a number of them.
  3.  Hydraulic Grooming Table
    Hydraulic grooming tables provide a foot pump which allows you to set the table at the height you desire. These grooming tables are also on the more expensive side compared to the manually adjustable grooming tables. You can find a number of these in the comparison table below.
    If you are specifically looking for an hydraulic scissor lift table then you can find a large range on Amazon.

Above is a table of some of the most popular dog grooming tables. You can find dog grooming tables for large dogs as well as grooming tables that are adjustable for small dogs and a number of them come with a dog grooming table arm as well. Of course, if you already have your table, then you can add to it by buying a pet grooming table arm separately.

Considerations When Deciding on the Best Dog Grooming Table

So you have narrowed down your hunt for the best grooming table and now you’re wondering whether it is the right one. Here are some questions, the answers to which can help you decide whether your choice is the right one or not.

Puppies and dogs enjoy dozing outdoors during the daylight hours, in locations where they can keep an eye on the neighborhood activities or teach invading squirrels a lesson.  When selecting a site for your new dog house, choose one that give your pup a vista of the neighborhood to make sure he will maximize use of the shelter. Read more >>>

  1. Is the Size Right?
    The right size for a dog grooming table is the one which is big enough to give your dog enough room but small enough for you to reach the other end without having to go around the table.
  2. Is the Grooming Table Safe and Steady?
    The grooming table should not only have an anti skid surface but should also be stable when being used. A shaking table can make your dog jittery and uneasy which can’t be helpful during the grooming process.
  3. How Long Will the Table Last?
    While buying a grooming table, take into consideration how long it will last. A good indication of the quality and the durability of the table is the duration of the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Ideally, you want a table with the maximum possible warranty period.
  4. How Convenient Is It To Use and Store the Table?
    Bear in mind that most of the time, unless you are a professional dog groomer, the grooming table will not be in use. So consider the amount of storage space that the table will take up while making the decision.
  5. Is The Price Right?
    Don’t let the price alone dictate which grooming table you buy. However, when all other factors are equal, choose the grooming table which is the cheapest. After all, if you are getting a good quality, safe, convenient and durable grooming table for a lesser price, why would you want to choose the more expensive one?

By evaluating dog grooming tables based on the above mentioned factors, you can identify the one that is best suited for your purpose. Once you know the exact grooming table that you are interested in buying, you can then begin your hunt for the place where you can get that grooming table at the cheapest price. You could start with trusty Amazon who have a large variety of different types of dog grooming tables:

Master Equipment Dog Grooming Table
Top 10 Best Dog Grooming Table ReviewsMaster Equipment Pet Folding Grooming Table, PurpleTop 10 Best Dog Grooming Table Reviews

Dog Grooming Table Reviews

Overall, there are plenty of reasons to look when looking for a great folding dog grooming table. Size and weight are the most important factors to feed your pet. You need to consider the structure of the frame, the various height adjustments and additional features. Do not assume that there will be a proper arm or ring, or a basket. Be sure to compare the specifications of the best tables before you buy, it will help you find the best dog table care for your needs if you are working in a beauty salon or the most beautiful house brushes if you are a dog owner who likes to cut your dog.


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Top 10 Best Dog Grooming Table Reviews
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