Top 8 Best Dog Id Tags Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Having a dog with a pet id tags is very important as this will help you whenever your dog is missing. No matter how careful you are, it only takes a moment for your companion to leave your chain or slide out through the open door. Equipping your dog with the best dog ID tags is the best way to ensure your safe return.

An dog ID tag with your contact information is the fastest and most stress free opportunity for you and your dog to be reunited as quickly as possible.

In addition to the pet ID tags, there are several other ways that pet owners track their dogs. GPS tracker for dogs are a popular choice when going on long walks or walking.

The best dog ID tags are usually cheap and widely available, as well as customizable so that all relevant information goes to your dog wherever they can go. In fact, with so many options, it’s kind of interesting to pick out the icon that carries your dog’s info to the sport.

It is also made from different materials, so there was a different life span. This means that in case you need something classic and durable, then you need to find one with a high quality material.

If you are in the market for personalized identification for your dog or cat, here is a list of our top eight best dog ID tags reviews.

Best Dog Id Tags: Top 8 Reviews

1. Providence Engraving Aluminum Pet ID Tags for Cat and Dog

Best Dog Id Tags Reviews

If he gets lost in the dog and does not have an ID card, things can really get really scary. With the best dog Id tags from Providence Engraving, you and your dog need not worry.

These dog id tags are made of anodized aluminum and customized according to your specifications. It is a great dog tag that you can always customize to suit your taste and taste. It has 8 shapes and 8 colors to choose from, creates 64 variations and customizes up to 4 lines of text with 18 characters per line for the information needed for your dog.

Pet owners were impressed with the item they received, the spelling of the text and the number is correct and you can never emphasize the importance of the accuracy of the information in such matters. This. An incorrect digit will spell the difference in the fate of a lost dog. Overall, buyers were quite satisfied with the best dog ID tags of Providence Engraved.

It is cheaper than similar products with much lower quality. However, some people are not happy with the tag engraving after a few months of daily use, some of which have been submitted that the tags are too small to read.

2. Stainless Steel Pet Id Tags, Personalized Dog Tags & Cat Tags By GoTags

Best Dog Id Tags Reviews 1

Premium dog ID tags of GoTags are made of stainless steel which are more durable than aluminum, last longer and less likely to wear thin and broken. It is designed with a circle, bone or heart shape available with up to 4 lines of text on each side of up to 22 characters per line. Enough for all necessary information needed. Tags suitable for both dogs and cats.

With the usual size of 1.6 “x 1.1”, while the small size is 1.3 “x 0.9”. Up to four lines of text in each mold surface laser engraving personalized according to your specifications. Dog tags only work when the text is informative and easy to read.

Some customers comment that the best dog ID tags of GoTags is a durable stainless steel card with clear text that is readable even when they are too small, especially with many characters in one line. Four lines on each face is a lot of information. In addition to your pet’s name and contact details, you can also include information about your pet’s special needs, if available.

Still, some buyers said they were disappointed in the size of the ID cards they received, saying they were smaller than expected.

The life span of this item is also important because it must be worn every day; Sure, no one knows when your dog will turn wrong home. This dog ID tag must withstand the normal energy of the dog and the wear and tear caused by the elements.

3. Vet Recommended Pet ID Tag Dog and Cat Personalized

Best Dog Id Tags Reviews

Do you need a smart pet id tags and quality in many different colors to choose from? In case you need Vet Recommended Pet ID Tag Dog and Cat Personalized.

The material used in this tags is made of anodized aluminum, making it more durable, rustproof and beautifully designed. There are seven colors and five shapes to choose from. This pet tag is compact in size, so it’s not annoying.

A dog tag measures about 1 “-1.5” on its largest size. At this size, you can specify the detail you want laser engraved on it, for up to four lines with up to 18 characters per line. Shape design is bones, legs, heart, circles and head cats.

Dog owners can choose between shape, color and size combinations, especially for those with multiple pets who like a different shape or color on each dog. They found the Vet Recommended Pet ID Tag is long lasting and quite easy to attach to different sizes or collar designs. Unlike the sliding style, this works with virtually any type of collar. The split ring attachment is strong enough to keep the card from falling.

Those who buy this for their smaller pet are happy because the tags are light and compact. Cats, puppies or small breed dogs will find larger and heavier cumbersome cards. Even in their compactness, the information remains clear and clean. The interesting metallic color keeps the tag easily recognizable even for really feathered dogs.

However, there are some people who complain about false advertising, saying that the tags are not carved but drawn.

4. GoTags Slide-On Pet ID Tags

Best Dog Id Tags Reviews

This is a durable dog id tag and it is made from high quality stainless steel material. The dog id tag has a nice stainless steel slide which makes it one of the best on the market today.

It is a great option to hang ID tags, especially if your dog is bothered by a dangling or moving card. Since it does not dangle, it is not noisy and will not get caught in the bushes or wherever your curious dog gets in. Four lines of information can be customized according to your specifications. Three sizes are available and fit a wide range of collar widths from 3/8 “to 1”.

