Top 5 Best Puppy Training Pad Holder Reviews

If you’ve ever had a puppy, you know the joy that comes with it. But you also know the kind of mess that comes with raising a puppy, right? Raising a well-adjusted dog revolves around primarily around the demolition process. If you do not want to go home with a “surprise” on the carpet, it chew, chop toys and go to the indoor bathroom. It’s best to teach your puppy to relieve himself at a suitable time and place. Training potty is usually the first thing new dog owners work with with their puppy, and it can be quite frustrating. Training potty a puppy takes a lot of time and patience. Plus, you’ll need the right tools, just like the best puppy training pad holder.

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5 Best Puppy Training Pad Holder Reviews

Why are puppy training pad holder?

When it is time to training potty your new puppy dog or adult dog, home work may seem like a difficult thing. As with humans, training potty a dog can be frustrating if you do not prepare properly. But, if you know what to expect and you have the right supplies.

Puppy training pad holder can be an easy solution, clean when your puppy needs to urinate and stool. You may also want to train your dog to free yourself outside and ask to be out when she needs to go. But this is the reason you can choose to go with puppy pad holder tray when your puppy is still learning these things:

  • You go out for a long time – Unless you are working at home, you will probably have to leave your pet’s home alone while you are working. Your new puppy probably will not be able to keep it for a long time, so leave a puppy for your puppy at a convenient place to ease yourself, and excuse you for cleaning ” accident “when you go home.
  • You live in an area of bad weather – super hot temperatures, heavy storms, strong winds – all the weather conditions that both you and your dog do not want to go out. Puppy training pad holder are an option in such an emergency.
  • You do not have access to an appropriate outdoor venue – If you are living somewhere not easy to take your dog out quickly (like the upper floors of tall buildings). Or if your dog does not have all his medications and vaccines, you probably do not want to risk bringing his puppy out.
  • Your puppy is suffering from inconvenient moments – Puppies that urinate when stimulated are normal, when their host is home, or when they are presented. If your puppy shows this type of behavior, there may be some pad holder trays around.

It is clear that puppy training pad holder can be a useful tool in the process of breaking, but there are also some disadvantages to consider:

  • Your puppy may think that the pad holder tray is a toy.
  • Puppy training pad holder may not be ideal for older dogs to urinate more often.
  • Your puppy can end up preferring to like peeing and popping inside, rather than outside.

If you want to make sure you are toilet training a puppy correctly, you can take your puppy to a dog trainer or a local puppy class. Sometimes a little personal help is all you need.

Dog and veterinary experts also recommend that you have an on-site training plan before taking it home. Part of this plan should include setting up puppy training pad holder in your home to avoid unhealthy disorders.

In this article, we will review of the 5 best puppy training pad holder in 2018. These products provide a fixed base for the pad to keep them from slipping around the floor while your dog is away. These products also provide a shallow basin with a waterproof bottom to ensure that any leaks do not hit your floor.

Top 5 Best Puppy Training Pad Holder Comparion

ImagesProduct NameRatingPriceReviews
Best Puppy Training Pad HolderPuppy Training Pad Holder Tray By Blyss Pets Klean Paws Indoor Dog Potty4.1$$Quick view
Best Puppy Training Pad HolderIRIS Pet Training Pad Floor Tray3.7$$Quick view
Best Puppy Training Pad Holder 2Dogit Training Pad Holder4.0$$Quick view
Best Puppy Training Pad Holder 3Vet's Best Pet Training Pad Holder3.6$$Quick view
Best Puppy Training Pad Holder 4Dog Toilet, FATPET Portable Plastic Toilet for Puppy3.1$$Quick view

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1. Puppy Training Pad Holder Tray By Blyss Pets Klean Paws Indoor Dog Potty

Best Puppy Training Pad Holder
Best Puppy Training Pad Holder By Blyss Pets

Klean Paws Indoor Dog Potty from Blyss Pets keeps your dog’s feet clean and dry, including floors and carpets. This puppy training pad holder design incorporates a sturdy opening on the head allowing the flow of urine to flow below it through the holes. This not only keeps your pet’s feet dry, it also prevents your dog from tearing at puppy pads, soaking pads, or leaks underneath.

It has dimensions of 21.5 “x 16.5” x 1.25 “. The grate snaps into the safety tray, so you do not need to worry about it sliding or naughty feet getting hold of the pads. With fewer or no torn dog pads, your daily expenses on puppy pads will be significantly reduced.

At a height of 1.25 “, it is quite easy for small dogs or small to enter. You will see this is made sure and very easy to clean. Rubber feet do not stick to the bottom very well, but it is a small foot. Trays are still fully utilized with or without them. Felt is the best thing about this puppy training pad holder – nothing beats without wiping after wet footprint on the floor.

However, there is still dissatisfaction. The rubber feet at the bottom are not fitted well. The reviewers were dissatisfied because the plastic tray was much thinner than expected and the grate was difficult to clean.

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2. IRIS Pet Training Pad Floor Tray

Best Puppy Training Pad Holder
IRIS Puppy Training Pad Holder

Puppy training pad holder from Iris is one of the best-designed plastic products including a robust trays and movable rim with closed double-action latches to ensure the pet’s pad is in place.

It packs a large chassis to comfortably accommodate all pets and pads regardless of their size. The best part, it offers substantial floor protection and with this great feature you can be assured of Iris products keeping overflowing at bay in any way. Rubber feet keep the entire tray from slipping and flooring from scratches. This puppy holder measures 25.55 “x 18.90” x 1.75 “and has two other sizes.

