Whistle Activity Monitor For Dogs Review

Whistle Activity Monitor For Dogs Review 2019

Whistle 3 is a GPS tracking device and small motion sensor that your dog wears on the collar. It’s small, easy to wear and use and has a long battery life. Whether you are at home with your pet or hiring a dog walker, Whistle activity monitor for dogs is an easy, relatively affordable way to ensure that your dogs are both safe and exercise.

Things To Know About Whistle Activity Monitor For Dogs

Whistle 3 Design, Specifications, Price

Whistle 3’s size has two aspects of it: battery life and Wi-Fi capability. A charge lasts up to 7 days and it recharges with the included USB cable. Wi-Fi capability is something that allows you to update the dog’s movement even when you’re not at home.

Inside the Whistle 3 is a three-axis accelerometer, which is also standard in most human activity monitors. The Whistle 3 logo on the device has a rear LED to illuminate different colors to indicate a full battery, low battery or to confirm uploading data if you want to force it to synchronize by pressing the one and only button.

Whistle activity monitor for dogs is waterproof and rugged. Adjustable strap ensures that the whistle on your dog collar is designed to ensure that the water does not condense behind and makes the companion moist. If your dog becomes rough and rolled in mud, sand, salt water or other lovely things, you’ll want to wash it or brush it with an old toothbrush afterwards.

The battery is a rechargeable polymer-ion battery. And in terms of network compatibility, all you need is Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n (2.4GHz support).

At a price of around $79, Whistle 3 is affordable with Wi-Fi and powerful battery support.

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Whistle 3 is a small plastic box. It is 1.82 inches long and 1.45 inches high. It comes with a plastic rack that uses a rubber ring to attach to the dog collar. The whistle is relatively small and is designed to fit animals weighing 8 pounds or more.

Whistle 3 Features & Usability

Wi-Fi connection: When your dog is at home, the whistle 3 tracker relies on your Wi-Fi network and immediately uses the power-saving mode for the battery. This helps extend the life of your battery. Also, when your dog leave the Wi-Fi range, Whistle application instantly notifies you that your dog is running away.

Easy and quick installation: Setting up the Whistle takes all five minutes.

All you have to do is charge the Whistle device, download the app, subscribe to a monthly or annual service package to access AT & T’s mobile network. The subscription service is $ 6.95 per month, create profiles for your dog and connect your GPS tracker to your Wi-Fi.

When the device is fully charged, you will receive a message that the device is fully charged and ready to be attached to your dog’s neck. After that, just attach the Whistle 3 GPS Tracker to your dog collar and get ready for a walk. You will have to recharge the battery every few days, depending on how often the dog wanders out of the safe area or Wi-Fi connection area.

Attach collar: While most dog GPS tracking collar is oversized and heavy, the Whistle device is slightly more submerged and doesn’t seem to bother dogs too much. Convenient whistle attaches to your dog’s existing collar, so your dog does not have necklace layers and information cards. The only time your dog seems to be bothered by the device is once he lays down and the follower is strangely worn on the collar.

The safety zone can be customized: Find your address on their location map and draw a belt around. You can add an unknown number of safety zones to your pet’s profile. Just make sure that when you leave the house, the device is fully charged and fastened to your dog collar.

Trip Tracker: This handy feature allows you to watch your pet roam the past 24 hours. So, suppose you forgot to lock the dog door and he walked around the neighborhood by himself, you should be able to see it.

Monitoring activities: The Whistle not only tracks the position of the dog, it also monitors exercise, rest and burn calories, etc. Activity tracking is equivalent to the one you find on the Apple Watch or Fitbit, but instead, the activity tracker is on your dog collar.

In addition to the above features, the whistle activity monitor for dogs has remarkable disadvantages.

Measure: Your dog’s physical activity is measured while leaving the pet safe area. If your dog plays indoors or backyard of a safe area, the Whistle will note in the active barometer that some kind of exercise has already been conducted, but it does not go to the operational goal. . And the whistle activity monitor for dogs does not allow you to edit the activity type or severity, regardless of where the exercise takes place. As a result, the way Whistle track physical activity do not provide the most accurate representation of the intensity and type of exercise that you are training dogs.

GPS positioning is heterogeneous:It may be less likely to happen to the Whistle itself, but the app’s GPS map without consistent information about your location is entirely possible, note this.


This Whistle activity monitor for dogs is a no-frills device. It draws a safe location in the application and uses Wi-Fi at home much more effectively. Battery life is much more than competing products, which makes it a more effective tool for dogs who like to escape.

There Whistle 3 would be most helpful if you hire someone to walk the dog or if your dog is an escape artist.

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