Step-by-Step Guide on How to Clean Dog Ears Safely

Maintaining your furry friend’s hygiene is essential, and that includes cleaning their ears regularly. Neglecting to clean your dog’s ears can result in the buildup of wax, dirt, and grime, which could potentially create a breeding ground for mites or, even worse, lead to an infection. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand how to clean dog ears to avoid any discomfort or health risks for your pooch.

When it comes to cleaning your dog’s ears, it’s crucial to proceed with caution. First, begin by inspecting their ears to ensure there are no signs of redness or inflammation. Then, gather the necessary materials, such as cotton balls and a veterinarian-approved ear cleaning solution. With gentle movements, dampen the cotton ball with the cleaning solution and delicately clean the ear flap and entrance of the ear canal. Remember not to insert anything into the ear canal, as it can cause damage. Repeat the process on the other ear and reward your furry friend with treats for being such a good sport. By following these simple steps on how to clean dog ears, you’ll help keep your pet’s ears clean and healthy.

Inspect your dog’s ears!

To ensure your dog’s ear cleaning experience is as stress-free as possible, it’s crucial to regularly inspect their ears before starting. We recommend taking the time to tire out your furry friend before beginning the inspection process, so they are more relaxed and calm. It’s best to choose a comfortable spot, such as their dog bed, and reward them with high-quality dog treats after allowing you to touch their ears. Dogs love having their ears played with, and it can be a pleasant experience for them if done correctly, making it essential to establish a positive association with ear cleaning. By taking these necessary steps, you’ll ensure a smoother and more effective process when it’s time to clean your dog’s ears.

What to look for!

Inspecting your furry friend’s ears before cleaning them is essential to ensure their overall health and wellbeing. While examining your dog’s ears, take note of their general condition. If you only see dirt and wax, you can proceed with cleaning their ears. However, if you notice fluid drainage, severe wax buildup, deep scratches, cuts, or abrasions, do not clean their ears and consult your veterinarian immediately. It’s crucial to address these issues promptly to avoid further health complications.

Apart from regular ear cleaning, inspecting your dog’s ears is also an opportunity to check for ticks and mites that may be hiding in their ear canal. It’s crucial to check your dog for ticks every time you return home, particularly if you’ve been in the woods. Ticks and mites can cause discomfort and potential health problems for your furry friend, so it’s vital to remove them as soon as possible.

If you notice an unpleasant odor coming from your dog’s ear, it could be a sign of a yeast infection. These infections are common if you neglect to clean your dog’s ears for an extended period. If you suspect your dog has a yeast infection in their ear, consult your veterinarian immediately for treatment. While it’s easily treatable with medication, delaying treatment could result in further health issues for your furry friend. By following these tips on how to inspect and clean dog ears, you can help keep your pooch’s ears healthy and infection-free.


I’m ready to clean dog ears!

Excellent! We love your positive attitude towards keeping your furry friend healthy. Now, let’s dive into the options available for cleaning your dog’s ears. There are several dedicated dog ear cleaning solutions available on the market, such as Zymox Ear Cleaner, which can be an effective solution. Alternatively, you can also use common household items like vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to clean your dog’s ears. However, it’s crucial to avoid using rubbing alcohol on your dog’s ears at all costs. Rubbing alcohol can dry out your dog’s ears, leading to cracks and infections, which can be painful for your furry friend.

It’s important to note that the cleaning solution you choose should match your dog’s specific ear cleaning needs. Different solutions may be suitable for different breeds, ear shapes, and conditions. Therefore, we recommend consulting with your veterinarian to determine which cleaning solution is best for your dog’s unique needs. By taking these steps and using appropriate ear cleaning solutions, you can effectively and safely clean your dog’s ears, keeping them healthy and happy.

Great! So what’s needed to clean dog ears?

When it comes to cleaning your dog’s ears, hydrogen peroxide can be an effective solution. However, it’s crucial to ensure that the hydrogen peroxide is at room temperature before use, as dogs tend to dislike cold liquids in their ears. Therefore, it’s essential to take this simple step to make the cleaning process as comfortable as possible for your furry friend.

To clean your dog’s ears using hydrogen peroxide, you’ll need several items, including cotton balls, water, a tablespoon, a small bowl, and a dry cloth. The process involves mixing the hydrogen peroxide and water in a bowl, soaking a cotton ball in the solution, and gently wiping your dog’s ears. By following these steps and using hydrogen peroxide at room temperature, you can safely and effectively clean your dog’s ears, helping to prevent infections and discomfort.

Here’s how to clean dog ears!

  1. Pour 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide into a bowl
  2. Add 2 tablespoons of water
    1. Note: If your dog’s ears are super dirty and you need more cleaning solution, add 1 part water for every 1 part hydrogen peroxide
  3. Stir the mixture
  4. Dab a cotton ball into the mixture
  5. Gently rub the damp cotton ball onto the outer rim of your dog’s inner ear using circular motions
  6. Slowly move towards the inside of your dog’s ear with the circular motions
    1. Note: Get a new cotton ball whenever necessary. You want to be removing the wax and grime, not spreading it
  7. Go until you’re just on the outside of your dog’s ear canal. It’s VERY IMPORTANT that you do NOT go into your dog’s ear canal!
  8. When you’re done with circular motions, dampen a new cotton ball and place it in the middle of your dog’s ear
  9. Smush your dog’s ear around the cotton ball and gently massage
  10. Repeat steps 4-9 for the other ear.
  11. Take the dry cloth and dry off your dog’s ears

That’s it! You’ve successfully cleaned your dog’s ears! Great job!

If your dog’s ears still aren’t cleaned, then you can try a dedicated dog ear cleaning solution, such as Zymox Ear Cleaner or Particular Paws Ear Cleaner. Both of them are great products that I’ve used on my own dog and had great results with.


Keeping your furry friend’s ears clean is an essential part of maintaining their overall health and happiness. Not only does regular ear cleaning help prevent infections and discomfort, but it also provides an excellent opportunity for bonding with your dog. They tend to love being groomed and having their ears massaged, so it’s a win-win situation for both of you. The best part is that the process of cleaning dog ears is relatively simple and takes only about 5 minutes.

By incorporating ear cleaning into your dog’s grooming routine, you can help ensure their ears stay clean and healthy. It’s a small but significant step you can take to show your furry friend that you care about their well-being. So, take some time out of your day to clean your dog’s ears and enjoy the bonding experience it provides!

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