How to prevent puppy bite furniture in the house?

How to prevent puppy bite furniture in the house?

Puppies often bite furniture is a problem that all dog owners encounter. As a farmer, you always want your dog to be a good dog and obedient. They are like children, if not taught at a young age, gradually they will become hard dogs and stubborn.

This habit mainly occurs in dogs 7-12 months old. After puppies sprouting teeth, long teeth make dogs uncomfortable. They have to find something to bite, even some puppies or bite their hands, gradually becoming habits. So how to solve the problem puppy love to bite furniture?

Why do puppies often bite furniture?

Grinding teeth at a young age is often found in dogs that are not adapted to the environment. They often go around discovering new things. Cause for the following reasons:

  • Bored: Puppies left alone, or unattended. They are easy to feel boring. Boredom can lead to destructive behavior.
  • Teething puppies: puppies 3-7 months old will replace the old teeth, new teeth. They often feel gums uncomfortable so they like to gnaw on things.
  • Attracting Attention: Puppies often like to gnaw on certain objects, such as TV controls. If you stop, they will feel this is a good way to attract your attention.
  • Unbalanced diet: for example, if the menu of calcium-deficient dogs, it can bite the stone wall. If you do not know which menu is most suitable for you, consult your veterinarian.
  • In alone leads to worrying: some puppy absolutely can not be alone or away from the owners. So, when it will have to be alone because of worries led to gnaw bite.

For the puppy often biting furniture you should do?

For the puppy often biting furniture

  • Make sure the dog can not enter dangerous places.
  • Exercise regularly, especially at home away from home, at least once a day. Do not just walk in your garden.
  • When walking the dog, you come to change the area regularly. Take it on the sidewalk, in the park or on the beach. When dogs are not vaccinated be careful.
  • Teach it what can be, what can not bite.
  • Play at least 3 times a day for at least 5 minutes. Frequent play is best.
  • Toys and snacking tools of different dogs.

In general, dogs’ toys and tools should be clearly distinguished. Toy design can usually throw around, chase, pressing. Most toys are not suitable to be gnawing bite.

Some recommendations when training puppies often bite furniture

Valuables, such as wallets, dangerous objects such as cutlery, must be kept away from puppies. When you are away, take care of the items. It is possible to use a spray or scent to hate dogs so they do not bite. But not all dogs are effective.

Some puppies bite the owner. Avoid wagging your fingers or legs in front of your pet or clapping on the sides of your dog’s face to lure the dog. That way it actually encourages the dog to bite your arm or leg.

Do not forbid them to play with you. Play will build a strong bond between your pet and your family.

Avoid tugging at your hands or feet while your pet is biting or chewing. This will encourage them to jump in and pick up. It will be much more effective if you relax your hands or feet so that you will not have any fun playing.

For the puppy often biting furniture you should do?

Hitting or slapping dog gnaw bite when they play will make them stronger bite. The dogs often respond by playing a more ferocious way. Physical punishment can make your dog feel fear and even cause them to become aggressive indeed.

Through adolescence, to the stage of adult dogs

When the dog is mature, the desire to bite furniture, or other things does not completely disappear. Grinding teeth can foster dog’s canine teeth, keep the teeth clean. Therefore grinding teeth is very important for puppies.

Please provide them with grinding tools. Toys combined with training will make the dog become active, energetic. Your puppy will be happy, moreover it will listen to you and no longer bite the furniture.

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