Dog Bone Shaped Pool for Your Dogs Review


Dog Bone Shaped Pool for Your Dogs

When it comes time to beat the summer heat, our beloved furry friends are often left hot and panting while we are in the pool splashing around. Next summer, why not give your dog a true bone treat? By providing them with a dog bone shaped pool, your dog will be just as happy as you are about the summertime. However, they will also benefit in other ways. Some that may surprise you.

Dog Bone Shaped Pool for Your Dogs
Dog Bone Shaped Pool for Your Dogs

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Features of a Dog Bone Pool

The Bone Pool is made using truck bed liner to ensure that it can withstand the playtime of your dog, regardless of how large he is. It also will not matter if he chews on it because it is strong enough to handle it without sustaining damage, unlike your Intex Easy Set!

Dog Bone Shaped Pool for Your Dogs
Dog Bone Shaped Pool for Your Dogs

There is an easy to use brass cap and drain so that you can drain out dirty water before it becomes an eyesore or filled with algae.

The coolest thing about this pool is that no matter how hot the temperature gets outdoors, this pool will always stay cool enough for your best friend to enjoy. When it does come time to change out the water, this pool will hold up to 85 gallons of water, if you fill it all the way to the top.

This pool measures out to be 11”x44”x66”. This means that even if you have a large breed dog, your dog can enjoy it, but if you have a smaller breed, they will be able to get in and out of the pool easily as well. It weighs 22 pounds when empty so that you can move it around your yard to prevent killing the grass completely in one area.

This pool is UV resistant. It should be something your beloved pets can use for many years, thanks to the heavy duty polyethylene that it is made of. They are also American made.

Benefits of Pools for Dogs

Dog Bone Shaped Pool for Your Dogs
Dog Bone Shaped Pool for Your Dogs

Having a hard plastic kiddie pool for dogs is a strange concept for most people. They wonder why it is necessary. Perhaps you even allow your pet to join you in the pool or at the beach occasionally and feel that is enough swimming. Admittedly, your dog will enjoy those times spent with you, but what happens when it is 100 degrees outside and you are at work? Dogs get hot the same as you do. Often they do not have the option to go inside and chill in front of the air conditioner. This means they may lay under a tree, dig in your garden, or do other things to find a “cool” spot to lay. By having a designated area for them to cool off when they want to, you will end up with less spilt dog bowls of water because they will have a fun and exciting place to play and get out of the heat.

This is also a way for them to exercise when you are not at home to take them to the park. Every dog owner knows that after bath time, a dog will run harder, roll more often, and get a little crazy. During these times, they are happy and acting like big puppies all over again. How much exercise will your dog get if he is always cool during the summertime?

Will Your Dog Love This Bone Shaped Dog Pool?

There are reviewers and current owners of all sized dog breeds that all rave about this pool. There are those who have multiple dogs in their yard and of those, they say that up to three Labradors can fit into the swimming pool at one time, but it is a little tight for them to do so. Many reviewers have used the pool throughout multiple summer seasons and still have a durable pool for their dogs to frolic in. In other words, it may seem silly to have a bone pool for Fido, but it is a treat that your dog will love if you give him a chance.

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