Top 10 Best Vacuum For Dog Hair Reviews

Let’s face it, our pets are an absolute ton of fun but unless we were super picky about the breed, there’s hair everywhere. In the air, on the carpet, the sofa, it gets bad enough that sometimes it seems to materialize out of nothing. It’s unsightly, it sticks to clothes, and sometimes you’ve just had enough of it entirely. Fortunately, there are some best vacuum for dog hair out there which will let us take care of the problem with a minimal amount of effort.

Many vacuums on the market these days are aimed specifically at dog owners, and claim to be specifically engineered for dealing with dog hair. How do you know which ones actually do the trick? It can be pretty confusing to cut through the marketing and hype to find reliable reviews.

That’s where we come in! We’ve done research on dozens of leading vacuums, both with and without “Dogs” labeling. We’ll talk you through all our favorites, and show you why they’re your friend against the furry foe!

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Best Vacuum For Dog Hair and Vacuum Standard

Regardless of how well yours works on cleaning the rest of your home, a standard vacuum is simply no match for hairs interwoven into carpet and upholstery fibers.

This is because the majority of standard vacuums are fitted with a two-part brush and hose mechanism – this works great on the usual dust and debris found in the home as the brush agitates and stirs up the dirt before it is sucked up by the hose.

When it comes to dog hair, however, most traditional vacuum systems simply do not work.

As the brush attempts to stir up and lift hair it actually manages to drive it further into the carpet or simply tangle it around the brush head itself where it becomes very hard work to untangle and remove.

Specialized dog vacuums will instead have silicon brushes as opposed to soft-hair brushes, specialist attachments and scientifically modified designs that ensure hair is sucked up into the bag or dirt cup and does not tangle around the beater bar and brush.

Furthermore, they tend to have a more powerful suction and enhanced filtration systems to remove dander from the expelled air, alongside a host of other features to take the hard work out of cleaning up after your pets.

What to Look for in The Best Vacuum for Dog Hair

Buying a vacuum suited to your wants and needs requires careful consideration – this should not be an impulse purchase!

As it is a relatively ‘big spend item‘ that you’ll be using weekly for many years, you’ll want to ensure the one you buy truly suits you and your home as well as your budget and cleaning requirements.

It’s important to buy a vacuum that’s big enough to effectively clean your living space, maybe being mindful of required storage space if you only have a small home.

If you have a big house, for example, you’ll need a big vacuum that can cover a lot of ground quickly with a large dirt capacity to reduce the cleaning time and require less emptying of the bag or dirt cup. An upright model should be your first choice.

If you’re in a smaller space, like a flat or an apartment, you won’t want to waste valuable storage space on a vacuum that’s too big to easily push around your smaller floors.

Generally, apartments will be suited to smaller models with a minimal dirt capacity as there is less to clean – something like a small canister version or even a handheld model may suit.

Often, handhelds come with a handy wall attachment for when it’s not in use which is helpful if you’re dealing with minimal storage.

What is The Vacuum Carpet? Your Car?

The different types of flooring and surfaces in your home are an important consideration that could shape your buying decision as different vacuums are suited to different surfaces.

If your whole house is carpeted or, conversely, has all-over hardwood floors, then your decision is simple – just buy one which is specialized in that particular medium.

However, most houses have a combination of surfaces – we’re talking carpets, rugs, hardwood floors, tiles and even linoleum flooring. If this is the case in your home, you’ll have to focus your efforts on finding a good all-rounder that can tackle a variety of floor surfaces equally well.

It’s also worth bearing in mind any ‘extras’ you want to clean – upholstered sofas and curtains, for instance, or even a car.

The top models come complete with a variety of attachments and accessories to help you tackle these smaller, specialist areas although some people choose to buy a handheld specifically for these smaller tasks.

The Types of Best Vacuum For Dog Hair Looking At

Before we get into making sure that you’ve got the handle best vacuum for dog hair, there’s are a few different types of vacuum you’ll want to be aware of. Picking out the type is the most important part of the process, of course, since each is uniquely suited for differing circumstances.

