Top 10 Best Small Dog House Reviews (In 2021)

Top 10 Best Small Dog House Reviews

As much as your small dog enjoys your company, they also appreciate having a place to retreat to and claim as their own, and these houses for small pets can serve that purpose. A best small dog house is a great product that can provide for your small dog a comfortable space indoors or outdoors. We included a variety of models ranging from soft, plush indoor picks to robust outdoor choices that are ready to withstand some weather. You’ll also find both charming, intricate designs as well as more minimalistic selections.

To help you find the best option for your small dog, we will thoroughly review 10 of the best houses for small dogs in the article below.

10 Best Small Dog House Of Choice

ImagesProduct NameRatingPriceReviews
Merry Pet Wood Pet House For Small DogsMerry Pet Wood Pet House For Small Dogs4.2$$$Quick view
Petmate Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin For Small DogPetmate Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin For Small Dog4.2$$$Quick view
Portable Indoor House For Small DogPortable Indoor House For Small Dog4.2$$Quick view
Aspen Pet PetBarn 3 House For Small DogAspen Pet PetBarn 3 House For Small Dog4.2$$Quick view
always-quality Small Dog House For Indoor Outdooralways-quality Small Dog House For Indoor Outdoor4.5$$Quick view
Tangkula Pet Dog House, Wooden Pet KennelTangkula Pet Dog House, Wooden Pet Kennel4.0$$$Quick view
Petmate Indigo Dog House With Microban For SmallPetmate Indigo Dog House With Microban For Small4.3$$$Quick view
Petsfit Indoor Wooden Small Dog House with Wire DoorPetsfit Indoor Wooden Small Dog House with Wire Door4.2$$$Quick view
TRIXIE Classic Outdoor Wooden Club HouseTRIXIE Classic Outdoor Wooden Club House4.2$$$Quick view
Lovupet Wooden Dog HouseLovupet Wooden Dog House4.3$$$Quick view

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1. Merry Pet Wood Pet House For Small Dogs

Merry Pet
Merry Pet Wood Pet House
Price: $$$.00 USD

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This small dog house by Merry Pet brand is perfectly suited to smaller doggy pals. It is crafted from kiln dried cedar to assist in protecting your fur baby from fleas and other unsavory pests. With a raised panel floor, your small dog will be sitting pretty regardless of the weather.

This house features a fun design that includes lattice woodwork and a balcony, also has a built-in step ladder to allow your small dog an easy climb to the second-floor balcony. Ready for warm or foggy days, the Merry Pet room with a view has an exposed platform on top, and a covered area on the bottom, so small dogs can sunbathe when he feels like it, or seek shelter when the weather turns. It is a stylish yet comfortable indoor house for small dogs.

With a compact unit that will not sacrifice comfort over space or style, and you can position the small dog home in your choice of locations, whether you want it inside or outside of the house. A wooden dog house so expect better insulation; it will keep your small dog warm in the winter and autumn.

2. Petmate Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin For Small Dog

Petmate Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin
Price: $$$.00 USD

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This Precision Pet Extreme house for small dog is made of solid wood that has been sealed with a coating to resist damage from wet weather. It has a slanted, weather resistant roof crafted from wood and asphalt keeps small dog dry and happy on rainy days. The offset door in this small dog house protects your dog from the elements, and the attractive wood is treated to resist the weather.

It’s also raised a few inches to keep your small dog dry, but you may want to add a heating pad or some extra blankets for really cold days. For especially wet climates, you may need to retreat the wood eventually to prolong the life of the house. It offered in three sizes to accommodate dogs up to 90 pounds. You should consider this product for your small dog.

3. Portable Indoor Small Dog House

Best Pet Supplies Store
Portable Indoor House For Small Dog
Price: $$$.00 USD

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This Portable indoor small house is the appropriate definition of “Home away from Home.” If your four-legged family member likes to sleep in a cave-like environment. This indoor house gives your small dog the sense of privacy they crave and merit. With this house, they have the ample opportunity to stretch as they want because the room has sufficient space.

You can effortlessly disassemble and assemble the house if you are traveling with your small dog. Periodically, you can wipe off the dirt on the house by disassembling and placing it in the washing machine, using the gentle cycle settings. Not to worry, it’s the best small dog house that’s fortified to last; it’s available in three designs – two of which are made with nylon, and one of which is constructed with soft fleece.

4. Petmate Aspen Pet PetBarn 3

By Petmate Brand
Aspen Pet PetBarn 3 House For Small Dog
Price: $$.00 USD

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If you are looking for a living space that provides security and comfort for small dogs, this house by Aspen Pet Petbarn for small dog is a great choice. First of all, this small dog house made with 100% plastic, which assures of reliability and durability. It has a roof guard rim, an elevated interior floor, and keep vents in the back to promote airflow on hot days that prevents water from entering the house, so your small dog remain dry. It is naturally mold- and water-resistant, as well as easy to rinse off.

The Aspen Pet Petbarn is fortified with rear air ventilation which prevents offensive odor and heat, thereby providing your small dog with optimum comfort all-year-round. With the four diverse sizes available, It can suitably accommodate dogs between the ranges of 15-90 pounds. You can effortlessly clean off the dirt from its surface, and you don’t have to worry about material spoilage.

5. always-quality Small Dog House For Indoor Outdoor

always-quality Brand
always-quality Indoor Outdoor Dog House Small to Medium
Price: $$.00 USD

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This small doghouse by Always-Quality brand is a no-frills option that’s suitable for small and medium breeds. It is a plastic dog house variety that safeguards your small dog friend from various elements of weather. This house for small dog comes with an uplifted floor which prevents water from entering the house and keeps your small dog warmer when the weather is cold.

