Top 10 Best Raised Dog Bed Reviews

We have went through quite a few best raised dog bed in this house. Mostly stuffed, and one (expensive) orthopedic crate pad for the princess. They are good for a few weeks to a few months, but once a tiny string or bit of unraveling appears, they are goners. The dogs destroy them after that. Not only that, these stuffed, often fleecy, beds are dog fur magnets. No amount of vacuuming can keep dog fur from accumulating on them.

I have frequently read and seen raised dog bed for dogs.  Some can be used indoors and out, they are easy to clean, and considered quite sturdy, almost indestructible. They are also supposed to be good for dogs with joint issues, which I fear Neeko has. But spending approximately $120 for ONE bed wasn’t something I felt up to.

My boys seem to prefer to lounge on the hard floor, and the princess alternates between the “dog couch” and the floor, so a bed wasn’t a true necessity. I had toyed with the idea of purchasing a bed of this style for a few months, thinking that Neeko would enjoy lounging on it outside in cooler weather.

An best raised dog bed are for dogs of all ages but specifically for dogs in their senior years. They ease joint and muscle pain by providing consistent “off-the-ground” support to the spinal column and hip joints.

These beds also raise the dog off the ground, keeping them above cold and drafty floors, unwanted insects and other varmints.

And unlike the more traditionarl stuffed dog bed, raised dog bed eliminate the space for odor causing bacteria buildup.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind during your search for the right bed:

  • Watch out for raised dog bed that are made with PVC tubing. PVC is easily chewed through by your dog, which creates small jagged pieces that can cause choking.
  • The height of the raised dog bed is very important! The height of the bed is relative to the size of your dog. Don’t purchase a bed that is raised 10″ off the ground if your dog is a mere 10lbs with tiny legs. Purchasing a bed that is raised too high could cause injury due to strain or a mid night tumble.

I had read some good reviews about Coolaroo’s elevated pet beds, and found one for a great price, so I could not resist. I ordered it two days ago and received it today! Talk about speedy shipping!

Below, I’m looking at the best elevated dog beds in this review and at some of the features and benefits of using a best raised dog bed in your home.

If you are in a hurry you can check out our top ten picks using the links in the box. Scroll down for a more detailed reviews of the top ten best raised dog bed comparation. And for pros and cons of using an elevated dog bed.

Top 10 Best Raised Dog Bed Compasion

ImagesProduct NameRatingPriceReviews
Best Raised Dog BedCoolaroo Elevated Pet Bed4.3$$Quick view
raised dog bedKuranda Dog Bed - Chewproof - All Aluminum (Silver) - Ultra Duty Outdoor Bed4.7$$$Quick view
Kuranda raised dog bedKuranda Dog Bed - Chewproof - Walnut PVC - Indoor Bed4.5$$Quick view
K&H raised dog bedK&H Pet Products Pet Cot Medium Chocolate 25" x 32" x 7"N/a$$$Quick view
raised dog bedCarlson Pet Products Portable Pup Pet Bed3.9$$Quick view
raised dog bedGo Pet Club Elevated Cooling Pet Cot2.7$$Quick view
raised dog bed by 2petElevated Pet Bed Cot by 2PET3.9$$Quick view
Raised dog bedPawhut Elevated Dog Bed / Pet Cot3.9$$Quick view
Raised dog bedStarMark DogZone Bed for Dog Large4.7$$Quick view
Raised dog bedGale Pacific Coolaroo Steel-Framed Elevated Pet Bed4.3$$Quick view

1. Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

Best Raised Dog Bed

Best Raised Dog Bed By Coolaroo

This is the original elevated cooling dog bed.  It is well made, the fabric is tough, and for a raised bed, quite nice looking.

Designed especially for large & smaller breeds of dogs, this pet cot is good for both outdoors and indoors. It comes in three different colors: Brunswick Green, Gray and Terra Cotta. The material of this large & smalle breed raised dog bed is made with a Coolaroo knitted material and has a sturdy and durable steel frame that is powder coated making it rust proof and good for outdoor use.

The material allows for air to flow freely through it and being elevated it keeps dogs off of cold floors during the winter. It measures 8” H x 35” W x 22” D and weighs only 3.5 pounds and will hold small breeds up to 25 pounds. Quick and easy to assemble, stands up against the elements well and is easy to clean.

