4 SuppliesTo Help You Dog Toilet Training Properly

I analyze through the charts and methods of the dog toilet training in place in the toilet as follows.

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4 SuppliesTo Help You Dog Toilet Training Properly
4 SuppliesTo Help You Dog Toilet Training Properly

Dog Toilet Training With The 4 Supplies

Puppies should pick up from the first day always. Usually when I go to teach, you are 2-3 months old to learn. At this age the puppy is just like a 1 year old child so the hitting is totally wrong. Especially it is not able to distinguish right and wrong, can not remember all the places wc your where!

Buy A Crate Fence For Dogs

When dog toilet training from the first day to go home the first thing is we should hold it in a restricted area, about 10 m2 is medium, preferably near the WC area. Or half the area outside the toilet and the home area.

4 SuppliesTo Help You Dog Toilet Training Properly

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The first is to get used to wc in the area near the toilet. And secondly, to keep it out of the living room, to see people. Then the dog will not feel trapped! The fence should be used with a mesh hole so that the dog can observe that it does not see the owner will barking falsely are neighbors reflected immediately. This is a lot of family entangled.

Buy Toilet Tray For Dogs

4 SuppliesTo Help You Dog Toilet Training Properly

Next is the materials for the dog toilet training. You should prepare 2 wc dog tray. Should use large tray and no high. Because when you go to teach you to see many of you buy a tray with a high edge, dogs will be very difficult to go wc because when it turns to rotate it is caught. Also, it will be mistaken for a drive to lie down.

Buy Training Pads For Dog

Besides wc trays shall naturally have absorbent pads for urine, buy your new pads soaked in urine 1 bit and then clamp down tray. The effect of this is to “mark the area of dog urine odor.” So when the dog walks wc and it smells it will urinate it. The second is to prevent dog itch bite the pads!

4 SuppliesTo Help You Dog Toilet Training Properly

The use of trays so much, you do not fully understand its effects, so the dog toilet training is not successful. Here’s a guide to buying two trays for the following reason: when the dog goes heavy, such as going to the tray, it will avoid that dirty place to urinate elsewhere. So I just need to put another tray 20-30cm away and it will go in 2 trays!

Buy Water Spray Guide Dog Toilet

4 SuppliesTo Help You Dog Toilet Training Properly

Besides buying trays and pads, it is advisable to buy more bottles of water to teach dog wc. Because it will not have the effect of helping the dog to go to the toilet faster. In addition, you can leave a bottle of water for the dog in the toilet area as well (this issue is only temporary). After drinking the puppy juice will immediately. And it will smell the water spray on the wc tray to get in there. This is the dog toilet training tips.

Analyze The Habits For Dog Toilet Training In The Right Place

Puppies often go to the cottage a lot when they are young, so when we have a home, then let the dog play. Every 15 minutes should be returned to the fence area. If she is thirsty she will drink water and urinate. This is your opportunity to compliment them with a command like: Good, good, good, Yes, Good…

Because dogs have a habit and instinct, we have to apply these two issues to the training method wc. For example: they like to walk wc on the lawn, trees, they will go wc immediately after eating 1-5 minutes depending on each child. There are dogs 15-30 minutes. Or have individual dogs can stand for a certain time frame will go wc (this issue must track to know)… So I divided into 3-4 dog toilet training classes: morning, noon, afternoon, evening.

Morning & Noon

Many people are busy, so just wake up is to feed the dog and put in wc for it. Or just go home and just eat and wc. Most important is the “Wait” lesson when it is eaten, and the “Pee” order when taken to the toilet. Remember not to look at them but just watch and praise immediately when the dog to the toilet in place. Often, I advise you to go to the toilet with dogs only 1-2 minutes is Ok then!

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4 SuppliesTo Help You Dog Toilet Training Properly

When going to work should not release the dog immediately, but done some of his work and then take the dog to wc out. It does not take long, only 5-10 minutes. Bring them to the grass or tree to give them a “Pee” to compliment them. Please bring plastic dog waste poop bags, which are sold in amazon.


It is compulsory to learn “Basic commands” for puppies. Learning this command has many uses as follows: When the puppy is eaten, being complimented, creating oblique obedience is not reluctant.

The “Wait” command helps the dog communicate with the host through eye contact, gestures, and commands. When you learn a habit every day, the dog will hear us at an early age and do not suffer from anorexia! One time you will see the dog learn commands, listen to commands, focus on the master, calmly wait for commands. Of course, the result will be the difference between right and wrong.

The results of a stable nervous system, from which the dog will distinguish the problem where wc is true and where the wrong word will find themselves where not to be scolded, go!

Note: Every dog toilet training session should only last 5-10 minutes. No they will be bored and no school. We should not study with good food from small. This is very dangerous because there will be a certain bargain. And the dog accidentally anorexia. The dog refuses to eat will not want to learn, and you will fail.

Should You Use A Punishment Or Hit A Dog?

The most controversial issue is the Punishment and the Hit. I will explain to you more closely about the Punishment. Self from punishment does not mean to hit. We should not hit a dog, as that would make the dog even afraid of peeing. Or counterproductive when dog toilet training, fear of people, fear of noise… Fine here means “scold”, or “Grab lightly on the nape.” Or thrust quickly into the armpit dog to warn.

4 SuppliesTo Help You Dog Toilet Training Properly

For example: when the dog is playing and wc in the wrong place, we grasp the neck pulling on the urine to scold “no pee” and then lightly pounded on the butt. That’s just the wrong thing for the dog. Then pull it to the toilet area with tray and pads to catch it sitting fine in it for 1-2 minutes. Absolutely not closing the door to your dog. Because it will be understood as being locked, not in order to go to the right spot.

When you combine these dog toilet training methods, adjust the wc habit for the dog. Learning the commands “Pee” or “No Pee”, “Wait” and “Punishment” form it complementary. The puppy will then form a habit and act well. Depending on the success of your work, you will be able to teach and take care of them.

Wish you love absolute dog thanks to this method. If you like this article or share it with others.



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