Top 7 Best Dog Paw Washer Reviews

Dogs like to play dirty and mud – that’s natural. As a dog owner, I like to let my kids do what they do best outdoors. Unfortunately, that means regularly cleaning the puppies after digging the pit or even for a few minutes out to go to the toilet after heavy rain. In the spring when the snow melts and the ground gets wet, this becomes a recipe for a dirty disaster. Dog’s feet are often neglected by dog owners, but the feet are really very important and must be looked after on a regular basis. It may seem like a silly task for some people, but it is the responsibility that you should take seriously because your feet are damaged, dry, irritated, etc. The best dog paw washer can help keep Lucky’s feet from getting dirty, debris and preventing problems.

What Are Dog Paw Washer?

Dog paw washer are small devices that are designed to make it easy to clean your dog’s feet before going in the house. There are a few different styles employed by various manufacturers, but most involve some type of water reservoir which features soft bristles to help dislodge stubborn bits of dirt or mud.

Basically, you stick your dog’s paws in the reservoir (one at a time), swish the water around or spin the container to engage the bristles, and then remove your dog’s paw. You can then dry the paw and move on to the next foot. Some owners like to add a bit of gentle soap to the dog paw washer, but others simply use clean water.

Some dog paw washer are designed to be kept by your front or back door and used when bringing your dog back inside. Others, however, are smaller and portable. These are designed to go with you on your walk, which gives you a chance to wash your pup’s paws as needed.

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When you are shopping for a dog paw washer system, you want to find one that will be easy to use. It’s going to take a bit of training to get your dog used to it, but if it’s not comfortable for him he’s likely to become resistant to your paw washing efforts. The best dog paw washer will be affordable, safe, effective and comfortable for your dog.

Top 7 Best Dog Paw Washer Comparion

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1. Dexas Petware Mudbuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

Top 8 Best Dog Paw Washer Reviews
Best Dog Paw Washer by Dexas Petware Mudbuster

Dexas Petware Mudbuster is a simple yet effective tool for removing dirt, debris and debris from your feet. It call devices “washing cups”. The basic gist is you have a cylinder/cup with some brushes on the inside that you add a bit of water to, stick in a paw, twist the cup a few times, and most of the mud/dirt is cleaned from the paw!

If your dog is okay with you holding their paws, then I think this is a must have as your first line of defense against dirt and mud! These devices really nicely, especially in the case of caked-on mud. That being said, there’s no real drying element to them, so you may still need to use a towel before letting your dog inside right away to get any remaining water off their paws.

Best dog paw washer by Dexas Petware Mudbuster is small, medium and large to fit your pet. The soft fur, silicone feather inside the cup can be removed and unrolled for easy rinsing, which leaves the cup also easy to clean.


  • Low tech, easy to use and clean. It is relatively cheap and easy to transport, dog owners are very satisfied with the product and report that it works as well as advertised. Dogs and owners are also fun with soft feathers, and many dogs do not seem to pay attention to the process of wiping their feet.


  • Can be difficult to use for dogs do not like their feet. There are some owners who have tried Dexas Petware Mudbuster complaining that it’s rampant, and while most dogs do not matter, some dogs do not seem to like putting their feet in a container

2. SKI Innovations Paw Boss Wash for Dogs

Top 8 Best Dog Paw Washer
Best Dog Paw Washer by SKI Innovations

SKI Innovations Paw Boss is a patented, relatively new and patented shampoo facility in the United States. The most unique and impressive feature of the Paw Boss Foot Cleaner is that it can soothe and soak each foot with clean water without having to pump it again, thanks to separate water tanks and clean water. It allows soaking nails in soap water, rubbing with finger-like pads, and refilling with clean soap water for the next leg. A bottle can clean 4-8 feet without recharging and do not reuse soapy water for other tables.

Another benefit of SKI Innovations Paw Boss is how low the ground it sits. More dog paw washer machines are higher and require you to pull the dog up and put it into the paw washer machine. However, with SKI Innovations, your dog can go straight to it and set foot on the washer machine without pouring it over. Dog owners who use this product say that, indeed, it makes the claw bland. While it cleans thoroughly, it does not dry the pads, which is good for dogs.