Handheld Vacuums

Handheld vacuums are a relatively new innovation, and there’s definitely some out there that will help you to handle your pet’s balls of fluff without much hassle. You’ll need to be pickier in this area, however, since the advent of a few of the better brands hitting the market there are a lot of impostors roaming out there which aren’t worth the plastic they’re molded from.

Handheld vacuums are the best for taking care of furniture and high places since they’re also light and the good ones are powerful with many attachments. The smaller surface area of their suction power, however, makes them unsuitable for doing the floors.

If your pets are making a mess of the floor and you can handle the floor with your normal vac, then investing in a handheld vacuum is exactly the choice you should be making.

Upright Vacuums

Upright vacuums are best for handling the floor. When you’ve got a fluffy dog, things will tend to accumulate there and we all know how quickly it can get out of hand. They’re not very useful for furniture and pretty much useless if you need to get up high due to their design.

These are, of course, what you think of for the most part when you hear a vacuum cleaner. It might surprise you, but there are even a few which are specifically designed to handle pet hair.

If the floor is the main problem, get an upright vacuum cleaner.

Canister Vacuums

Canister vacuums are a lot higher powered. They feature a relatively stationary base and a handle similar to an upright vacuum. This makes them awesome for both the floor and for getting up high when you need to.

The extra power can also be useful for particularly thick hair and the design will allow you to take care of furniture fairly well. They also tend to be more of a pain to use since you’ll be dragging the canister around behind you.

The best canister vacuums for pet hair will also cost you a pretty penny, so they may only be worth the investment if you’ve got some super heavy shedders in the house.

Read more: Top 10 Best Cat Hair Remover For Furniture Reviews

For houses with an intense amount of pet hair canister vacuums are the best choice, and they’re the most versatile of the bunch.

Best Vacuum For Dog Hair Come Accessories

Attachments and accessories are sometimes an afterthought but they’re an incredibly useful part of the cleaning process.

As well as providing better performance on different surfaces and hard to reach crevices, some are even specially designed to tackle pet hair.

Look out for the following handy attachments:

  • Crevice tool – Helps suck up dust and dirt from tight spots due to its thin, angled shape. Particularly useful for radiators, beside sofa cushions and along baseboards.
  • Upholstery tool – Helps clean your furniture and mattresses with its wide base and fabric strip designed to attract lint.
  • Extension tool – A telescopic wand shaped tool designed to give you an easily handle tube with extra reach that’s useful for getting into corners, ceilings or behind appliances.
  • Dusting tool – Helps you brush areas prone to collecting dust, such as bookcases, blinds and windowsills.
  • Hardwood floor brush tool – Especially helpful for removing dust from wooden and tiled floors. Found in both canister and occasionally upright models.
  • Beater Bar Brush / Brush Roll – This is generally fitted as standard in most uprights to enable a deep clean of your carpets but occasionally can be included as an attachment if the vacuum is intended for hardwood floors.
  • Motorized brush head tool / power nozzle / power brush – Often supplied with the canister style and allow you to clean carpets and rugs like an upright model. Smaller versions are available too to help clean stairs, upholstery, car seats and mattresses. A very useful tool for removing the deposits from your four-legged friends coat.
  • Mattress tool – Specifically designed to suck up dust and debris from mattresses with a wide base and textured pads.
  • Ceiling fan / blind tool – Angled like a putter, this tackles the dust and grime on your fans and blinds.

What makes a great vacuum for dog hair?

If you’re a pet owner, you know the struggle of maintaining order in your house. Pets track in dirt, shed hair, and seem to emanate messes! Your vacuum is your best friend for cleaning up quickly and thoroughly.

But sadly, many of them aren’t up to the task of conquering pet hair. It clogs their filters, and jams their brushes. And if your suction chamber isn’t completely sealed, you’re just spreading dust and allergens around into the air as you clean.

