Giving your dog a proper bath is essential to your dog as the health of your dog is maintained. You should use healthy shampoos when bathing the dog, use the right bathing tap to ensure the comfortability of your dog in the bathing tap and finally use the right drying materials like towel and hand Driers to drain off the water from the dog. Drying your dog using the right ways is crucial to ensuring that your dog remains warm even during cold months.


  • To help your dog avoid getting sick from colds.

Drying your dog property ensures that your dog remains warm at all times even during the cold season. This, in turn, helps your dog avoid getting sick from cold-related diseases as it will always remain warm.

  • To help avoid allergic conditions in your dog

Some dogs are prone to some allergies associated with some drops of shampoos that remain on the fur. To avoid such allergies from affecting your dog, you should always dry your dog immediately after the bath.

  • To soothe your dog by massaging it while drying the dog.

Drying the dog after bath is one way of massaging your dog. Your dog will always crave for a bathing time because after that it will always feel relaxed when you dry it. The best way to soothe your dog after bath is by drying it with a towel.

  • To ensure that your dog is free from dust.

The presence of water drops on the dog’s hair subjects the dog to catching dust quickly. water drops when you leave your dog to go and play outside. To avoid this, you dedicate some few minutes of your time to dry the dog and ensure that its healthy hygiene is always on point.

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There are two methods you can successfully use to dry your dog immediately after the bath. These two methods are:


Using a towel is one method you can use to dry your dog after a bath. You might assume that using a towel to dry your dog after bath is simple, but there are some things you should observe.

Below are tips to apply when using a towel to dry a dog:

  • TIP ONE: Select the right towel to use

Drying your dog using a towel requires you to make the right choice of the towel to use. The right towel to use is a microfiber towel because this type of towel is super smooth to ensure that your dog is not scratched. This type of towel also absorbs water very fast. Always ensure that you immediately wrap up your dog with a towel after you bath it to avoid water drops on the floor.

  • SECOND TIP: Always start drying the dog on the head

When using a towel to dry your dog after a bath, always ensure that you dry the dog from the head going all the way to the end. When you start drying the dog from the head ensures that any shampoo or water which was left on the head and dripped on the face is completely wiped off.

After you dry the head of the dog, dry his face with the towel and don’t forget to dry the water in the ears as it can cause infections when left wet. A lot of water also accumulates under the paws so you should also observe keenness when drying this part.

In cases where you own a large breed dog, mostly a dog with thick hair coting, you should preferably use two towels.


Hand drying is the second method you can use to dry your dog after bath. This method is more advanced than using a towel. There are some precautions you should take when using this method. Some of the precautions include:

  • Use the hand drier carefully as it produces noise which can scare the dog.
  • Take caution on the type of hand dryer you purchase

Here is how to use hand dryer to dry your dog after bath:

  • Calmly get your dog out of the bathing tap and drive it to an open area where it can feel relaxed.
  • Turn on hand drier and let your dog gradually adapt to the sound of the hand dryer.
  • Once you notice that your dog has enjoyed the sound, take the dog to the bathroom.
  • Carefully dry the dog using the hand dryer and let the dog enjoy the sound of the hand dryer
  • Move the hand dryer machine back and forth until all the water dries on the dog.
  • Repeat this process every time you bath your dog.

NB: always make sure that you dry your dog immediately after giving him a bath to free him from infections and boost his health significantly.

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Drying your dog after bathing him is a healthy exercise you should observe every time with your dog. When using a towel, always make sure that the towel is clean and the material of the towel is soft enough to make your dog relax well and also to avoid scratching the dog with the towel.

In cases when you are using a hand dryer to dry your dog after bathing him, always ensure that you continuously move the hand drier around to avoid burning the dog. Every time you use a hand dryer, you will notice that the drier is too hot when your dog starts start showing weird reactions.

Reading through this guide, you will learn the all the necessary steps you need to know for you to dry your dog thoroughly to ensure that your dog will always be in good health. You should always remember that maintaining the health of your dog will save you a lot of money you would otherwise have used on medications and a healthy dog will be your favorite pet in the house.

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