Basic Dog Care Tips For New Owners

Dog care tips: Caring for dogs can be a challenge, especially if you underestimate the amount of time and effort that goes into keeping them fit, healthy and happy members of the family. This is the ideal way to look at your pet – as a member of the family that needs the same amount of love, attention and care as a child. There are lots of considerations to make, and the specifics vary from breed to breed, but as long as you make sure to provide the following, you are on the way to being a great dog owner.

Dog care tips to get new owners started

Feeding dogs

Food is obviously essential, but you need to provide the right food for the right dog. There are different products for different breeds, sizes and healthcare needs. You should also be aware of overfeeding as well as underfeeding. It is far too easy to give too many treats to a dog and to not control portions because you are a soft touch, but obesity can affect heath and lower life expectancy.

Medical care

You may think that healthcare is only necessary when a dog is sick, but how can you really be sure? Regular veterinary check ups are a must because they can pick up on problems and provide services like vaccinations, parasite protection and microchipping. It will also help to spay or neuter your dog early to prevent health or behavioural problems.

Regular exercise

Mental stimulation
Exercise keeps us all lean, fit and healthy and the same applies to our dogs. Regular walks are a must but be sure to get guidance on the best exercise plan for your breed. You don’t want to overstretch tiny legs or provide too small a challenge for large working dogs. Give them the chance to burn off energy in the garden and play with them.

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Mental stimulation is sometimes overlooked but we aren’t the only ones that like to play games and need our brains testing. Provide an enriched environment where dogs can enjoy new sensory experiences on walks, give them toys and offer food puzzles.

Basic training

Behaviour training is a must because not only does it teach dogs obedience, it can help with house training, socialisation, aggression and other important problems. Be sure to start early, so that you can ensure good behaviour traits from an early age, and create a strong bond with them as a puppy.

Dog care is ongoing and tough at times but you need to be committed

Taking on a pet dog is a full time commitment and a lot of your time, money and efforts have to go into to treating them well and making sure their mental and physical health is in the best condition. The dog care tips above are designed to provide a basic introduction in the different areas of care that you need to focus on. It is then up to you to determine the best food, exercise regimes and training programs and to work with your vet. Be committed and loving, but also enjoy it.

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