Those who have bad dogs, on the other hand, say that it has pretty much trained their pet before allowing their feet to be inserted into the hole. Dogs, like humans, have different preferences. This can be a perfect washing machine for most dogs and humans, but for some, this may not be something they can do on a regular basis.


  • Most owners have used SKI Innovations Paw Boss very satisfied with dog paw washer machines, both are effective and easy to use. Some owners said their dog learned to use the product without difficulty. Some employers also praise the inner toothbrush, which helps to remove mud.


  • Although many owners have liked the concept of SKI Innovations Paw Boss, some people think it’s really labor-intensive, because you have to constantly flip one unit and then the other to fill up and empty cavity. Some people complain that the unit is too small to work for medium and large dogs (those who are over 60 pounds or over). Permanent seal design of the product can also cause the owner to pause, because the interior can not be cleaned periodically.

3. Paw Plunger for Dogs

Top 8 Best Dog Paw Washer
Best Dog Paw Washer by Pet Product Innovations

The Paw Plunger is a mug shaped paw cleaner that is easy to carry and use. Simply fill the container with water, insert your dog and rotate it around a little so that the soft bristles do their job. The unique design of the Paw Plunger is considered to be able to prevent overflow and confusion, and a built-in lid makes it easy to fill the container before going out.

Dog paw washer by Pet Product Innovations has three sizes available to ensure your dog’s comfort – small for dogs smaller than 10 pounds, average for dogs from 10 to 100 pounds, and larger for dogs over 100 pounds . There is no need to use chemicals or detergents with this plunger. Clean water is all about doing work and pet owners like this more than synthetic detergents.

Dog owners felt like they needed a Paw Plunger for Dogs for a long time. They say it provides cleaning that is close to the hand brush in a bucket of water and drying them with a towel. They also say that this is a lot faster.

Unfortunately, some buyers say that the plastic when opened mouth wash the dog best foot so hard and discomforting dog. You will also find reviewers who confirm the size of this product. Sizing is based on the weight of the dog, but some critics say they follow the instructions of Paw Plunger that they get are too big for their dog’s feet.


  • The Paw Plunger has been pretty well received by most owners who have tried it. The aperture cap has received a lot of praise, as it helps keep water and mess inside the cup, and the handle is also a welcome addition. Most owners found that Paw Plunger certainly helped to clean most of the gunk off their dog’s feet.


  • While most owners prefer Paw Plunger, some people find it unnecessarily large (Some critics say the size is off, and the product they get is too big). Plasticizers when opening the mouth to best dog paw washer is too hard and annoying dog.

4. Soggy Doggy Super Shammy Beige One Size 31-inch x 14-inch Microfiber Chenille Dog Towel

Top 8 Best Dog Paw Washer
Best Dog Paw Washer by Soggy Doggy

Cotton towels were used for the dog and upgraded to a shammy! Shammy is a special towel specially designed for water absorption and quick drying. You may be familiar with these things to dry a car, but do you know that there are special shammy to dry your dog?

Soggy Doggy creates an excellent line of absorbent materials to make your life better such as pajamas and bedclothes. Your dog may be messy, so I hold a Soggy Doggy rug right next to their bowl of water which is very effective.

Soggy Doggy Super Shammy is perfectly designed to wipe your pet down, feet and all. It absorbs more than 5x compared to cotton towels and can hold 7x its weight in water. Microfiber materials are safe and dry fast drying / drying machines. The texture on this shammy gives it more surface area to absorb, soaking more water before it becomes saturated.

Length is 31 inches and 14 inches wide, which really makes Super Shammy especially handbags on each end of the shammy. The bag to a point allows you to get your hands over there and clean the hard to reach areas on your dog – around the ears, under the collar, between the toes, etc.

Soggy Doggy Super Shammy is a must if you live anywhere with moderate rainfall or if your dog is frequently dirt / muddy. It is a great upgrade from the typical towel.


