Is The Barking Dog Collar Effective?

The barking dog collar (also called bark stop collar or anti-bark collar) is one of the items to support training. However, there are many conflicting opinions regarding the use of dog bark collar. The following article, Howdogcare will give some information around this issue. Hope to be helpful to you.

What’s The Cause Of Dog Barking?

Many owners have had a headache about the problem of dogs barking. There are even dogs with persistent barking and no signs of stopping. This is annoying if you are in an apartment, a crowded neighborhood … All of them are annoyed with your dog, but it still stops barking.

Dog barking sounds a lot of meaning. First of all it is their language of communication with the same type. In addition to using scent to chat, barks are also one of the languages that they can understand each other. In this case, the bark will be heard when they see another dog, or it may be due to the appearance of an animal.

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The barking dog is like a warning, a message that they want to convey to people. It may be a signal to break into the territory of a strange object. These objects are often identified through odor on the body. Sometimes it is because they are hungry, sad, stress … barking can help them feel more comfortable. At the same time, it is also a method of getting their attention to the owner. Solutions to prevent barking such as wearing muzzles, crates and keeping them away from the surrounding environment do not produce the expected results.

What’s The Barking Dog Collar?

Most dogs become more aggressive when locked up. It even has the ability to attack humans again. The feeling of being treated badly and alone makes them shy and watchful.

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That is the reason that researchers produce dog barking dog collar (bark stop collar). According to experts, this is a safe and harmless product for pets. They are designed like a dog collar. There is a button that is very convenient to use and easy to use, can adjust the size flexibly.

They work based on sound vibrations emanating from the dog’s collar when they bark. A detector is attached to the skin of the pet’s collar. Every time the dog barks, the dog collars will be installed to emit slight electrical stimuli to the skin and a disturbing sound. The main purpose is to distract the dog. Irritating stimuli and sounds can make the dog feel mildly itchy or slightly startled. They will lose focus and forget about the barking that just happened.

This level of electrical stimulation has different levels of adjustment. Depending on the personality and behavior of the dog to adjust accordingly. Of course, these levels of reflexes are at a pet safety level. Another special thing is that the jamming sound can only be felt by the dog wearing the collar. For dogs around or with humans it is impossible to feel.

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Some Notes When Using Dog Bark Collar

Barking dog collar can quickly train pets to understand the problem of barking. Maybe in the first 2-3 days you can stop their barking behavior. Even without the help of the anti-bark collar. However, with this accessory, the owner should take great care and use it carefully. If you do not know how to use it correctly, it is possible that the child becomes a double-edged sword that kills your dog:

  • The researchers used this product for up to 12 hours. Or just use it when needed to prevent pet barking. In the case of too long use, it can cause damage to pets
  • The anti-bark collar may be suitable for your dog but it may not be suitable for a neighbor dog. Use them smartly based on the size, species, and personality of the pet
  • Anti-bark collar should not be used with overly aggressive, sick, pregnant or under 6 months old dogs.
  • This is a waterproof accessory. However, it is not advisable to give the dog a bath in the pool. Remove them before doing that.

For any item, if you don’t know how to use it, it can become a danger. The barking dog collar is similar. If you really want good things for your pet, always be cautious!

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Laura Norwood
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