Many customers find it an ideal best raised dog bed for their large & small dogs to enjoy the outdoors without having to lay in the grass or dirt when relaxing in the sun. Other pet owners have commented the stability of this pet cot is a plus.

Purchasers of this indoor/outdoor pet cot noted it is a nice quality cot style dog bed and cats seem to like it as well as dogs. Some customers have complained that the canvas of the raised dog bed needs two people to put on and the material seems a little scratchy to the touch.

2. Kuranda Dog Bed – Chewproof – All Aluminum (Silver) – Ultra Duty Outdoor Bed

raised dog bed

 Best raised dog bed By Kuranda

An best raised dog bed from Kuranda, a reputable manufacturer that has composed a best-selling chew proof dog bed that boasts quite a few features. If you’re looking for something sleek.

This bed is marketed as being suitable for outdoor use.  It is tough and weatherproof. A really sturdy piece of kit. And Kuranda claim it is chew-proof too.

The Kuranda elevated chewproof bed comes in four stylish colors and is usually one of the more expensive beds. So if your dog lives indoors, you might not want to spend the extra.

If you have a bigger dog that cannot for the life of them find a comfortable bed that’ll take all of them without compromising the structure, you’ll definitely want to invest in this chew proof dog bed, as the frame supports a whopping 250lbs a while person! The frame is composed of aluminum that’s aircraft grade, and the materials used include a solid vinyl that’s heavy duty.

Another fantastic feature of this bed is that it’s high strength, as well as coming in four various colors that include red, green, blue, and silver all with a silver aluminum frame. The aluminum frame makes this an indestructible dog bed. Those that want the chew proof bed to match their home aesthetics can do so with ease by going bold or neutral.


  • One of our favorite advantages of this product besides the 1-year warranty and the inclusion of heavy-duty fabric is that you’re able to use this indoors and outdoors.
  • Rain or shine this weatherproof dog bed can sleep dogs of all sizes from small to large dog breeds like labradors.
  • There are multiple colors offered to match the outdoor aesthetic of your backyard, and your puppy can feel like they’re a part of the family!

Cons: There really aren’t too many disadvantages of this chew proof dog bed, but if you’re looking for something that’s a bit more comfortable and home-y looking, then you may want to invest in another one, although this is fantastic and suitable for outdoor usage if you want to purchase another comfortable one for the inside.

3. Kuranda Dog Bed – Chewproof – Walnut PVC – Indoor Bed

Kuranda raised dog bed

Best raised dog bed By Kuranda Walnut PVC

Another Kuranda bed, a reliable manufacturer that provides strictly chew proof dog beds to the market. Unlike the first, this one is strictly meant for indoor use and is composed of Cordura fabric.

If you’re wanting something that’s durable and can withstand a rough dog, as well as multiple cleanings, you’ll want to look into one of these, as the Cordura is extremely resistant to abrasion. Beyond this, there are five size options available – even XXL for those bigger dogs! Sizes include: SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, X-TRA LARGE, XX-TRA LARGE with various size measurements.

Boasting a number of advantages, one of our favorites is that it does come in so many sizes, and is capable of holding a dog up to 125lbs. The sizes range from something as small as 30″ by 20″, to a bed as large as 50″ by 36″. Keep your pet calm, cool, and collected during even the hottest of seasons. Beyond this, there’s a 1 year warranty for those that are scared of the price tag.

Cons: While it’s recommended from the manufacturer that you don’t use the walnut PVC for outdoor usage, they suggest one of their other models like the bronze aluminum dog bed or aluminum in general to withstand the outdoor elements. While this isn’t a true disadvantage, there are resolutions presented by the manufacturer.

4. K&H Pet Products Pet Cot Medium Chocolate 25″ x 32″ x 7″

K&H raised dog bed

Best raised dog bed By K&H

This K&H elevated dog bed is sturdy, well-designed, light and portable. Users love that they can move it easily wherever they want that it’s easy to store and clean it.

However, some do note that one of the legs falls off when they try to move it. Available in two sizes – medium (7″ x 25″ x 32″) and large (7″ x 32″ x 40″), this elevated pet cot for large dog can endure up to 150 pounds, and it has a sturdy mesh centre and rubber feet to avoid skidding.

As a whole, it seems a good option if you are looking for a durable dog cot for larger dogs.

