How to Groom a Dog with Matted Fur

How to Groom a Dog with Matted Fur?

If you’re a dog owner, you know how difficult it can be to groom a dog with matted fur. Matting is a common issue in many dogs, especially those with long hair, and it can be painful for your furry friend if not handled correctly. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make the grooming process easier and more comfortable for your dog. In this article, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to groom a dog with matted fur.

First and foremost, it’s important to know that dealing with mats requires a two-fold procedure. The first step is to address the mats themselves, which is typically done during the brushing and combing process. This is often the first step of a full grooming routine, and it’s crucial that you do not bathe your dog until the matting issue has been resolved. Wet fur will only make the matter worse, as it causes the hair to clump together, making it difficult to remove the mats.

Once you’ve removed the mats, you can then proceed to the rest of the grooming procedures. However, it’s essential to be gentle and cautious when dealing with tangles or mats during grooming, as it can be excruciatingly painful for your dog if you continuously pull on them. Therefore, it’s crucial to know the proper dog grooming tools and equipment you must have to ensure a pain-free grooming session.

So, what dog grooming tools do you need for removing mats? Well, the most important tool you’ll need is a good quality brush or comb designed specifically for removing mats and tangles. These tools come in various shapes and sizes, and it’s essential to choose one that’s suitable for your dog’s fur type and matting severity. You may also need a detangling spray or conditioner to help loosen the mats and make them easier to remove.

In conclusion, grooming a dog with matted fur can be a daunting task, but with the right tools and techniques, it can be done without causing your furry friend any undue pain. Remember to take it slow, be gentle, and follow the proper steps for mat removal before proceeding with the rest of the grooming process. By doing so, you’ll be able to keep your dog’s coat healthy, shiny, and mat-free.


How To Groom A Dog Without Excessive Pain
5 Must Have Dog Grooming Tools You Need For Removing Mats

1 – The first thing you’re going to need is a metal dog combHow to Groom a Dog with Matted Fur, which can remove the knots and tangles from the dog’s hair without causing him/her some pain.

2 – The second thing you’ll need is a mat rake, which will rake through the mats that are extremely hard to remove.

You need to be careful of this tool since it’s got sharp tines on it. If your hand happens to slip, it could cut or scratch your pup.

After you’ve used it for some time, you’ll need to sharpen the tines. Before using it, be sure to learn how to properly use it, as improper use will cut the dog’s skin.

3 – The third thing you’ll need is a mat splitter. This is a sharp blade that will cut through the mat. It generally has a curved handle so the blade will easily slit the mat.

Again, continuous, long-term use will dull the blade so it’ll need to be sharpened. Also, learn how to correctly use it since improper use will cut your canine’s skin.

4 – The fourth thing you must have during the dog grooming process is a detangler solution. This works to ensure an easier time of combing out the mats and tangles.

Before you begin combing, be sure to spray on the detangler.

5 – The last thing you need (although optional) is an electric clipperHow to Groom a Dog with Matted Fur. When you want to trim your dog’s hair, this is a useful tool.

There are all kinds of sizes for electric clipper blades so you’ll find one that’s best for you dog.

If you’re just looking to get rid of the unwanted hair, you can make use of a cheap home clipper just as easily.


How To Groom A Dog with Matted Fur 4 Steps During The Dog Grooming Process

Now that you know what you need during the dog grooming process, you need to know how to remove the matted fur on your dog.

1 –You’ll need to use the detangler solution, spraying it on the mat.

Once done, you’ll need to use the right sized comb to gently work the mats out of the hair.

Be sure to work on the outside of the mat and, in a slow manner, untangle the hair.

Be sure you hold the mat base, which is nearest to the dog’s skin, while you keep from pulling the skin.

2 – If the comb fails to remove the mat, you’ll need to use the mat rake next.

Keep in mind that the mat rakes have sharp teeth, which will work to cut through the mat.

The mat rake will be used similar to a comb except that you rake along the hair lay. The teeth of the mat rake will get through the mat.

3 – Should the mat rake fail to cut, it’s time to use the mat splitter (don’t set aside the mat rake as of yet).

Begin splitting the hair in vertical or horizontal strips and using either the comb or mat rake to get a handle on the smaller pieces.

Be sure you’re careful not to pull the skin while you’re working the mat out.

When you use mat splitters or rakes, you should be ultra-careful, as they’re extremely sharp and can result in cuts when improperly used.

4 – When the splitter and rake have both failed, it’s time to use the electric clippers to get rid of the mat.

Keep in mind that this is the last resort step, as it can cause a bare spot on the coat, ruining it until it grows back.

If you’re unsure that you can eliminate the mat when doing the dog grooming process, ask for help from a professional groomer.

Check out the video instructions for additional tips on how to groom a dog with matted fur above.

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Helpful Tips To Remember While Removing Mats

If you notice any tangles or mats near your canine’s face, don’t spray the detangler solution. The reason is that you could accidentally get it into his/her eyes.

Rather, place some detangler solution on a washcloth and gently place it on the hair. Once you do that, softly comb the tangles out, beginning at the bottom.

If the dog’s mat is extremely serious, you’ll need to use the electric clippers, ensuring that you use a guarded blade around the face and skin. Be sure you’re guarding these areas with your hand as well.

When your dog’s ears have long hair on them, you’ll need to use a comb to hold it in placing.

If the hair is in knots or matted, you’ll need to place a little detangler on a washcloth to comb them out slowly.

If they’re too big, you’ll need to use electric clippers to eliminate them. If you don’t think you can do this in the dog grooming process, you need to ask a professional to do this for you.

If you don’t have any grooming clippers, be sure to let a professional groomer to eliminate the mat for you.

Lastly, remember to comb and brush your dog properly frequently as this can prevent mats and tangles from forming, making future dog grooming an easier process for you and your dog.

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