Travel Safe With A Small Dog Car Harness

Did you know that most dog harnesses will not keep your small dog safe if your car suffers an accident. Find out which belts are tested for dog safety and actually work, this includes dog travel safe products like a small dog car harness.

Do I Need To Restrain My Small Dog In The Car?

There are currently no US federal regulations or Australian law requiring dogs to be detained inside the vehicle. However, the law requires the dog not to sit in the front seat or be allowed to distract the driver.

An uninhibited dog in a car can be seriously injured or very likely to die. In addition, your dog will become a bullet and seriously injure or kill you, your child and others in the car.

For the same reason that children should not be placed in the front seat of a car, the frontal airbag system can be fatal to your small dog in an accident, even if restricted.

The best and safest way to go with a small dog in the car is to use a best small dog car harness that can safely protect your dog in the back seat.

A Best Small Dog Car Harness Helps You And Your Small Dog Get Safer When Traveling

Your dog is a intimate friend and companion as well as your best. It likes to be with you, especially when it means a short trip to the park. But how secure is your small dog in the car when it is not in a small dog car harness?

In a collision, small dogs are extremely vulnerable. An unrestrained four-legger flies forward like a missile to smash through the windscreen. Whilst being held on a lap makes them your pawsonal crash-cushion… plus an airbag deploying in his face can do serious harm to his head and neck.

With an eye to road safety, what is the best small dog car harness when in transit?

What Makes A Small Dog Car Harness Safe?

A small dog car harness should be comfortable, durable and easy to adjust – just like a regular car. There are some additional considerations when choosing a belt, such as:

Checked the problem.

A high-speed collision can create incredible power – and all it takes is a weak key to turning your poor pet into a dangerous bullet. Unfortunately, many safety belts and small dog car harness are only designed to keep your dog in one place throughout the journey. They could not protect him in an accident. When looking for a small dog car harness safe, make sure it has been tested for collision so you know it will at least have a chance of protecting your dog.

Durable materials.

It sounds obvious, but a small dog car harness should be made of strong materials and built to high standards. Many of the best dog harnesses for car have metal buckles, double sutures and various enhanced features. This means they spend more money – but less likely to tear or shred.

Easy to place on.

Any harnesses for a small dog should be simple to put in and adjust. This allows you to get a consistent snug without causing chafing. Adjustable harnesses are also important to ensure your dog can not slip belts while driving or in an accident.


A small dog car harness with cushion reduces friction and strain on your dog’s skin, which can stop chafing and sores. This is important if your small dog will be wearing it for several hours on a trip. It is also important in an accident, as the cushion spreads the force over a wider area than a simple strap.


There are two options when buying a small dog car harness – a real harness or a seat belt. The harness is like a regular walking harness, but there are attachments to protect your small dog in the car. The safety harness is much simpler and is used to connect the dog’s existing harness with seat belt clip. I do not recommend, as a standard exploit is usually not strong enough for a collision. Instead, look for a test harness. Never attach a harness or safety belt to your collar as this may cause choking.

One thing to note is that a dog harness is not necessarily the best harness for walking. Car harness need to be hard and durable to withstand high forces, but this can make them heavier and more difficult. A simple solution is to have a separate harness for travel and walking. There are some harnesses that can be used for both though.

A small dog car harness will also not protect your seat. If you are worried about wrap or scratched skin, you can view our evaluation including the best dog carrier for car seats.

Whatever your choice of car harness for travel, be sure to look for crash-tested products using materials approved for making car restraints. Remember a regular dog walking harness is just that…and not designed to spread the extreme force of an emergency stop. Specialist car harnesses designed for small dogs are essential for dog and passenger safety.


Top 10 Best Small Dog Car Harness Compasion

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1. Kurgo Tru-Fit Crash Tested Small Dog Harness

Travel Safe With A Small Dog Car Harness
Travel Safe With Small Dog Car Harness By Kurgo Tru-Fit Crash Tested

Unlike the usual Kurgo Tru-Fit, this is a “power boost” version. In fact, this means the locks have been replaced by more robust steel versions, which are similar to the versions used for climbing. There are also five adjustment points, so you can fit snugly and securely without being squeezed.

The harness is attached to the car seat belt via a strong metal carabiner. Kurgo recommends using a carabiner to attach it directly to the seat belt, although there is more freedom for a longer strap. This can be good for small dogs not being used to being restricted in the car – but I would like to use direct attachments if possible as tethers can provide too much slack in a collision.

One of the great things about Kurgo Tru-Fit Crash Tested is that it makes the walking belt great. Unlike Sleepypod, too heavy and limited, Kurgo is suitable for everyday use. The padded chest is also great if your small dog pulls, as it prevents chafing or choking. It’s not the easiest harness to put on though.

The reward is Kurgo comes with a lifetime warranty of the company for manufacturing defects. If the product breaks down at any time due to a problem with the way it is done, Kurgo will replace it for free. It also comes down to size 12 “chest circumference, which makes it a good choice for a small dog car harness.