The best vacuum for dog hair are versatile enough to go wherever pet hair can find its way. They’re powerful enough to suck up even the biggest furballs, and durable enough to handle doing so every time you clean. They’ll also be convenient, which is super important to a pet owner, since you’ll be cleaning more frequently than most folks.

Most importantly, they’ll grab all those pesky, micro-scale allergens and dust particles which animals spread around your house. If you have allergic symptoms, you’ll need to make sure you grab a vacuum with proper filtration to tackle the smallest sources of sneezing. Even if you don’t have allergies related to your animals, you’ll find that you breathe easier at home when you buy a unit that cleans up dander and dust that your furry friends spread in the air.

Best Vacuum For Dog Hair: Top 10 Review

Handheld / Cordless Best Vacuum For Dog Hair

We love handheld and cordless versions for quick spot cleanings around the house. Fellow pet owners will know how quickly a situation can crop up. You don’t always have time to haul out your full-size vacuum!

Handheld options are great for swooping in and grabbing that kitty litter from the floor, or collecting fur balls that have accumulated in the corner.

They’re also good tools for cleaning furniture and stairs. Many newer cordless models combine stick vacuums with handheld ones for an all-around cleaning tool that works on pet fur from floor to ceiling.

We’re recommending these crossover vacuums, since we think they offer a lot more value than traditional handhelds or stick models.

1. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum

Best Vacuum For Dog Hair

Bissell – Best Vacuum For Dog HairThe Bissell Pet Hair Eraser sacrifices cordless mobility in order to bring you an absolute ton of power in a small, cheap package. It’s designed to handle even the densest fur configurations around and it does a magnificent job at it.

The specially designed nozzles definitely add to its value, allowing them to snag pet hair from pretty much anywhere and the sixteen-foot cord allows it to be surprisingly nimble although you’re still tied to an outlet.

Whether you’re trying to take care of the couch or spot clean a table, this vacuum was made with the pet owner in mind and you’ll be glad to add it to your collection.

If you need a budget handheld vacuum for pet hair and you’re willing to deal with a cord, the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is an outstanding choice.

2. Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

Best Vacuum For Dog Hair

This crossover vacuum combines a stick vacuum and a handheld vacuum in one ultra-light, cordless design.

One of the top selling points on the V8 Absolute is the sheer power of the thing. The V8 has a more powerful motor than you’d typically find on a stick vacuum. It uses multi-layered cyclonic suction to provide bagless vacuuming without loss of suction. The overall effect is power that you’d ordinarily only see on a fullsize vacuum!

Plus, the V8 Absolute comes with all the attachments you’ll need to put that power to work around the house. It has a powered brush head, which is perfect for vacuuming your carpets.

We really like this attachment, as it’s a direct drive mechanism instead of a belt-drive system. This gives you more than twice as much power as traditional brush heads, and eliminates one of the most delicate and annoying parts of a vacuum.

There’s also an Animal-branded version of the V8, but we think the Absolute is actually the better choice for pet owners. It has all the accessories you get with the Animal version, plus an addition floor head that’s protective of hardwoods. All in all, it’s a better bargain given the comparable prices of the two variants.

3. Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II Hand Vacuum

Best Vacuum For Dog Hair

The Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II gives you a whole lot for your money. This powerful, cordless hand vacuum is made to take care of dense amounts of shedded fur and boasts a surprising amount of power for running on an 18V battery.

The brush it comes with will sweep up hair from nearly any surface and the specialized attachments will let you snatch up the fur from pretty much anywhere that it might have accumulated.

It also has an ergonomic design which makes it easy on the wrists and hands, allowing you to get a lot done without having to worry about your limbs giving out. It’s lightweight, portable, and basically perfect for people who take their pets in their vehicles.

If you’re trying to stretch each dollar into a superior weapon against the pet fur which is accumulating in the wake of your animal, then give the Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II a shot.

