Dangerous foods for dogs need to know

If you do not notice and feed the dog carefully, it can endanger the dog. Dogs are greedy animals, both curious and inquisitive with anything around them. Every chance, they will again find a way to reach that item. And of course, with attractive dishes, they will not be able to restrain themselves. But not any food they give in the belly. Dangerous foods for dogs So what should dogs and why?

dangerous foods for dogs
Dangerous foods for dogs need to know!

The fact that pets eat junk food leads to food poisoning is very common. Even problems related to the skin are due to their eating of inappropriate food for a long time. Where is the actual cause? Do not care for the owner, care for the pet’s food as well as the pet food every day? Do they curious what kind of rodent? Or are they hungry when they see what they want to eat? There are so many questions about this, but even for pets that eat enough every day, you will inevitably be poisoned if you lack the knowledge and give them and give them bad food with the body.

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“Most dogs will eat anything. From table scraps dug out of the garbage to clumps from the litter box, a dog’s desire to eat knows no bounds. Much of the time, your dog doesn’t even know what he is eating – all he knows is that it smells and tastes good.”

We do not force you to give them a hearty meal with plenty of food, but be aware of dangerous foods for dogs, if not, lightly they are just full of stomach and a bit uncomfortable. Also serious is life threatening.

The main dangerous foods for dogs

× Onion: Disulfide in onion can cause damage to the blood cells, leading to anemia. Many people think feeding a little is okay, but do not belittle it, it’s for humans, and for dogs, just two slices of onion can become dangerous. Expressions of being “poisoned” include: fatigue, sluggishness, tired legs, shortness of breath, pale gums

× Eating too many animal liver: Liver is a delicious, attractive dish for a dog, a source of vitamin A rich. However, what is too good, eat more liver also cause harm to the dog body, especially with dogs have fully supplemented with vitamin A, the liver will cause damage to the bone, resulting in condition skewed bones.

× The types of cooked bone: Bone is full of interesting dishes and quiche of the dog, we like to feel the bone to gnaw and nibble taste this food. Bones not only add calcium to the body but also the teeth grinding, maintaining fresh breath. But in essence these are only in the backbone, and when cooked it is another matter. Heat acts on, the bone structure changes, destroying the nutrients found in the bones, making the food so wonderful that it becomes a “poison”, especially the bones of birds. It is easy to form sharp bones, injure the oral cavity, esophagus and cause a host of other problems.

× Live egg: egg white contains avidin protein, inhibits and consume vitamin H in dog’s body, vitamin H is an indispensable vitamin, a necessary nutrient for healthy hair and growth. In addition, raw eggs contain bacteria such as Salmonella, which reduces the formation of vitamin H. But do not therefore you cut the egg in the diet of the dog, because the cooked egg becomes a Great snacks, containing high levels of protein and nutrients for the body. If you feed your pet with raw eggs, you should only eat yolks, but be careful not to contaminate the eggs. You can not imagine what a deficiency of vitamin H would be: the weak and easy-to-fall hair, the slow growing, the weak, the deformed bones … It’s too dangerous!

These side dishes endanger the dog

× Milk: Many dogs can not get lactose, because their body can not metabolize lactose in milk. When it comes to the state or deflated, diarrhea, dehydration or dermatitis, more serious then go to bloody, with the puppy even danger to life.

× Chocolate: The theophylline in chocolate will have a strong impact on the central nervous system as well as the action of the heart, the more pure and dangerous the chocolate is. Symptoms of poisoning include: drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, enlarged pupils, extreme excitement, muscle spasms, which eventually lead to coma, even death.

Other dangerous foods for dogs

Seafood, sweets, spices, too hot or too cold should not feed the dog regularly, will stimulate their taste buds, will gradually hurt the stomach and intestines it! You would not want that right?

Hope there will always be healthy dogs accompanying your family, not for their pitiful looks and poor face. Be brave to say, “No”! That is the only way to protect your “loved ones” health.

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