This plastic small dog house has a smooth surface which allows for easy clean. It ventilation holes on the sides and it can be hosed down to clean. You can easily assemble the Always-quality Indoor-Outdoor without any external supervision. It weighs roughly 11 pounds, making it convenient to pick up and relocate, and comes in three colors for purchase: Blue base + Blue roof, Gray base + Green roof, Off-white base + Red roof. This is an option you consider to when buying a house for your small dog.

6. Tangkula Small Dog House With Wooden For Outdoor Weather Waterproof

Tangkula Store
Tangkula Pet Dog House, Wooden Pet Kennel, Outdoor Weather Waterproof Pet House
Price: $$.00 USD

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This Tangkula Natural Wooden is a classic, attractive doghouse that would look beautiful in your backyard. This rustic-style house has reddish-brown wood siding with black trim and a red roof. Above all, this product is designed to last for many years. It is constructed using high-quality fir wood which is also coated with a water-based, pet-safe paint to prevent the wood from cracking. Even better, the roof is topped with an asphalt covering and peaked at the top so water will not trip into the house.

This small dog house is designed to be elevated off the ground by four inches. That is to say, your small dog will be kept warm in the winter months and you don’t need to make any additional adjustments. It is a great choice especially for those who want a neat-looking traditional house for small dog without paying a hefty sum. It is easy to assemble, although it requires some time.

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7. Petmate Indigo Dog House With Microban For Small, Medium Dog

Petmate Brand
Indigo Dog House With Microban For Small, Medium Dog
Price: $$$.00 USD

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This Petmate Indigo Doghouse is a dome or igloo-style dog house that is a great option for owners living in wet climates. It is crafted from heavy-duty structural foam. The house for small, medium dog has microban to help keep germs at bay to protect your small dog and family. The material and design are more than purely aesthetic, and they will keep your fuzzy buddy warmer in cooler months and cool in the hot ones.

The Petmate Indigo was created with windy areas in mind to protect your dog. This small dog house also features a design that allows snow or rain to slough off while warmth is reflected down towards your dog to keep them feeling nice and toasty. It’s insulated and the offset door will keep the wind and precipitation from getting inside to your dog.

About essentially, it’s one two-piece doghouse which should be very easy for most owners to assemble. It is compatible with the Petmate Indigo Pad and Door, which will help keep the house even warmer and more comfortable.

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8. Petsfit Indoor Wooden Small Dog House with Wire Door

Petsfit Store
Petsfit Indoor Wooden Dog House with Wire Door for Small Dog
Price: $$$.00 USD

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This Petsfit Indoor Wooden small dog house with wire door has the outstanding features of the Petsfit Wooden House such as it has an actual semblance to a real house and if offers dog owners reduced maintenance demands. It made from portable materials that makes it easy to carry about. And these materials are durable so you will not have to spend on repairs or getting a replacement within a short time.

There are windows provisioned for ventilation on each side of the house to provide optimum comfort for your small dog. This house can be easily assembled as there are no external tools needed. This is a house for your small dog that is quite suitable. Please review and make a decision to buy it.

9. TRIXIE Classic Outdoor Wooden Club House For Small Dog

TRIXIE Classic Outdoor Wooden Dog House, Dog Kennel, Solid Wood, Weather Proof
Price: $$$.00 USD

Check out price

The TRIXIE Classic Dog Club House made of weatherproof pine in a natural stained finish. This wooden house for small dog features a slanted roof towards the back, that can be lifted upwards for maintenance tasks. A removable roof mat on the roof keeps bird-stains at bay. Its floor is removable as well for cleaning, and this makes it very easy to insulate the doghouse for winters.

This outdoor small dog house comes in four sizes. The large one is well suited for dogs above 60 lbs weight. In fact, there might be ample room to accommodate a second small dog, in addition to your small dog. The interiors dry thanks to the height-adjustable feet that keep the dog house elevated from the ground. It looks amazing and is a cinch to assemble. The door is off-centered which gives your pooch a cozy nook to snuggle in. This is a great choice for your small dog.

10. Lovupet Wooden Dog House For Small with Tray

Lovupet Brand
Lovupet Wooden Portable Foldable Pet Crate, Cage For Indoor-Outdoor
Price: $$$.00 USD

Check out price

The Lovupet Foldable Wooden House really works like a dog crate. It has a metal railing on the front, allowing you to keep an eye on your little dog at all times. It is worth mentioning about this small dog house that it is foldable and easy to move. If you fold it down, carrying it around is as simple as a piece of cake. Although ideal for indoor use, the manufacturer recommends that you can also easily use it outdoors.

This wooden house for small dog is cream-colored, which you can easily repaint if needed. But if you do, keep in mind that regular paint won’t work on it. So you’ll have to use gel stains. The barrel is covered with metal rods, which appear to impair the dog’s ability to chew. However, the finishing of this dog house is not very good.

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These are premium products that are poised to provide your small dog with the best features that will keep them happy and healthy. Before long, your small dog will be enjoying their new dog house! The best small dog house will provide insulation that they need in order to feel comfortable and warm. They will feel secured, safe no matter where it is positioned.

Choosing a proper house for your canine will take plenty of meticulous consideration. To help you make your decision and choose the perfect option for your small dog, read through our reviews one more time. Take some time to evaluate the pros and cons for each option as you think about your small dog’s personality and needs.

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We really think you’ll love products on our list that you think will be a better fit for your small dog. The top ten best house for small dog reviews in this year listed above by How Dog Care are a perfect choice, you really can’t go wrong with any item!




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