Upright Best Vacuum for Dog Hair

Uprights are best for people who have a lot of carpets in their home. They’ll give you the widest coverage and the most brush power, to help you cover ground quickly and effectively! These are what we recommend to folks with primarily carpeted flooring.

Their jumbo-sized dustbins are also a huge plus for sucking up all that pet hair without having to empty the tank after each room! If you have several pets, they’re endlessly more convenient than stick or canister models.

The best uprights for dealing with pet hair have high-powered brush heads which adjust to different flooring types. We prefer tangle-free brush heads, or models with easy access to the brush roll so that you can de-tangle things quickly.

You’ll also want an accessory hose so you can use add-ons like a crevice tool and upholstery brush for getting the rest of your pet’s fur off of furniture, stairs, and the edges of your carpets.

4. BISSELL CleanView Complete Pet Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum

Best Vacuum For Dog Hair

The Bissell CleanView Complete Pet Rewind is probably the best budget option you’ll be able to find that’s specifically designed to handle pet hair. There’s definitely a big drop in quality from the more expensive options available, but it does a fine job for the price.

It has a brush roll which can be switched off and on when you move from a hard surface to carpet and it’s specifically designed to roll out embedded dirt and pet hair with equal vigor.

The various attachments will let you quickly and easily clean out pet beds and take care of the sofa while you’re working to get everything under control.

It lacks some of the power and durability of truly high-end models, but for a budget pet hair vacuum, it’s a stand out option.

5. Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Upright Corded Vacuum (HV322)

Best Vacuum For Dog Hair

The Shark Rocket TruePet is probably the best Shark vacuum for pet hair, at least insofar as making sure that your dollar stretches for the maximum amount of value. It boasts a ton of features without becoming truly expensive.

The first thing most users will note is that it’s incredibly light and maneuverable for an upright vacuum. It’s also usable within tighter spaces, owing to the innovative design which renders it as light as most stick vacuums.

It has hardwood attachments for making sure that the smoother surfaces in your floor get clean as well. The LED lights are useful, if not something you’d think to look for, allowing you to spot hidden debris on the floors as you move through the house.

The one major flaw is the fact that it lacks the ability to detach the hose, but the lightweight design generally makes up for it and you can detach it to use as a handheld if you want.

If you’re looking to maximize the amount of value you get for your pet hair vacuum, then you’re in good hands with the Shark Rocket TruePet.

6. Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Plus Allergy – Corded

Best Vacuum For Dog Hair

Manufactured by Dyson, the Cinetic Big Ball Plus Allergy has got it all – incredibly powerful suction, unparalleled ability to pick up pet hair, and it’s easy to maneuver.

It’s very versatile across all floor types – whether carpet or hardwood floors – and promises no loss of suction, even when the bagless dust cup is almost full.

As well as a host of specialist features, it’s comes equipped with a variety of attachments to clean smaller, more delicate areas, including a carbon fiber soft dusting brush that’s very thin to get into the smallest of places to pick up elusive debris.


  • Tangle-free Turbine Tool – This counter-rotating brush head removes pet hair without tangling the strands up into the brush or further down into the threads of your upholstery.
  • Dyson Cinetic Science Technology – Dyson claims the Cinetic picks up fine dust and dirt with greater success than any of the competition, with 35 high freq. oscillating suction tips that ensure no clogging dust build up and zero loss of suction. It all goes in the dust collecting bin.
  • No filters to clean, HEPA throughout – The new Cinetic technology has no filter that ever needs washing or replacing, yet has HEPA filtration throughout. You’ve got to love maintenance free!
  • Versatility – The base plate self-adjusts to ensure optimum contact with your floors, regardless of surface type and carpet height, guaranteeing no loss of suction.
  • Agile maneuverability – Ball technology renders this Upright incredibly easy to maneuver around your home and gets as close as possible to baseboards and edges.
  • Long power cord – At 35 feet long, it’s the longest power cord on the market.
  • Handy attachments – Included is a soft dusting brush, a multi-angle brush, mattress tool, reach under tool and handy tool bag. These allow you to clean lots of different mediums and areas, including otherwise hard to reach ones with ease.


