Prevention Of Gastrointestinal Disease and Respiratory Infections In Puppies

Gastrointestinal disease and respiratory infections in puppies such as pneumonia and enteritis make over 95% them of deaths. Every one infected, then the whole herd infected. How pathological twisted, how to detect and handle it? We will know in this sharing.

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Prevention Of Gastrointestinal Disease and Respiratory Infections In Puppies
Prevention Of Gastrointestinal Disease and Respiratory Infections In Puppies

Note To Prevention Of Gastrointestinal Disease In Puppies

Gastrointestinal disease in puppies will occur if it feeds on postpartum mucus or feces from the mother’s genitals. Mucus usually flows after birth, the mother after birth is also very diarrhea. In the stool and postpartum there are many bacteria and substances that puppies can not digest. Always clean the genital area and the anus of the mother after birth (2 hours is best).

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Puppies after birth, always have to drink Biosutin twice a day, puppies to drink 2-4 drops. Whether good or bad distribution, whether breast milk or milk outside. Men work to solve the tummy bloating, solving redundant milk, inflammatory milk.

Several phenomena breastfeeding, sucking on each other is organs and anus… will also feed on the stool and urine of each other. Drinking milk is difficult to digest outside the roar, of course, the feces and urine of each other will go heavy as well… So it is necessary for the puppy to full breastfeed and observe regularly, puppies that have other sucking, then we always breastfeed.

Puppies go stools often fall off but still very little one reset period. Or there is still a bit of sticky residue in our anus like toilet paper. Puppies are not mature enough to lick themselves, but their dogs are not clean enough. The other feeds are also go feces… So you have to clean the puppy every day. Every 4 hours or every day, the toilet is clean.

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Breast milk is best for the growth of newborn pups. But if it is non-inflamed then that’s good milk. Usually 10 breast has only one inflammatory breast, this is the cause of each pain, abdominal bloating, shortness of breath and die dying, every day a child and then go to the herd that sometimes do not know why.

So check regularly every 2 days, if any breasts are inflamed, then tape should not be used for breast feeding.

Prevention Of Respiratory Infections In Puppies

For respiratory infections in puppies, at the tip of the nipple the skin of the wrinkles is very wrinkled, the humidity is moderate due to the baby sucking a lot and nutrition from the milk in the first slot to create a favorable environment for many bacteria stay. Breastfeeding nipples are easy to go outside and respiratory infections… So it is best to clean the dog’s head 4 hours at a time.

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Living environment: one is overheating heating, puppy much breathing, dry respiratory tract, rhinitis and lung are of course. The environment is dirty, too much dust, dog fungus, long time no bath. Puppies go to the toilet often do not change the lingerie once every 1-2 hours, high humidity environment, of course also will cause respiratory infection… So must warm enough warm, not too hot, after the water must be used. Warm and fresh tea leaves clean the body of the mother dog every 2-3 days to avoid contact with dirt. The pads, whether dirty or not, must be replaced 1-3 hours, because the pee is very much.

Mouth and nose close to each other: only we can solve the above to prevent the dog from the inflammation of the gastrointestinal is also prevention respiratory infections in puppies. If you do not do well, just one child develops inflammation of the intestinal tract or pneumonia, the germ will spread and the other will be followed.

We should take care of the mother and her baby carefully, clean to avoid the risk is not worth it.

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