What To Do If Dogs Get Colds In Winter?

What To Do If Dogs Get Colds In Winter?

In the winter, dogs get colds are a common health problem. Winter is always a harsh season for everyone and for pets like dogs, cats, chickens and birds.

Despite good health, dogs are also an animal vulnerable to cold prices. Especially short-haired breeds. Even puppies originating from cold places such as Husky, Alaska, Samoyed, …

In this article, Howdogcare will introduce common symptoms and how to treat the disease. Let’s find out.

The Cause Of Dogs Get Colds

What To Do If Dogs Get Colds In Winter?

There are many causes of this disease. One of them is because dogs are allowed to play too much in the cold season. Especially for dogs that have just been taken home.

Dogs that have never been out of the street are often more susceptible to colds than dogs who frequently go out. Puppies are more susceptible to disease than adult dogs.

Dogs must sleep in the yard, patio, under stairs, car tunnels, floors. These are cold places that make dogs sick. Dogs are locked in a humid barn, urine and feces are not cleaned well, making dogs vulnerable.

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Dogs are bathed in cold water, or hot water but do not dry or dry thoroughly.

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Basic Symptoms When Your Dogs Get Colds

What To Do If Dogs Get Colds In Winter?

Recognizing these symptoms will help you judge the condition of the dog.

  • Dog trembling.
  • Oral mucosa and pale skin.
  • Dog vomits.
  • Diarrhea, sometimes blood, or bloody diarrhea
  • Not eat.
  • Lower body temperature.
  • If the condition persists, the dog will die and die.

Intervene When Dogs Get Colds

What To Do If Dogs Get Colds In Winter?

If the dog is not too heavy, you can intervene with some treatment tips below:

  • Give your dog warm sugar water or warm ginger juice.
  • Heating for dogs.
  • Feed your dog enough food, help them to cope with the disease.

If the dog vomits, it is best to take it to the doctor to be given medicine and treated promptly. At this time the disease has become worse and the tips do not work. Do not cure yourself at home if you have no experience.

Measures To Prevent Colds For Dogs

These measures are simple and do not take much effort or cost. Please apply to help your puppy to get through the winter.

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