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Top 10 Best Dog Toys That Dogs Love

Top 10 Best Dog Toys That Dogs Love

Do you own an adorable dog? If so, you will be aware that owning a dog is not just all fun. It constitutes tremendous responsibility as well. Such responsibilities include providing your pup with a private space in the form of a dog house or a dog bed, taking it out on walks, providing it with food, and ensuring that they exercise and are entertained – Dog Toys That Dogs Love!

With the help of dog toys, not only can you ensure your dog is physically and intellectually fit, but you can also use the time spent playing with your dog to bond. Additionally, when you add the fact that some dog toys help guarantee the dental health of your dog, it is safe to assume that dog toys are a crucial part of a dog’s life.

Things to Consider when Purchasing Dog Toys

Here are the things you should take into consideration when buying dog toys for aggressive chewers or chew toys for puppies:

  • Consider the product’s quality – I have always maintained that when it comes to quality, there are no substitutes. Your dog’s health is an invaluable factor to you otherwise; you wouldn’t be exploring different ways to make his/her life better. So, ensure that you are buying a quality product produced by a reliable company. You can consult your vet for advice on which product to buy.
  • The toy’s texture – How light or thick is the dog toys? Softer or lighter toys are good but won’t last long for aggressive chewers, and may even end up harming your dog. The harder ones are much better as they can last longer and shred slowly.
  • The size – Size is very important in getting a result. A small size-chew toy may cause your dog to lose interest as it might be too small for him or her to grab. So, ensure that the size of the chew toy you are buying matches your dog.
  • The cost of the chew toy – The size of your budget will always determine what you can buy. Dog toys are not that expensive but make sure you buy within your means, so you don’t live to murmur later on.

The team at Howdogcare compiled 10 of the best dog toys from each of toy categories recommended by the Humane Society: active toys, distraction toys and comfort toys. Within each group, we based our selections on Amazon product ratings in order to highlight the best dog toy choices for your lovable canine.


Each of them has received favourable reviews from dog owners and, therefore, will satisfy both you and your dog.

Top 10 Best Dog Toys Comparison

#1 KONG Air Dog Squeakair Birthday Balls Dog Toy

The best-selling dog toy balls on Amazon, this product earned 4.1 out of 5 stars, and the squeaker is well-protected, a feature that reduces the risk of a choking hazard.

Best dog toys

Best dog toys – KONG Air Dog Squeakair

Just like human being, dogs also need to be appreciated. One ways to appreciate them is to get excellent toys which will reduce boredom and loneliness. Well, no more struggling to look for a perfect birthday gift for your pet since we have an excellent selection from Kong. The squeakair dog birthday ball toys are specifically to give your dog happy moments. The balls features fabric construction which is non-abrasive hence won’t damage your dog’s teeth.

Apart from the construction, they have rubber internal material which is covered by fabrics for enhanced safety. Above all is the variety of colors and imprinted `happy birthday’ logo and comes in a pack of 3 balls.


Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel

With an Amazon rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, the toy is available in multiple sizes and provides dependable entertainment.

Best dog toys

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel dog toys

This product allows your dog to indulge in a fun game of hide-and-seek. The toy includes three cute little squirrels who squeak and a tree trunk. All you have to do is hide the squirrel in the trunk and watch your dog as it tries to find the toy.

To ensure that you are provided with long-lasting fun, the dog toy is made from a plush material which is known to withstand the constant gnawing of a dog. Therefore, the toy is known to be durable – a quality which has been appreciated by many.

Outward Hound realises that the size of the toy should vary according to the size and breed of a given dog. Therefore, it has manufactured this toy in four sizes, namely junior, large, jumbo and ginormous. Such variability in sizes allows this product to be an ideal choice for the masses.

However, some users have reported that while the trunk is made from durable material, the squirrels, due to their constant use, are prone to damage. Nonetheless, considering that replacement squirrels are available on the market at a cheap rate, customers have been quick to look past this flaw.


OxGord BazooK-9 Tennis Ball Launcher Gun

Weighing less than two pounds, the toy includes two balls on Amazon.

Best dog toys

dog toys BazooK-9 Tennis Ball

Dogs love to please. Playing fetch is the best game to keep your pet active and confident. It’s healthy for your dog and for you. The OxGord Bazooka Ball Cannon Pet Toy accepts a tennis ball and has storages for two additional ones. Pull back the rear rod for travel distance adjustment and watch with joy when your dog returns with the ball.


Chuckit! Paraflight Dog Toy

The Chuckit! product is a versatile, portable toy that floats and flies, and boasts a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Best dog toys

Chuckit! Paraflight dog toys

Chuckit generally makes quality products. But Frisbees, they can be fickle. Dogs can rip through fabric, or they made for floating, not flying, or they are so durable they can be wonky or too plastic.  The Paraflight, large size used here, is a really nice amalgam of all components.

The large is 9.7 inches in diameter however a small model also exists at 6.5 inches. We didn’t try the small one, only sampling the large.  Without further ado, let’s see it fly.

