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The experience of taking care of old dogs and cats will help you a lot. Pets like humans, over time will become old. The body starts to work slowly. Movement even becomes difficult. The incidence of joint-related diseases, cardiovascular, blood pressure … is inevitable.

So what are the signs that your cat and dog are old? What is the difference between take care of old dogs and cats? The following article will help you to take care of your pet better when you get old.

Signs Of Old Cats And Dogs

Usually as we humans are based on age to determine this age. However, there are differences in species. Small cats and dogs are often considered old when they are 7 years old. But larger breeds tend to be shorter. And they are considered old when they are about 6 years old.

When your family’s cats and dogs get older, it’s probably not too difficult to recognize. They have been attached to your beloved family for a lifetime. With you overcome difficulties, share with you how much joy in life.

As they age, the outer mustache turns white. They will be less active than their youthful and energetic time. The job is mainly to watch everything around and sleep. There are changes inside the body that we cannot observe. It is possible that metabolism is slower.

Eating habits seem to change as well. Every employer needs to pay more attention to them. When you feel happy and comfortable they will be with you longer. Therefore, do not hesitate to take care of old dogs and cats. These friends will be with you and your family longer if you take care of them properly.

Some Common Diseases In Old Dogs And Cats

Older pets also have many diseases similar to those in humans. Can mention some common diseases such as:

Dental diseases. As you age, of course, the teeth of old cats and dogs are no longer strong, no longer healthy. Some will go away, some gingivitis diseases are likely to affect them.

Diseases related to bone and joint. Maybe degenerative or arthritis. Just like people, even though they are sedentary, they cannot avoid this disease. Regularly massage so that they feel relaxed and comfortable.

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As we age, the eyes of cats and dogs weaken. Vision is limited. Maybe they will have cataracts in dogs and cats. This disease can develop leading to cataract vision. Tears are not regular and regular as before. Eyes sometimes fall into a dry state.

In addition, there are many other dangerous diseases such as dog diabetes, cat’s kidney disease, bladder stones, endocrine disorders in cats and dogs. More dangerous are cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, and even cancers in cats and dogs. They all affect their lives.

Therefore, right from the start of cat breeding you should build a proper diet and care. Only that will prevent them from suffering from dangerous diseases later.Visit

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Some Notes When Take Care Of Old Dogs And Cats

There are some issues that you should keep in mind when caring elderly cats and dogs are as follows:

Strengthening veterinary care: Old pets should be taken on a routine examination. May be 6 months / time. Is it possible to detect signs of illness or other related problems early on to be treated?

Diet and nutrition: Use easily digestible cat dog foods. Weight control of old cats and dogs. Weight gain in older dogs results in increased health risks. Losing weight is also a serious problem for older cats.

Parasite control: The resistance of old pets is no longer high. The results show that they cannot resist disease or recover as quickly as young children. Therefore, every employer needs to be aware of their pet’s health.

Staying active: Maintaining mobility for older pets will make them stronger and more active. Soft movement and movement also make joints more flexible. Control the nervous system to work stably. Encourage them to interact with you, which can make them more alert.

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Review of living environment: Older pets may need to change their habit of living before. Specifically, the sleeping area should avoid stairs and stay indoors more.

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