  • The most expensive one in our roundup – However, it’s unrivaled quality and still great value at the price.
  • Relatively noisy – With such a powerful suction comes a little extra noise Compared to some other models.

7. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum (NV370)

Best Vacuum For Dog Hair

It’s easy to see why the Shark Navigator is by far the most popular upright for pet hair – it boasts great suction power and effective cleaning technology while also being great value for money.

Although it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the Dyson enjoys, it does come equipped with plenty of attachments and is versatile enough to be used on all surfaces.

It’s also very lightweight and easily transportable despite it’s large, bagless capacity.


  • Gentle deep clean technology – With such powerful suction, you’ll be shocked at the amount of dirt this upright will remove from your floors. A highly effective ‘pet hair power brush’ is also included.
  • Anti-allergenic – The Shark Navigator boasts superior HEPA filtration and an anti-allergen complete seal which claims to hold 99.9% of dust and allergens. Feedback from users with allergies say this works extremely well!
  • Versatility – It’s suitable for all surfaces with an adjustment dial, as well as attachments like the ‘Dust Away Hard Floor’ attachment and microfibre pads for hardwood floors.
  • High capacity – This bagless vacuum has an extra-large dust cup capacity to ensure the number of emptyings are kept to a minimum.
  • Good value – Considering the cleaning ability and number of features, the Shark Navigator offers fantastic value for money.
  • Agile – It’s lightweight and boasts swivel steering so is easy to maneuver around your home.
  • Handy attachments – As well as the pet and hard floor attachments, two lengths of crevice tool are also included.


  • It’s a little top heavy – Due to its lightweight structure with an extra-large capacity dust cup, it is a little top heavy so can be tipped over when nearing full if left standing on it’s own and careful attention isn’t paid.
  • ‘Lift-Away’ is Cumbersome – Some have reported the lift-away function is a bit cumbersome to use, particularly on stairs: Canister in one hand, hose for vacuuming in the other.

Canister Best Vacuum for Dog Hair

Canister models are more maneuverable than uprights. With long hoses and narrow bodies, they’ll help you nab tricky pet fur wherever it hides! We suggest them to anyone with stairs, or primarily hard flooring where uprights aren’t as effective.

If you’ve got carpets of mid to deep piling, make sure you get a canister model with a powered brush head! They’re as effective as any upright, even if they don’t give you as much room in the compartment. Canisters are by far the best choice for hardwood floors, too! Since they usually come with two different flooring heads, they protect your hardwood finishes better than an upright.

The canister best vacuum for dog hair have sealed air systems for controlling allergens and dust. They have powered brush heads and plenty of attachments for cleaning nooks and crannies at floor level and above.

You’ll also want to look for the biggest dust compartments available. Most of all, you’ll want strong suction so that you don’t lose suction power with long attachments.

8. Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum, 3684F

Best Vacuum For Dog Hair

Boasting a twenty-foot extendable cord and a considerable length from the canister, the Mighty Mite is a great solution for anyone living in confined quarters, and for those of us who have to deal with pet hair, the extra attachments with this variation render it pretty much indispensable.

This is definitely a budget option, but it’ll get the job done if you’re not living with four huskies and a Persian. The whole thing weighs less than nine pounds overall and the HEPA filter captures a pretty shocking 99.97 percent of the dander which could be released without filtration in place.

The included bags are also odor eliminating, helping to keep the dog smell off your carpet if your canine companion happens to be of the smelly sort.

The Might Mite may not be designed specifically for pets, but with attachments, it does a serviceable job and the cost is low enough to fit in nearly any budget.

9. Dyson DC39 Animal canister vacuum cleaner

Best Vacuum For Dog Hair

The best canister vacuum cleaner for animals comes with a high price and the ability to make short work of the hair left behind by your furry friends no matter how thick it’s gotten.