Tallulah the Aussie, is a natural frisbee dog, so we took her over to Lake Norman in North Carolina to try it out. The lake is muddy thanks to that nice Piedmont red clay that runs from Virginia to Alabama. This was on purpose and part of the durability and cleanliness test of the frisbee.

Best dog toys

Durability: While we really try to not get in tug-of-wars with the dogs and their toys, it happens. The fabric, a nylon blend, is sewn into the rubber ring, which also serves as the rim. That’s where I’d expect to see holes develop. But after a few weeks of use, no holes yet! Additionally, we’ve seen no puncture holes in the rubber rim. That rim is what lets the Paraflight float, for those curious.

Cleanliness: We got the Paraflight dirty. Real dirty. Then took it home and washed it by hand with dish soap. This simple scrub got most of the dirt and clay out of the fabric. Truthfully, it never returned to that Robin’s Egg Blue, but that’s ok with us.

Pushing the limit: I wanted to test the responsive quality of the rim to abuse. Why? Because this is the Man Dog Travel Blog and we’re crazy. So I kept the Paraflight in our dog pack over night.

The next day it was pretty bad.

But 24 hours after that, it totally bounced back to pretty much original shape. You’ll notice a single loose thread. Regardless, shortly thereafter the Paraflight flew like nothing was ever wrong.  Great to know if you are shoving the Paraflight in a pack or it gets squashed under other toys, kids, dogs, whatever.

Best dog toys

To buy or not to buy: Let’s break it down by our Frisbee Rubric

  • Does it fly well: YES

  • Does it float: YES

  • Is it durable: YES

You really can’t go wrong with the Paraflight. If you have a dog who likes water and frisbees, get yourself a Paraflight by Chuckit.


Mammoth Flossy Chews Cottonblend Color 3-Knot Rope Tug

This toy not only entertains, but also cleans the teeth of your dog and boasts a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Best dog toys

Mammoth  dog toys

Out of the mountain of doggy toys’ comes the Mammoth Flossy dog chews rope toy sent from the heavens to do battle with your dog. If you have a strong dog who needs a great workout now and then, this is one of the most durable rope you will ever find, laced with 3 color fibers that floss your dog’s teeth as he chews and plays.

My money’s on this: your dog can’t win against it!

  • Rope chew toy can match three different dogs at a time
  • Wonderfully tough and durable
  • It comes in sturdy and cheap version
  • Pulled off threads may be swallowed by dog


Tail Teaser Dog Toys Squeak Toy Exercise Training Toy

A stationary toy made of durable nylon cord, the toy earned 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Best dog toys

Tail Teaser dog toys

Lure in the fun with Outward Hound Tail Teasers! This chasable, tuggable luring toy provides exercise and entertainment indoors & out. Featuring a durable nylon chord and flexible pull this toy is sure to stand up to tough tuggers! On your mark, get set, chase!

  • Durable nylon chord for tough tuggers
  • Chase and tug action keeps dogs playing
  • Two faux-fur tails squeak and rattle


The Nero Ball Classic TM – K-9 Ball On a Rope Reward

A toy often used by K-9 units and other dog-training personnel, it scored 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Best dog toys

Nero Ball Classic dog toys

This ball tosser can achieve serious distance without a bulky launcher. Used by K-9 and military training teams, this heavy-duty ball and cord is made of natural rubber and nylon and makes a great toy for tug of war and fetch.

The Nero Ball TM New and improved design for greater durability and strength! Improved rubber formula will hold up to the daily rigors of Police, Military, Sport and other Working Dog use. 100% Natural Rubber ball with a strong nylon rope and a non slip loop that is great for dogs that have issues outing the ball. The nylon rope prevents the ball from continuously rolling away on hard surfaces and allows to be flung further when throwing it.

This ball is intended to be a training tool. If being used as a chew toy, remove rope.

The Nero Ball Used by Police K-9 and Military Working Dog Teams Worldwide

100% Natural Rubber Ball with Strong Nylon Rope

Better Than A Regular Ball – Rope Allows You To Throw Further

Motivate and Exercise Your Dog


KONG Rubber Ball Extreme

A wonderful toy for medium to large dogs, the KONG Rubber Ball Extreme earned 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Best dog toys

KONG Rubber Ball Extreme – dog toys

Ask any dog owner, and they will tell you that their pets are obsessed with the game of fetch. Regardless of what size or breed your dog is, it is bound to be entertained by such a game. Moreover, it allows you to be a part of the game, thereby giving you bonding time.

Rubber Ball Extreme is the toy that you need for such a game. Not only does it feature an extreme bounce, but it is also resistant to punctures. This feature ensures that regardless of how powerful of a chewer your dog is, the product will be with you for the long haul.

The toy has a size of 3 inches and has a hole that is drilled through the middle. Due to its size, the toy is better for medium and large breeds since smaller breeds may have difficulty in picking it up.

This ball is appreciated for its durability and customers have reported that it has been able to withstand rough handling very well. However, users believe that playing fetch with the ball in the house can lead to damage to the wall, so the product is only viable to use outdoors.

Regardless of how you use it, the fact remains that this toy will make your beloved pet happy.

