Top 6 Best Dog Crate Fan Cooling System Reviews

In cold seasons, it is usually in everyone’s mind that they ought to keep their pets warm as the dangers of the cold weather can seen. However, during summer seasons, the dangers associated with the hot weather may not be seen. Heat stroke happens to be a common health issue during this time. This condition comes along with various harmful effects such as kidney damage, liver damage, vascular damage, dysfunction in the central nervous system, death in extreme cases as well as gastrointestinal damage. In extreme cases it may lead to death of your pets. To avoid these repercussions, one ought to set up the kennels in areas that are less stuffy. On the other hand, cooling fans can be used to minimize the uncomfortable heat conditions. Some of the best dog crate fan cooling system are discussed below.

Top 6 Best Dog Crate Fan Cooling System Compared

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1. 02Cool 5-inch Portable Fan

Best Dog Crate Fan Cooling System 2018 By O2COOL 5-Inch

First, the dog crate fan cooling system by O2COOL is compact and also foldable besides being powered by batteries. It appears to be five inches long and serves a good function of coolit dogs inside crates as well as per carriers. One manages to tilt it to face the desirable direction so as to adjust the airflow direction. It is easily portable and one may pack it easily as it is not bulky. Also, it comes with a variety of colors such as gray as well as black. The material that is used to make the fan is durable as well as of high quality. When packed, it manages to fold flat while it is easy to attach them to crates while in use. It is an economical fan as it helps to save on cost of batteries due to the fact that they are able to last long. The energy may be attributed to the blade design which is responsible for optimization of airflow at the least power used.

Advantages of the portable fan

  • It is know to be a quiet system
  • It is foldable and can therefore be transported with ease
  • Batteries are the main source of power this allowing it to be usable while transiting
  • It is able to run on two different speeds

Disadvantages of the portable fan

  • Using the fan tends to be expensive since one have to change batteries more often as they run out quickly
  • Some review sections state that customers were very much unpleased on the quantity of air pushed by the fan

2. Metro Vacuum Cage/Crate Cooling Fan

Best Dog Crate Fan Cooling System 2018 By Metro Vacuum

The metro dog crate fan cooling system is from the Metro Vacuum and has a noiseless design. For it to work, it runs on two D batteries that lasts upto a hundred hours. Besides, it runs two speeds. Also, it is equipped with a clip that ensures that it is installed to any standard crate, kennel as well as travel carriers with much ease. Despite the fact that this fan appears small, it manages to move air inside the crate allowing the pets to breathe with ease in the course of their transportation from one place to another. Its quietness ensures a calm effect that leaves the pets comfortable and not put off by unnecessary noise as opposed to others.

Advantages of the Metro Crate Cooling Fan

  • It has a warranty of a period of one year.
  • It may run up to a period of two hundred hours consistently.
  • It has a noiseless design
  • It may run on two speeds

Disadvantages of the Metro crate cooling fan

  • The review section has it that the batteries failed to fit tightly on the system
  • Batteries rattle around as the fan runs
  • The fan failed to last to their expectations

3. Pro Select Crate Fan Cooling System

Best Dog Crate Fan Cooling System 2018 By Pro Select

The Pro Select’s dog crate fan cooling system includes a plastic cartridge with a freezer pack in it and tends to fit pretty well in it. Distilled water as well as propylene glycol are some of the liquid ingredients contained in the ice core pack insert. Usually, the ice ought to be frozen four hours prior getting to use it. It provides a two hour period of cooling effect to pets close to it if attached onto the cartridge and later on to the fan.

Advantages of the Pro Select Cooling system

  • The cooling system is designed in a way that it fits in ProSelect standard cooling fans as well as ProSelect Deluxe Cooling Fans.
  • The freezer package is not toxic at all.
  • The freezer pack blows cold air to your dogs for a period of around two hours which is much time.

Disadvantages of the Pro Select cooling system

  • One is required to purchase one of the best dog crating fan cooling system which is compatible with the system so that it works.
  • The cooling pack takes a minimum of hours to be frozen well.

4. Dog Palace Breeze Solar Powered Exhaust Fan

Best Dog Crate Fan Cooling System 2018 By Dog Palace Breeze

The Dog Palace Breeze’s dog crate fan cooling system is designed in a way that it is able to keep outdoor dog houses. It functions by flushing the warm air out and drawing cool air in. The main power source that is required for this system to work is solar power. However, when the sun is not out, there are open vents that usually provide constant exhausts. During winter, these vents are lockable by just turning of a knob. These exhaust fans are awesome cooling systems for Dog Palace insulated dog houses. They also work well for other designs of dog crates as well as kennels. The fan tend to work well when the solar panel is located in a place where there is direct sunlight. On the other hand, there is a power cord that is included in case it is necessary to install the solar panel remotely rather than on top of dog houses.

Advantages of dog palace solar powered fans

  • Solar panels provide clean energy.
  • It is economical in the long run as the energy is obtained from the sun free of charge.
  • The vents are lockable in times when the weather is cold

Disadvantages of dog palace solar powered fans

  • These fans require to be placed at positions where the sun hits the directly as well as strongly while on the other hand, most dog owners opt to shelter their dogs in areas with some shade.

5. Pet Magasin Fan for Dog Crate

Best Dog Crate Fan Cooling System 2018 By Pet Magasin

The Pet Magasin’s dog crate fan cooling system is not only cool but also elegant. It tends to work well in several areas such as around carriers, kennels, crates as well as inside vehicles. The plastic material that is used to make it is usually durable and is designed to ensure that a cooling effect is provided for both pets as well as human beings. Also, it contains a USB port for the purpose of serving it with an alternating current power source. However, four AA batteries may be used for direct current power as and cordless convenience as one travels as a substitute power source. One good thing about this crate cooling fan is that it require no tools in order for it to be installed due to the fact that it is a compact device.

On the other hand, it is possible to leave it standing with the support of its base or while clamped onto a pet carrier, kennel, crate or necessarily a source where a strdy padded clasp may lock onto. The Pet Magasin fan is able to swivel both up as well as down around three hundred and sixty degrees horizontally in order to subject air to the points it is required the most.

In the recent past, it has been discovered that pet owners are in love with the Pet Magasin cooling fan due to the fact that they have dual power options. This is because they are able to travel with their pets in crates without having to worry about how to access a plug- in power source. Also, incase pet owners find the cost of batteries to high for them, hey might opt to user power.

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6. The Dog Crate Fan Cooling System By Pro Select Cool PupBest Dog Crate Fan Cooling System 2018 By Pro Select

The Pro Select Pup’s dog crate fan cooling system is ran on batteries and is therefore perfect for travelling from a place to another. Besides being well built, it is compact and of light weight. It usually use four C batteries and runs effectively on two strong speed motors. Like some other crate fans do, it works by eliminating warm air and substituting it with cooler air. Also, it is usually equipped with an integrated thermometer as well as a ready port for an AC or rather DC adapter. It is quiet and has a clasp that often attach properly to a crate or a pet carrier. It is rated as more effective compared to mats as well as cooling vests when it comes to cooling dogs.

Advantages of Pro Select pup crate fan

  • It has two strong speed motors
  • It has an integrated thermometer
  • It usually run on four C batteries and may run on Alternating Current or rather Direct Current with the adapter excluded.

Disadvantages of a Pro Select pup crate fan

  • Sources have it that the fan is made up of material of low quality and therefore does not last long.
  • It is expensive as the batteries get worn out quickly and so one keeps on purchasing others.
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