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Thank you for spending a little time at this site! If you are interested in supporting the How Dog Care website, you can do so by reading my review and purchase guide and making a purchase with the links provided there. I will get a small commission from every purchase you make for free. Read more here about why I include the Amazon link in our reviews.

I spend many hours researching the best dog supplies for this site to provide the most accurate information and choose the best dog products and the most affordable price. I chose Amazon as my primary online retailer because it’s the customer’s most friendly platform: everything you buy can be returned. So I’m most interested in making sure my reviews are correct, and I only recommend the best items. Why? Because if you buy something under my advice that is not good enough, and you return that item, I absolutely have nothing.

Amazon today is the largest online retailer and I have been using them for many years. Most people trust this brand through any other online pet store. Amazon is the most customer-centric company, the most reliable company, and the most user-friendly. Their Amazon Prime membership allows two days of free shipping at an affordable annual cost, which is a great deal if you find yourself a regular buyer. At this point, it can not be denied that Amazon is the most convenient and reliable way to shop online.

If you want to support me, you can do so by shopping online via the link below.

As the owner of the How Dog Care community, I have been using Amazon Prime for over two years now and it’s a great percentage of flats being renewed every year. What you get with Amazon Prime is a package deal: Free two days shipping on all your products purchased on Amazon, free video stream through Prime Video, access to current tunes with Prime Music, free photo storage with Prime Photos and free eBooks with your Prime Kindle Library. You can even do a free 30 day trial if you want to test their services.

You can read more about how I conduct our dog product research and write reviews on the About Me page. If you have any questions, be sure to tell me.

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