Users express very positive opinions regarding this raised dog couch bed. One user shares that the size is perfect for her 100 pound Labrador, and he has enough room to move around. The buyer also states that it’s easy to slide it under the bed when she needs to vacuum.

Another customer mentions that you don’t need tools to assemble it, and it has a strong and durable construction that would last a long time. A happy purchaser also express her delight that her two of her 40 lbs dogs can easily fit on this big raised cot and that it’s so easy to take it apart and store it.

5. Carlson Pet Products Portable Pup Pet Bed

raised dog bed

Bestraised dog bed By Carlson Pet Products

This is a pet bed that is in the style of a cot that can be used in the home or it can easily be folded down for travel. It is a lightweight design and weighs no more than five pounds. It can be used both indoors and outdoors o it makes it a good dog cot to use when you go camping with your pet.

The legs are made of sturdy steel and the cot material is made from canvas. It comes in two different sizes small and large. The small size measures 26” L x 26” W and is square in shape. The large pet cot measures 48” L x 26” W and is rectangular in shape. You can choose from brown with black trim or pink. This indoor/outdoor cot in the large size can hold over 100 pounds making it quite sturdy and durable. Affordable and easy to clean by hand.

Customers who own larger dogs such as a German Shepherd have been surprised and pleased that the larger sized dog cot easily allows their dogs to lay comfortably on their cots. Others who have bought this cost like the price and how easy it is to fold up and take wherever they and their dogs travel to, including camping. Only con reported would be that there is only two choices of colors.

6. Go Pet Club Elevated Cooling Pet Cot

raised dog bed

Best raised dog bed By Go Pet Club

This cooling cot dog bed offered by Go Pet Club is well-made, durable and a good choice if you are looking for a reasonably priced bed. Users love that it’s lightweight, easy to clean and that it’s suitable for outdoor use.

However, some do note that the legs are uneven. Available in four different size – small (6″x 18″ x 28.75″), medium (6″ x 24″ x 39″), large (7″ x 28″ x 46.5″) and X-large ( 8″x 32″x 55″), this raised dog bed has a steel frame covered with mesh fabric, which is easy to maintain.

Overall, it looks great if you are looking for a pet bed that you can be used both inside and outside.

Generally, users are happy with the softness, durability, and sturdiness of this dog furniture bed. One buyer states that this elevated pet cot is well-constructed, solid and her German Shepherd loves it. Another customer shares that her Labradors use the bed constantly, and it bears their weight with no problems.

A happy user says that her husky prefers the extra large size bed because he can lie on his back with his four legs in the air. Another one also mentions that her pooch started using the raised pet bed immediately, and it’s a good sleeping place in the summer.

She would recommend it for dogs of all sizes. However, some buyers comment that the mesh might get hot in the summer, so they advise that you use a blanket.

7. Elevated Pet Bed Cot by 2PET

raised dog bed by 2pet

Best raised dog bed by 2pet

Manufactured by 2PET, this next pet bed on this list is very different from the last, but a cooler take on the first product we featured. There are quite a few features of this pet bed, and some of the features boasted include the following:

  • Four various sizes options
  • Raising the bar with elevation, luxury and comfort
  • Elevation ensures comfort for the pet
  • Durable and strong with the highest quality, durable fabric and metal used
  • Low maintenance bed that requires little to no cleaning

Looking for something low maintenance that’s going to provide reliable comfort for your pet? Featuring a 48″ by 26″ surface, as well as an Oxford material that’s 600D fabric, you’re going to be able to rest assured knowing your pet is safe, cool, and comfortable. Speaking of cool – there are mesh panels to ensure that an air flow is being received for optimal comfort. The size options offered include small, medium, large, and even extra large for those big pups you have in your home.

Pros: Depending on the season, it is important that you keep your puppy off the cold floor, especially if the heat is not the best. Even though they have a coat, putting them on the bed can heat them up and react and make them uncomfortable. With a bad 7-inch increase, you’ll be able to keep them as comfortable as possible, feel safe, luxurious, and normal temperature. As this bed is low maintenance due to the lesser used cloth, your pet (and you) will have a great time using this elevated cot.

Cons: If your puppy has a medical problem and can not jump, you may not be able to use it – and the problem is not with the product. Apart from this, we do not see any other disadvantage, as it’s reliable, comfortable, affordable, and your pup will not chew through this product.