2. Sleepypod Clickit Sport – Certified and Crash-Tested Dog Safety Harness

Travel Safe With A Small Dog Car Harness
Travel Safe With Small Dog Car Harness By Sleepypod Clickit Sport

If you are looking for the best small dog car harness, Sleepypod Clickit Sport is the only product certified by CPS. It’s a powerful product that is well made in collision tests – plus it has a wide front vest so your small dog feels comfortable.

Clickit Sport is also made of high-strength material designed to withstand extreme force during a crash. These include an exterior nylon ballistic and automotive standard safety belt fabric.

As you would expect from such a sturdy belt, it is not the lightest or most convenient to walk. It can still be used for short walks though – and even has a reflective strip to improve night visibility. I would be wary of it being too hot in the warm weather though. It can also be too restrictive for long trips.

Be careful with the size of this product and measure your dog around the chest to find fit for them. This is not a cheap small dog car harness, but it has an excellent pedigree that raises the question: How much will you pay to keep your small dog safe in an accident?

3. Clix Car Safe Small Dog Harness

Travel Safe With A Small Dog Car Harness 2
Travel Safe With A Small Dog Car Harness From Clix Car Safe

Clix Car Safe is another of those ‘Sit up and take notice’ products because of its’ pedigree. This is the brain child of dog-behaviour guru Dr Roger Mugford and his Company of Animals. If this sounds familiar but you aren’t sure why, Dr Mugford is in charge of KONG mighty and other dog toys.

As you would expect from a product designed by a dog behaviorist, this small dog car harness from Clix Car Safe helps to give visitors a sense of security when traveling. The small dogs feel anchored and result in less fighting than the car’s movement. Some pet parents have even found the effect that made the difference so that their regular travel sick dogs did not vomit in transit.

On the left side, size can be complex. Note that the harness is adjustable but with the limiting factor of the circumference of the harness around the neck. For reference, a medium size fits a Cavalier weighing 10 kg.

A bit of a Marmite product, pet owners tend to love or hate it. On the plus side of it comfortably and has actually protected life in actual accidents, on the minus side the sizing can be tricky and it’s not officially crash tested to the standards of say, the Sleepypod harness.

4. Bergan Dog Auto Harness with Tether (Small)

Travel Safe With A Small Dog Car Harness
Travel Safe With A Small Dog Car Harness By Bergan

Bergan market their harness as “Crash tested”. Yes, this is true, but it is also somewhat confusing. The harness has passed the testing of the durability of its material, but failed to keep the dog safely in a 30-mile-an-hour crash.

This is a reasonable price tag made from durable material. The tether system is adjustable, giving you the option of protecting your small dog in a sitting, standing or standing position. Tether is also a tangle proof, so your dog is not likely to knot – unlike some loop repair systems.

Many dog owners are the fans of getting the Bergan car harnesses, however many are less impressive. They point to a lack of features as a suitable repair spot for a potential customer, which makes this device less practical as a walking harness.

5. Easy Rider Car Harness for Dogs (Small)

Travel Safe With A Small Dog Car Harness
Travel Safe With A Small Dog Car Harness By Easy Rider

Easy Rider Car Harness is perfect for travel. Features metal safety hardware and a padded chest strap – Designed to keep your dog restrained, but comfortable, this harness prevents your dog from being thrown and injured in the event of short stop or crash.

It prevents a pet from being thrown and injured in the event of a short stop or accident. As an added bonus, it will keep him from distracting you with his usual enthusiasm when you drive.

It is constructed of strong nylon fabric with a comforting chest strap. Metal hardware at stress points offers superior strength. Small dog car harness by Easy Rider is adjustable, lightweight and non-irritating. While most dogs will have no problems adjusting, you may want to have your dog wear a belt several times before using it in the car.

To determine the correct size, measure your dog’s circumference around the largest part of the chest, while he is sitting. Includes step-by-step instructions that are illustrated and adapted to fit the 25-inch to 34-inch range.

6. EzyDog DRIVE Dog Car Harness – Crash Tested US (Small)

Travel Safe With A Small Dog Car Harness
Travel Safe With A Small Dog Car Harness By EzyDog DRIVE

Small dog car harness by EzyDog DRIVE is a high quality crash safety harness, designed to fit your dog perfectly and ensure it a comfortable and safe ride.

It is light weight but strong, with strong stitching for more safety. The chest pad is padded, long and wide enough to support and full control without hurting your dog. The harness is easily attached by the seat belt and is equipped with a special lock system that uses a strong magnet. Furthermore, there are no complicated clips or locks for you to fight.

You have to take the time to read the instructions and tighten the belt properly, so your dog has no chance of getting out of it. This may take some practice, but once you get it right, the tap will stay tuned to your dog’s physique and no additional action will be needed from that point on. . To attach the harness, simply put it down on the floor and have your dog walk in, subject it and you’re good to go.

This harness has a dual purpose, as it can serve as a walking belt, as well. It has three circumference sizes (the area behind the front leg), namely: small (28-64cm), medium (38-86cm) and large (49-106cm) and can be further adjusted by The use of lines along the fabric.

Although there are no clear rules and standards when it comes to animal safety features, manufacturers have recognized the need to create high quality products and decide to test it. They have selected Australian Automobile Safety Technologies, which are accredited to certify child safety seats in the United States, Europe and Australia. All three sizes have been successful in rescuing test dumplings in different car crash simulations.

