Teaching your dog howl or sing on command is a nice easy trick to start with, we think it’s even easier than teaching your pooch to sit!

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How To Make Your Dog Howl On Command
How To Make Your Dog Howl On Command

How To Make Your Dog Howl On Command

Some dogs are naturally more vocal than others, yet with our techniques you should be able to get just about any dog to howl on command.

Decide on your command word

This is important, because you need to use this word consistently to reinforce the idea that the word is associated with howling. The most obvious command word is “sing” although literally anything can be used.

Howl, Howl….. HOWL!!!

The next step is fun! Begin by howling yourself, dogs are pack oriented creatures and will tend to follow what others in the pack do. If you begin to howl consistently, your dog should do so too.

Like we said, this part is by far the most fun when trying to make your dog howl on command! Just be sure to do it when the neighbours are out!

Associate The Command Word With The Howl

This is the next part where absolute consistency is required. Every time you howl with your dog, say your command beforehand. Over time, your command word will become associated with the act of howling.

Keep reinforcing the command word each and every time you howl with your dog. Eventually, you’ll achieve that wonderful moment when you say “sing” and you dog will reply with a cheerful howl.

Kinda cute huh?…

Remember to have plenty of healthy dog treats handy!

Other Howling Tips

No two dogs are the same, some will take to howling perfectly whilst others will continue to bark. If this happens don’t get annoyed, just reward your pooch and realise that the word “sing” actually now means bark!

You might also discover that your facial expressions serve as a cue for your pooch to howl too. Dogs are experts at reading human emotions and may associate the extension of your head and tilting up as a cue to have a good sing, be warned!

If your dog already can’t get enough of howling, simply reinforce the command word “sing” every time your dog howls. This can be a little tricky but you’ll likely find your dog will respond much quicker than a typical dog who doesn’t regularly howl.

Occasionally, you might make your dog quite excited during “howling lessons”. In this case, you might want to enforce a command called “quiet”. Do this by treating your dog for quiet periods and use the command word to associate quietness with it. If your dog simply becomes too hyper during this activity, it may be best to put your dog in their dog crate or dog playpen for their own safety. Remember that these are their safe places, where they know to unwind!


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