Parvovirus In Dogs Treatment With Guava Leaves

There are currently Parvovirus diseases (Parvo), which usually occur in dogs. Even if you are an adult and have been fully immunized, the dog may still be ill, not just puppies or dogs that are not vaccinated, not subjective.

Diseases usually occur in the summer every year, but now the epidemic is growing, so we have the shortest, most succinct summary of the disease, along with a number of ways to increase hope.

Causes Of Parvovirus In Dogs

Parvovirus In Dogs Treatment With Guava Leaves

Dogs exposed to pathogens in dog feces disease, environment, human (they stroked the dog sick, then stroked healthy dogs), viruses affecting the gastrointestinal tract in dogs, or contamination on cages, food water, clothing, cord neck, etc.

Parvo Symptoms In Dogs

Germinal incubation in 6-8 days, dogs are still eating and running hyperactive dance. But suddenly one day, the dog quit eating, vomiting, lying flat, sluggish, etc, can be it is parvo symptoms in dogs.

The days after high fever, low body temperature, vomiting repeatedly many times a day. Then diarrhea, bloody stools several times a day, very fishy. Parvovirus affect the nervous system causing seizures.

The infected dog usually will not go away after 4-7 days, then go away in pain, exhaustion, languor, only the body, there are cases lasting 1-2 months, but rarely through off. In these cases, the owner often wants to give birth to a gentle puppy, ending the painful day.

Parvovirus In Dogs Treatment With Guava Leaves

Often in this case, the owner only has to give veterinarians inject drugs tonic, antibiotics… every day as directed by the veterinarian, and do not feed the dog to avoid more vomiting leading to gut. This causes the dog to become more and more depressed, because it still vomits, still blood stools, without eating. And the survival rate is still only a very low, almost zero.

There are a lot of people used folk methods such as Eclipta alba leaves,… to cure, and some have succeeded, dogs have overcome the tribulation. But the remedy magic, it is: guava leaves.

Leaves of guava are warm, bitter but waxing, but the effect of detoxification and hemostasis, antibacterial, anti inflammatory, prevent diarrhea effectively.

If your dog is infected with Parvo, you should be prepared. But do not lose hope, because many people have successfully cured by folk method. At this time, dogs need to be next to the owner, so reluctantly you send back veterinary, otherwise, next to it, because the next owner, dogs will be more fun, peace of mind, will be more resistance to cope with illness.


Treatment Regimen And Things To Keep In Mind

This is not a sure way to cure illness, but this is a way to increase hope for pets. We will not be responsible for anything that happens, but we have had a puppy suffered canine distemper a few years ago, and a few days ago another puppy died of Parvo, I have been very sad and crying so few days, there are many friends have dogs infected, I can not sit still. We have seen many of your treatments, and the most concise one-way treatment has been successful and extremely effective:

On the first day when the dog found lying flat, quit eating, vomiting, immediately take 200g old guava leaves, small fire with 1 liter of water, until about 150ml. Then put in the cylinder, each injection for 20ml dog, a few hours you pump one. This will prevent the dog from diarrhea, blood stools.

If there are many cats or other pets, they are immediately isolated. Disinfect cages or other potentially infectious objects with distilled water. When contact with sick dogs, wear gloves, use finishing, disinfection then throw.

Bring to the veterinarian to infuse water, tonic pills, antibiotics every day as directed by a doctor. Suspend feeding, buy dry sea water mixed with drinking water to prevent dehydration, buy fermented enzymes in addition to veterinary medicine to prevent the development of harmful bacteria, cook porridge mixed with enzymes more, each one less because the dog was still vomiting. Veterinary note will always deter you: “not to treat the folk, self-healing dead dog is not responsible, folk treatment, the vet clinic … ” Many listeners will be afraid and shaky, but remember to stick to parvo only 20% chance, not 50/50 as veterinarian said you, so you have to do despite all ways to increase hope. I have regretted listening to the veterinary dare not self.

If the dog has a dry cough, buy a Prospan of the person’s cough, buy a Bovistart tube, type 200c (9$/tube) to increase nutrition.

Each day continues to drink guava leaves to prevent diarrhea, range of 4 days to eat more lean meat, chewing porridge + enzyme, nutrient gel.

If through Thursday, Friday, Saturday … gradual healthy dog, mild barking, turned tail, the ability to relieve the disease is high, but it continues to heal until it is completely healed.


Where To Buy Guava Leaves For Healing Dogs?

Guava leaves is not rare you can buy in the market, or look on amazon. I have received a number of leaves from friends on facebook, who have less for less, who have many for many, from the countryside again, I collect ready to split into 150ml small bags to freeze, save use.

In season, you limit the cats and dogs to public places, or contact with other dogs for seeing the strong dog, but it is still possible that it is infected, limiting someone to cuddle caresses because of the ability person was in contact with the sick dog. Immediately treat the dog on the first day of illness, since from the onset, time is only in days.

Hopefully with this method, it will help you save the sick dog, if you find it really helpful, share it with your friends, great owners will never give up take the opportunity to save pet.

Laura Norwood
Laura Norwood
The ultimate founder and enthusiast who investigates every piece of pet news.


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