Dog Grooming Harness Reviews

    How To Dog Grooming Harness

    There are countless different reasons that a dog owner may consider investing in a dog grooming harness. Most commonly, if you have an excitable dog and you are struggling to get them to remain standing whilst you are trying to trim and shampoo them, a dog grooming harness is exactly what you need.

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    Dog Grooming Harness
    Dog Grooming Harness

    Other uses of dog grooming harnesses are to stop smaller dogs sliding off grooming tables, giving the groomer access to both their hands at all times, preventing larger dogs from pulling and to ultimately making various dog grooming tasks much more straightforward.

    When you start your search for a dog grooming harness you’ll need to have a clear understanding of both the needs of yourself and your dog. For example, some harnesses come with a dog grooming table, but if you already have a table at home you’ll probably need to search for a harness that comes as a stand alone product.

    Other points that you need to take into account include:

    • Size of your dog
    • Material used in the harness
    • Ease of use
    • Length of restraint

    Harnesses come in various shapes and sizes, so before you consider even beginning your search make sure that you are fully aware of the size of your dog and what type of harness they will require. If you aren’t quite sure how to measure your dog correctly, any vet or local pet store should be able to help you out.

    No-Sit Haunch Holder dog grooming harness

    Dog Grooming Harness
    Dog Grooming Harness

    The ‘No-Sit Haunch Holder’ is ideal if you are searching for an adjustable dog grooming harness to fit a small to medium sized dog. Squeeze and slide adjustment tabs ensure that you can fit the harness around your dog with ease so it should never take more than a few seconds to get everything in place.

    The no sit haunch holder also has safety as its highest priority. All cables are appropriately fitted with durable covering so that your dog’s neck and abdominal area are always protected.

    Owners of this product have given it rave reviews and it has received 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with the majority of reviewers leaving five star feedback.

    Please note that this product ranges from 17 inches to 21 inches. If the size of your dog falls outside this bracket it is worth considering an alternative harness. Furthermore, the product doesn’t come with a grooming arm. If you already have a grooming table that has an arm as standard, this harness should fit to it with relative ease.

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    TP18240 Nylon Table Dog Harness

    Dog Grooming Harness
    Dog Grooming Harness

    If you groom dogs on a table, this dog grooming harness is the ideal solution to ensure that your feline friend remains standing and enables you to complete your work as easily as possible.

    Even if you don’t have a dog grooming table, some reviewers on Amazon have said that they simply hung the harness from the top draws in a cabinet in their living room, so the harness really is compatible with a range of equipment, though we do suggest you invest in a dog grooming table to make your life easier.

    The woven burgundy-trimmed green nylon harness features two loops: one for the neck and one for the hindquarters, which adjusts from 27 inches to 34 inches.

    The TP18240 Nylon Table Harness fits small to large dogs and has received an average of four out of five stars on Amazon from reviewers.

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    WOSS dog groomers harness system

    Dog Grooming Harness
    Dog Grooming Harness

    The WOSS groomers harness system is easy to install, compatible with most grooming arms and is the perfect dog grooming harness for anyone who wants to try their hand at a spot of DIY dog grooming.

    The system is perfect for small or large dogs and is designed to keep their necks in one position, making it much easier to carry out those grooming duties.

    The product has been well received on Amazon and one of the trends from reviewers was that the WOSS groomers harness system has been extremely effective in preventing feistier dogs from lashing out and biting whilst being groomed.

    The main selling point has to be the price, it’s a fraction of the cost of many other dog grooming harnesses on the market, but WOSS haven’t compromised on quality. Again, the majority of customer feedback has mentioned the high quality and durable materials that are used, so you can expect that this is a product that should last the test of time.

    Still not sure? The below are some questions that we frequently get asked!

    What should I measure for dog harnesses?

    Harnesses are often sold by the weight of a dog but for a perfect fit it’s recommended you measure your pup too.
    You’ll need to know the broadest part of your dog, which is its chest. Use a flexible tape to measure and find the size of the chest just behind the armpits. Make sure it’s not pulled too tight as this can cause rubbing when your dog has its harness on. The neck should be measured too – wrap the tape around the widest part to find out. Combine the measurements and the weight to find the correct harness.

    What are dog harnesses used for?

    It comes down to personal preference for dog owners as to whether they use a collar or a harness. Harnesses are particularly useful if your dog has any illness or disease of the throat as it takes the strain off of that part of the body and instead secures from the chest. Harnesses are also used for dogs that pull on their leashes, as it relieves the pressure on the neck. Harnesses are recommended for leashed activities especially if you have a pup that gets distracted easily. They can offer a bit more control when walking your dog, too.

    Are dog harnesses safe?

    Harnesses are generally seen as the safer option because they’re harder for dogs to slip out of and they prevent any pain or damage to the neck area. If they fit right, harnesses are easy to use and are comfortable. It’s less likely the leash is going to tangle under the legs of your pup with a harness too. Tugging on a collar puts extra stress on the windpipe – this is avoided with a harness.

    How should dog harnesses should fit?

    Start with the harness fairly loose as you put it over or under your dog and tighten once on. A snug fit is essential to stop the harness from slipping around and causing damage, but you don’t want it too tight as this can restrict movement and breathing. As a general rule, you should be able to fit two fingers between your dog and harness at any point. The neck area also has to be snug so as long as you can apply the two finger rule, it will fit ok.

    The straps of the harness should clear the front legs so it doesn’t rub under the armpits – but the straps should also not sit too far back on your dog’s ribs, as this could put too much pressure on the organs.


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    Dog Grooming Harness Reviews
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