  • Easy to use and clean, no fear or startle. Extremely versatile and can be re-used, especially inexpensive.


  • Another item to run through is washing clothes over time

5. Spotless Paw Dog Paw Cleaning and Grooming Glove Clean Dirty Dog Paws

Top 8 Best Dog Paw Washer
Best Dog Paw Washer by Spotless Paw

This is a convenient product, very portable and handy, and it’s easy to wash and dry. The six finger feature allows this glove to use left or right. In addition to not achieving this, both sides of the glove can be used for cleaning in two ways to put it up.

It is made of special microfiber that effectively cleanses the feet and dry them while keeping the user’s hands clean and dry. Livestock owners who have spent years cleaning their mud-boards with wet towels now realize that they have been doing unnecessary housework. This glove hangs neatly until needed. It’s best to keep one in the car, or hang one at the door.

Dogs get their usual cleaning off from mud, sand, dust, snow salts, grime, and the like before they get into the house.The Spotless Paw Dog Paw Cleaning Glove is definitely more systematic and less backbreaking than chasing dogs around the house or tracking down paw prints.

These gloves are safely laundered and dried in the machine, and dog owners certify that their gloves still look and work great even after more than a year of continuous use. Some buyers were disappointed to find that the best dog wash was not suitable for long-haired breeds. They say it does not keep enough water or dirt to keep up with the long or thick pet. Other reviewers are not impressed with this product and say it does not work as described.


  • The six finger feature allows this glove for left or right use. Both faces of the glove can be used for cleaning with two ways to put it on. It is made of soft fibers and is easy to use while traveling.


  • Some buyers were disappointed to find that the best dog wash was not suitable for long hair and it did not work as advertised.

6. The Paw Wash Mitt for Dogs

Top 8 Best Dog Paw Washer 6
Best Dog Paw Washer by The Paw Wash

The simplest ideas defeat sophisticated inventions for the simple reason that they are easier to use. This microfiber towel from The Paw Wash can be one of the dog cleaning products with a high degree of usability and practical ability. This glove is one of the best foot care products for dogs because it is extremely absorbent, light and soft, highly portable, washable and very effective in cleaning and disinfecting. Dry the dirty hands.

The user of this product compares it with two microfiber cloths forming a glove and sewing together. Wearing around the hand, it can hold better than a single sheet while retaining the same absorbent character. Because it has two usable surfaces with twice the thickness, it is definitely better than single strand fabric.

One size can be used by adults and children alike, so rarely a problem of mitt is too tight or too big to have the function. Pet owners often buy it along with a brush with a brush to help absorb excess water.

The absence of fingers can make this glove ideal for cleaning the sealing between the toes or under the pad. Some critics have complained about the quality of the glove, but they commented that it was cheaper than similar products so they were not surprised.


  • It is highly absorbent, easy to use / travel while traveling. Also, maybe a washing machine. It is the right size for all dog owners.


  • Absence of fingers can make the dog paw washer less than ideal for cleaning tight spots between the toes or under the pads. The quality of this glove is not appreciated, because it is much more rugged than the other dog paw washer.

7. Petkin Paw Wipes, Orange Scent, 100-Count Pack

Top 8 Best Dog Paw Washer 5
Best Dog Paw Washer by Petkin Paw Wipes

A worthwhile consideration to dog paw washer is to use a dog paw wipe, specially formulated to be safe for your pet. I do not like to use a foot wipe for daily use as they may not be the most environmentally friendly option, but they can be very helpful if your pet’s feet are irritated or if they need some extra cleaning.

Petkin has a long history of providing great, safe products for pets. Also note that you may find products like cheaper baby wipes, but they may include ingredients that are harmful to your pet to eat. Always stick to specially designed towels for pets as they may lick your feet after cleaning.


  • The cleaning solution removes germs, dirt, odors, and stimulants. Smells pleasant and easy to use.


  • Can not reuse that makes these more expensive over time. Not the most eco-friendly products.
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