This pad holder is easy to maintain and quick to clean because it is sleek. The dogs often miss their inner pads seem to have been more successful with this pad holder. It may be stepping up on the pee pad to make them more aware of the edges of the IRIS Puppy Training Pad Holder than they would have with the pee pad alone. That makes them easier to locate.

Basically, you should measure your dog and see the size of Iris Puppy Training Pad Holder would be best for it. It is a high end product designed with you in mind as a Puppy owner for the first time.

However, some disgruntled buyers say that the center bow in the middle, making it pop in and out of the rim when the dog comes into it. In addition, other negative reviews indicate that the clip keeps the pads from being held latched.

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3. Dogit Training Pad Holder

Best Puppy Training Pad Holder 2
Puppy Training Pad Holder By Dogit

You can immediately say that puppy training pad holder from Dogit is a wise investment. It strikes the perfect balance of affordability and functionality – the perfect combination for any product there regardless of its suitability. It sports a great aesthetic that includes a white plastic frame complete with raised edges to prevent spills and spills of pee. It is quite spacious and can accommodate just about any training pad out there – from standard to ultra large. It has a detachable rim lock to hold the puppy pad in place. This pad holder is not easy to use, easy to use and easy to maintain. Unlike grates, there are no nets to brush or rub so the dog poop.

You will find that the best feature must be user-friendly nature. It is extremely easy to clean the example and all you have to do to use it is to unlock the movie clips, lift up the top part, put the pad in your favorite position and lock the section on the back in place. It also includes simple but innovative legs designed to keep you safe from scratches while keeping the tray in place as the pup “does its thing.” Not cutting or folding pads makes things simpler and much faster, and that’s one of the reasons we’ve chosen this puppy training pad holder for our listings.

However, the reviewer said that plastic resin is brittle and fragile. Consumers are not satisfied to say that their dog is very easy to pull the pad up and chopped.

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4. Vet’s Best Pet Training Pad Holder

Best Puppy Training Pad Holder 3
Vet’s Best Puppy Training Pad Holder

Puppy training pad holder from Vet’s Best is budget-friendly designed to make the most of the potty training process. It can be folded up to 21 “x 21”. The raised edges urge the urine to overflow to the floor. There are four clamps on all corners. To hold the pad, simply unlock a clamp, insert a corner of the pad, and then lock the clamp. Do this on all four corners to keep the pad fixed in place.

It does not boast of some exquisite aesthetics or premium features possessed by its partner above, this product certainly does what it is designed to and in fashionable, that is to prevent a mess. It’s big enough to hold all the standard or extra large comfort pads.

The design of this compartment not only prevents tearing or chopping of the pad, but more importantly keeps the urine from overflowing through the sides of the plate. In a nutshell, it’s an easy-to-use product that only requires three simple steps to get started. It also has rubber feet to protect your carpet or floor from any damage. This is a good size for medium-sized dogs, but will do very well for small dogs.

However, some buyers say the edge is not high enough to allow urine to leach on the floor. In addition, many potential buyers chose a puppy training pad holder other best because this person just buckled down the corners, not the edges of the pad.

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5. Dog Toilet, FATPET Portable Plastic Toilet for Puppy

Best Puppy Training Pad Holder 4
Puppy Training Pad Holder By FATPET

Puppy training pad holder from FATPET has the same concept as the plastic pet holder of the Premium Dogs, but there are some other measurements. Its outside dimensions are 15.7 “x 15.7” x 6.6 “and are brown and white. It features the same high fencing or high wall design and detachable mesh tray also acts as a puppy pad holder.

The FATPET Portable Plastic Indoor Toilet is very easy to carry when traveling with a dog because of its small size and compact design. This becomes necessary when in the hotel or when you are in a strange place that will not be safe for your dog to go outdoor potty.

You may find this too small for regular pet pads you can buy. Dimensions are given in terms of measurements outside, from the first to the last, so the interior area is much smaller. At any rate, the pads can be folded or cut to fit. You can also use the newspaper.

With regard to size, customers complained about the smaller size of the best puppy training pad holder product. Some reviewers noted that the plastic was cracked when received.

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Guide To Buy The Best Puppy Training Pad Holder

Buying a puppy training pad holder is not the easiest job. It will require some extensive research to find the ideal for your pupils. Fortunately, we’ve mentioned some of the features to consider when shopping around to get the best puppy training pad holder out there.

Durability: Most puppy training pad holders designed from lightweight plastic material can prove to be quite fragile especially for some aggressive dog breeds. You need a durable product that will not only last for a long time, but also a product that will comfortably hold your puppy regardless of how heavy it is.

Design and features: When shopping around for the best training pad holder, the most important thing is to thoroughly examine the design and features that are adopted. Always go for a pad holder with fences or raised edges to avoid spills on your carpet. In addition, a design with enough space means that you can easily use just about any pad regardless of size and therefore, make your shopping easier.


If you want to use puppy training pad holder, make sure they are the best ones for your dog!

If a puppy is a recent addition to your home, it will definitely be a great, fun and messy experience. The bottom line here is, finding the best puppy training dog holder is as easy as checking out the products reviewed above. Consider buying pad holder trays to help you and your dog make the experience less messy and more enjoyable!



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