8. Pawhut Elevated Dog Bed / Pet Cot

Raised dog bed

Best raised dog bed By Pawhut

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t use mesh panels, and uses one larger mesh panel, then you’ll want to check out this elevated dog bed for your pup.

There are four size options offered, including 27” by 32”, 30” by 24”, 31” by 27”, and lastly, 36” by 30”. If you’re someone who knows the exact measurements for your dog (for whatever reason), the way of sizing and measuring for this bed may be perfect for you. Regardless, technically the sizes measure “small”, “medium”, “large”, and “extra large”. The mesh panel included is a fantastic way for the puppy to become well ventilated, and puppies up to 66 pounds can fit on this bed comfortable without compromising the structural integrity.

 Pros: we like the fact that there are multiple colors and sizes offered, but our favorite feature of this product is that the fabric is stretchable and doesn’t become so stiff that the puppy is uncomfortable. Another advantage of this product is that the mesh allows your pup to be kept away from bugs, as well as any mold and mildew, as the material isn’t mold prone or mildew prone because of the mesh and ventilation.

Cons: but if you’re looking for something that has more color options, or more neutral options for your home, you may want to look for something else. If your puppy is over 66 pounds, you may not be looking for a dog bed as such, as you’ll need something bigger to effectively make them comfortable and keep the structure intact.

9. StarMark DogZone Bed for Dog Large

Raised dog bed

Best Raised dog bed By StarMark DogZone

If you are looking for an elevated pet bed to keep your large or giant breed dog cool in the heat, consider this Starmark DogZone Dog Bed. This bed is constructed with a hardened steel tubing frame and a durable ballistic nylon cover for maximum strength. As an added bonus, the bed can be partially disassembled for travel and it comes with a convenient carrying bag for transport. The nylon cover is machine washable and resistant to stains and tearing, plus it offers your dog comfortable orthopedic support for his bones and joints.

The Starmark DogZone Dog Bed is by no means a cheap dog bed, either in terms of quality or price. The X-large size for this bed measures 50″x27″. Though you will pay more for this elevated dog bed, it is definitely worth every penny. The heavy duty design guarantees maximum durability while the sleeping surface itself delivers both comfort and orthopedic support. For a high quality elevated bed specially designed for large and giant breeds, this Starmark DogZone Dog Bed would be a great choice.

10. Gale Pacific Coolaroo Steel-Framed Elevated Pet Bed

Raised dog bed

Best Raised dog bed by Gale Pacific

If you are looking for a heavy duty elevated pet bed that won’t break the bank, you should seriously consider the Coolaroo Steel-Framed raised dog bed. This bed is steel-framed for durability but it is still surprisingly lightweight and easy to transport when needed. The steel frame is complemented by a unique, breathable fabric that takes advantage of the air flowing under and around the bed to keep your dog cool and comfortable for hours on end. As an added bonus, the fabric is treated to repel mold and mildew as well as insect pests like fleas, ticks, and mites – this is very important if you plan to use your dog’s elevated pet bed outdoors.

The best Raised dog bed from Coolaroo Steel-Framed features a simple, classic design but it also offers some modern features. For example, the high density polyethylene fabric is incredibly durable, not to mention pest and water resistant. With a powder coated steel frame, you don’t have to worry about this pet bed standing the test of time. The elevated design keeps your dog off the hard ground and it is incredibly comfortable for dogs of all breeds and ages. The small size is ideal for dogs up to 50 pounds and it is priced under $24. The medium size is for dogs up to 75 pounds and it only costs a few dollars more. What more could you ask for?

The Final Verdict

Now that we’ve thrown you a boatload of information, you should definitely look into the best raised dog bed on the market. Whether you have a small, medium, or large dog, there are definitely ones that’ll provide you with a piece of aesthetically pleasing puppy furniture, as well as something practical for the puppy that won’t harm them internally.

Interestingly, there are some raised dog bed that come with canopies to provide protection from the sun when your dog is lounging outside. A variety of owners, but if they own small-breed miniature dachshunds, or larger terrier mixes, found that canopy beds that screw onto the elevated pet beds, provide a stable and shaded resting surface for dogs of different sizes, ages as well as health conditions.

One enterprising user that we surveyed even attached the dog bed canopy to his tricycle so that he could transport his dog around town and as went on cruising rides.

Overall, when you are ready to start shopping, consider one of the best raised dog bed reviews above for small, medium, large and giant dogs.

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