This one comes with a HEPA filter, an easy to use trigger for switching from hard to carpeted floors and an extremely impressive amount of suction. The vacuum would already be the best in its class even before you count the specialized additions for taking care of the mess of fur that ends up in your home.

The whole thing is adjustable, the cord rolls up, and as strictly a matter of convenience this is one of the best vacuums around.

If you’re willing to spend the money, this Dyson vacuum stands in a class entirely on its own. Say goodbye to pet hair and hello to fantastic, spot free holes.

10. Electrolux EL4335A Corded Ultra Flex Canister Vacuum

Best Vacuum For Dog Hair

It was a toss-up for the top spot between this Electrolux UltraFlex and the Dyson Animal – but we couldn’t ignore a few too many complaints toward the Dyson that hair easily accumulates round the head and the entry point is very small, occasionally getting blocked.

This canister model is an incredible all-rounder, versatile on all floor types and varying degrees of delicate surface.

Importantly, it’s uncompromising on pet hair with a strong suction and sophisticated filtration, and as an added bonus, is super easy to maneuver around furniture and stairs.


  • Versatile – Although canister vacs are generally preferred by people with hardwood-dominated homes, the Electrolux is specially designed for superior performance on super plush carpets. It has an on/off brushroll switch and a 3-level height adjustment for all surface types.
  • Easy to use – Lightweight with large rear wheels and a low center of gravity, it is super easy to travel about your home with as it has such smooth swivel steering. Its small head means it’s easy to use on stairs too. Also, the dust cup opens at the bottom so emptying is no problem at all.
  • Adjustable suction power – If you want to clean a delicate surface and are worried that the cyclonic suction is too strong, you can easily adjust the power levels to suit the surface you’re cleaning.
  • Self-cleaning brushroll – Especially good news for pet owners, Electrolux’s brushroll clean technology promises to self-clean by removing hair tangles at the touch of a button.
  • Anti-allergenic – This Canister has a HEPA filtration system which captures 99.97% of dust, allergens and irritants in your home. The filter is also easily washable so there’s no need to spend money on replacements.
  • Quieter – The Electrolux is one of the quieter models on the market. Good news for late night cleaners!


  • Short(ish) power cord – At 21 foot, the power cord is shorter than its Dyson counterpart which may be an issue for people cleaning a larger space.

How to Choose Your Best Vacuum For Dog Hair

You’re not quite done once you’ve decided which mess your pets need handled the most, there’s a little bit more to it.

It’s not super specialized knowledge, but keeping the following in mind when you’re looking at the different offerings available won’t hurt a bit and can help you decide on which one of these best suits the needs of you and your pet’s horribly hairy mess.

♦ Your Floor Type: Even if you’re planning on getting an upright vacuum to take care of the mess on the floor, keep in mind that some options will handle different floor types better. This is particularly important if your pets have free reign of the house since the kitchen and halls are likely to have different types of flooring.

♦ HEPA Filters: If you’re allergic or have visitors who suffer from airborne dander, then HEPA filters are something to keep an eye out for. These will help reduce, although not entirely eliminate, the amount of allergens in the house as they pick up the smaller particles.

♦ Corded or Cordless: Corded vacuums will tend to be more powerful but, particularly with handhelds, can be a lot more cumbersome to use. If you just need something for light duty on the couches you might be best served by looking for a battery operated model.

♦ Attachments: Look over the attachments carefully, some of them are really just window dressing but others are absolutely essential for the proper amount of pet hair management.

♦ Budget: Pet hair vacuums start to get expensive in a hurry, but so can the damage to your furniture. If you’re running pretty tight, then you’ll definitely want to make sure that you’re careful about how much you spend but if you’ve got the extra money then the higher end models are almost always worth it.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, after getting through the huge amount of info in this guide, you now have a much better idea of the type and model of best vacuum for dog hair that’s most suited to your wants and needs.

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