Small dog car harness are constructed with strong material, high quality, soft and breathable at the same time. This is great news for small dogs with lots of hair, as they will be safe and comfortable during the trip.

7. PetSafe Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Dog Harness (Small)

Travel Safe With A Small Dog Car Harness
Travel Safe With A Small Dog Car Harness By PetSafe Solvit Deluxe

Is your dog good about being in the back seat but falling everywhere when you stop and start? A small dog car harness can create a trip safer, more comfortable for your puppy. To use the PetSafe Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Dog Harness, place the harness on your dog, then attach the strap to the seat belt. Make sure the seat harness is clicked.

The other end of the strap has a spring-loaded D ring closure, which goes through the nylon straps on the top of the vest. After your dog is safely in position, they can stand, sit, lay or peak their head up front for a quick petting from you. This Solvit dog seat belt harness will keep your dog safe on car trips, no matter how long they are.

8. Ruffwear – Load Up Vehicle Restraint Harness for Dogs (Small)

Travel Safe With A Small Dog Car Harness
Travel Safe With A Small Dog Car Harness By Ruffwear

Another dog harnessed tested is Ruffwear Load Up. Like the others on this list, it is specifically designed for the safety of automotive pets, and has metal hardware for added strength.

As you expect from a small dog car harness safety, it has been crash tested. Specifically, it was tested at MGA Research Corp according to the standards provided by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213.

It also has a lot of padding on the chest, abdomen and back. This creates more comfort in the journey, and also helps spread the impact of a collision on a wider area.

However, unlike Kurgo, Ruffwear Load Up is not suitable for walking. It’s good for short breaks while traveling or going to the toilet, but it’s too heavy and limiting for longer walks. This is not a bad thing – the best small dog car harness are usually heavy duty – but one thing to keep in mind.

It is also slightly hard to adjust and put on, although there are a lot of adjustment options to suit.

9. The Original AllSafe Harness

Travel Safe With A Small Dog Car Harness 8
Travel Safe With A Small Dog Car Harness By The Original AllSafe

My next option for the best small dog car harness is the original Allsafe. As the name “Original” suggests, it has been around for some time and has been tested for both fallen US and European government standards. It may not be the most padded – but made of sturdy material for safety in an accident.

Allsafe is made from a combination of stainless steel hardware and strong nylon. This means it is strong enough to stop a dog from being launched in a collision. You can also adjust it to get a snug fit.

One thing to keep in mind about Allsafe is that initially it failed to check the collision of the CPS. It does not break, but the tether allows the dog to move around which can lead to injury. If the seat belt is inserted through the back of the belt without the strap, it is much safer. This reduces the mobility of the dog – but this balance is a problem with all the harnesses. Allsafe still sells tether, but I advise you to avoid this and directly replace it.

Also, unlike Ruffwear, Allsafe can be used for short walks. I still recommend using a separate belt for walking or running longer. It has a useful reflective strip that increases the visibility of night time.

10. Vastar 2 Packs Adjustable Dog Car Seat Belt Safety Leads Vehicle Seatbelt Harness

Travel Safe With A Small Dog Car Harness 9
Travel Safe With A Small Dog Car Harness by Vastar

You drove by many means, where you see a dog sitting on the driver’s lap, obstructing their vision. To be honest, it made me quite nervous. While it’s lovely to see a small dog enjoying a trip with his head out the window, it’s really quite dangerous. If an accident occurs, the dog may be injured more severely or worse.

That is why you need to make sure you carry your small dog car harness to keep your small dogs safe. The seat belt attaches directly to your car seat belt. Clip is 2 cm, so you will want to make sure it is compatible with your car lock and it can adjust from 16 to 27 inches so it can accommodate small and large dogs.

This small dog car harness allows your dog to sit, stand or lay down. The best part of this Amazon listing is that it’s a two pack of seatbelts for dogs for the price of one. So, if you have two dogs this is great, or if you’re like your husband and you and have two vehicles, it’s nice to have one in each vehicle. It’s super easy to use, just buckle the pet seatbelt into the car buckle and clip the other end to your pet’s harness or collar.

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A small dog lost in the car is a distraction for the driver. He is also free to move around, which means he goes to good legs and obstructs the brake pedal. With this in mind, any restraint is better than no restraint. However, investing in a strengthened harness to secure your precious baby is a small price to pay when knowing that he is safe in the event of an accident … right?

A strong car can protect your dog in the unfortunate event of a collision, while also ensuring that he is safe and can not be annoying. It is important to get a product that is crash tested and tuned though, otherwise it may not offer much protection.

While some small dog car harness are safely checked, others do not, so be sure to look over the features and reviews when you are ready to buy your car harness.

My top choice for a small dog car harness is Sleepypod Clickit. It is a strong model certified by the Center for Pet Safety. If you are looking for a belt that can also be used to walk, Strengthening Kurgo is a good choice.

If you are interested in the product, its effectiveness, or how to ensure optimum safety, talk to your veterinarian. Of course, carry a harness with you so your animal doctor can show you how to use it.

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