  • Outstanding ball toy quality
  • Perfect for dog owners with more than one dog
  • Keep dog busy all day
  • Most durable product
  • Perfect for small and medium size dogs
  • Larger dogs might unintentionally swallow it


Chuckit! Indoor Ball

With a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this toy is a great addition to all indoor games.

Best dog toys

dog toys – Chuckit! Indoor Ball

The Chuckit! Indoor Ball and Launcher is a low-impact, super exciting way to play fetch without breaking quite as much stuff in your house. The launcher can pick the ball up off the floor without getting your hands slobbery, and incites the same feverish delight as the outdoor Chuckit! The indoor ball is made from soft chenille fabric and is light enough to bounce harmlessly off of walls, pictures hanging on the walls, pendulum clocks, televisions, glass cabinet doors, beer carboys, and lava lamps. Why yes, yes that is a very specific list. The Indoor Chuckit! collection comes in one size that is big enough for an enormous dog but so fluffy even a tiny dog can get a grip on it.

dog toys

dog toys – shaped Indoor Roller toy

The Chuckit! Indoor Launcher normally comes with a donut-shaped Indoor Roller toy, but I found mine toyless at a thrift shop so I had to get the ball separately.

I have to admit, when I first saw this toy concept I though it was kind of pointless. I mean, what’s wrong with just hucking regular dog toys around the house, right? That sort of attitude is precisely why my parents’ walls were covered with tennis ball marks for many years. Also, I’m sorry about that teacup, Mom. As an adult I’m still prone to lobbing various balls and stuffies around my own house, but I still cringe every time a throw goes a bit wild.

With the Chuckit! Inddor Ball, every throw can be a wild throw. This thing has no mass and doesn’t seem to be capable of flying with enough force to damage anything (except that teacup probably still could have been demolished). This gives me the confidence to lob it around my house with wild abandon.

dog toys

Chuckit! Inddor Ball – dog toys

So far I’ve managed to bounce it off the above-mentioned list of objects in my home without damaging anything, to my great surprise. Brisbane is not impressed, but Sisci thinks the short little Indoor Launcher is super fun and amazing. She also loves to carry around the indoor ball around when we’re not playing. Overall it has been a much more fun and useful product than I expected.

It’s worth mentioning that the original Chuckit! company, Canine Hardware, was purchased by PetMate sometime in the last two years. This is the same company that owns JW Pet and Dogzilla. I haven’t yet noticed any decline in quality or toy construction, but it can be tough to tell. My original Chuckit! launcher is still going strong after 16 years so I haven’t tried out the more recent ones.


Fun for dogs of all sizes. Mostly harmless ball flies with minimal force. Launcher is low-powered. Can pick up ball without touching the nasty thing.


Pastel colored ball looks dirty right away. Ball-launching capability may lead to lack of caution in users.

Bottom Line: As some point I should actually grow up enough to not play ball in the house, but that point has not yet arrived. Long live the indoor ball

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StarMark Large Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toys

Earning 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this toy dispenses treats over time.

More than just a container, this interactive toy holds three cups of dog food and features multiple adjustable openings. It’s important to note, however, that your pup shouldn’t chew on the toy — only the snacks inside!

dog toys

Bob-A-Lot Interactive dog toys

If you own an extremely intelligent Dachshund that gets easily bored with his toys, this interactive toy is guaranteed to keep him stimulated with dog hours of fun.

This toy wobbles, the yellow part comes off so you can put in your pup’s favorite treats inside or even his full meal so mealtime can take longer. You can set this toy at different levels with the movable flap inside, so if your dog is super intelligent you can set it for the more difficult level. It is similar to Kong’s wobbler but allows you to set up different levels which is why this toy is so great.

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What to look forward to

With new technologies come new products. The pet industry is growing at an alarming rate, and there are sure to be new toys released regularly in the future. With new research being done every day, you can be sure that you will be seeing more toys catering to the natural instincts and individual needs of dogs.

Technology is also changing the dog product market. There are toys that make noise, shake, and light up to get your pet’s attention. Surely we’ll soon see toys that will benefit pets in more ways than we ever thought possible. Canine health is a growing concern for pet parents, so you can also be sure that we’ll be seeing more toys being created that will benefit our dog’s oral health, healthy brain development, and overall health and well-being.

Wrapping it up

Remember that price shouldn’t be your biggest deciding factor in which of the best dog toys to buy. You will end up saving money in the long run if you purchase a quality toy now and continue to use it throughout the life of your dog. Also keep in mind that your dog’s needs are as unique as he is, and you need to focus on those needs when selecting a toy for him.

Keep your dog’s safety in mind while you’re shopping as well. It would be wise to do some research online before heading to the store. Make sure the product you select is made with quality materials. that it is durable enough to stand up to your pet’s jaws, and that it is the proper size for him.

If you’ve got questions about which toy would be the most beneficial, speak with your veterinarian, a local dog trainer, or other canine professional in your area. You can even consult the well-trained staff at your local pet store. When in doubt, bring your dog to the pet store with you and let him pick out his own toys. Many pet stores allow leashed pets into their establishment, and who better to help you pick out a toy for your dog than your Fido himself?

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