Dogs and owners like this because it does not wobble with every movement of the dog. This is especially important for highly active dogs. As they are inserted through the collar and are made of a single metal and continuously, the best dog ID tags of GoTags Slide-On Pet ID reduce the possibility of corrupting broken ring attachments, undoing the clip and the card being damaged lost.

Owners who prefer a no frills card for their dog. However, other buyers complained that the cards had sharp edges to dig into the pet’s neck.

5. Providence Engraving Pet ID Tags – 8 Lines of Engraving Available

Best Dog Id Tags Reviews

Do you need a complex dog tag with different shapes that you can always choose? This is a great and high quality dog tag that comes with different card names on it. It also has a wide variety of shapes and is available in 9 different colors so you can easily find the right color to complement your dog and their selected collar. The pet id tag is made from high quality anodized aluminum to ensure that it serves you in the longest time possible. Despite its high quality features, it is relatively inexpensive and affordable.

Best Dog Id Tags of Providence 8 Lines of Engraving can customize up to 4 lines of 16 characters per line on both sides of the tag, you can include any information you deem appropriate by enter details at checkout.

6. Designer Personalized Stainless Steel Pet Id Tags for Dogs & Cats By GoTags

Best Dog Id Tags Reviews

Are you looking for a classic and stylish pet tag for your dog? In case you need something great and perfect, then this is a great pet id tag for you. The tag is a bright bling that will stand out in the package as it includes a genuine Swarovski crystal in the front. Best dog id tags of GoTags Engraved is a durable dog tag because it is made from high quality stainless steel. To make them more comfortable, they have up to four lines of personalized text on the back.

7. Providence Engraving Swarovski Crystal Pet ID Tags – Bone Shape

Best Dog Id Tags Reviews

This is one of the best dog ID tags for your pet fashion. Providence Engraving has created this card prominently in its bony shape with 26 genuine Swarovski crystals lined along its circumference. It is made of anodized aluminum and has attractive colors of pink, purple, red, blue and black. The front of your pet names a large letter, while your other details will be engraved on four lines on the back of the tag. It measures 1.5 “x 1” and is the ideal size for smaller pets.

Swarovski crystals are placed on dents near the edge of the tag and fixed with industrial glue. Dog owners observed that they are long established and kept very good to the normal pleasure of their dogs. Most critics agree that the Providence Engraved pet ID engraving crystal is one of the best dog ID tags for pet fashion.

The laser engraved text is easy to read. Many of those who bought the cards more than a year ago say that the things they buy stand up with the usual wear and tear on the cards that are still easy to read. They endorse that although they look like they were printed, they were actually engraved. After purchasing one or two of these, not a few pet owners decide to order more for their other dogs. The tags are not just gorgeous; They are good and hard, too.

However, some critics were disappointed when the crystals fell after only a few weeks

8. Stainless Steel with Enamel Round Pet ID Tags Various Designs and Colors By CNATTAGS

Best Dog Id Tags Reviews

This is another top rated dog tags that you need to try. These interesting stainless steel cards have bright colors and fun symbolic design.

You get your choice of eight colors such as dark pink, orange, blue, black, red and purple among other colors and 13 designs with many different shapes such as round fish, round buttons, and rounded pins between the others so you can create a custom card to match the personality of your pet.

It is durable because it is made of quality stainless steel.

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Buyer’s Guide

The information needed to include in your dog ID tags to ensure their secure income would be:

  • Your name.
  • Your address, including ZIP code or postal code.
  • Your phone number.

Although not necessary, you should include your phone number. The vast majority of people will call the number on the ID tags of a lost and found dog and this is the fastest way for you to be reunited.

Should you include your dog’s name on the tags?

Some people recommend NOT to name dogs on your tags, while others recommend you do. Here are the pros and cons so you can make informed decisions:

If you put the dog’s name on the tags: Some people say that your dog will feel more comfortable when strangers find them if they use the dog’s name, then are more likely to hang and wait for re-entry your on tag.

Also, if your dog is found and has not yet managed to slip their collar, it says there is a higher chance they can still be controlled and kept by the search engines if they have can calm your dog by calling their name.

If you leave your dog’s name off: In a title dispute, you are more likely to return your dogs if you can prove you know their name and the other does not!

It also says that not having your dog’s name on their tags makes it both more difficult for a thief to steal them, and also for the thief to sell your dog.

This is because your dog will feel less comfortable with a person who does not even know their name and the potential buyer finds it strange. The seller does not know it or the dog does not respond to the name given created when called. This red flag sometimes tells people that a dog can be stolen.


This is the best dog ID tags for the 2018 pet rating you need to try. Pet ID tags have different colors, shapes and sizes; therefore it will be much easier to make your choice. You can now find online cards at pocket friendly rates. All you need is to make your order for the same day of delivery.

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