Dog Sunglasses: Does Your Dog Need ‘Em?

Just as they guard human eyes from the wind, sand and the sun’s ultraviolet rays, sunglasses can also protect your dog’s eyes. Doggles!

Some folks put sunglasses on their dogs to make a statement — wanting others to see that their pooch is not only very much loved but fashionable as well.

Doggie sunglasses aren’t just for dress-up anymore. They often provide vital protection from sun and wind.
Dog sunglasses aren’t just for dress-up anymore. They often provide vital protection from sun and wind.

Whether you are tossing a pair of shades on your pup for a cute snapshot or dressing him up for a special occasion, sunglasses have always been a quick fix as a fashion statement.

Proper sunglasses do, however, offer eye protection. Just as they guard human eyes from the wind, sand and the sun’s ultraviolet rays, they can also protect your dog’s eyes. Sold under the brand name Doggles, these dog sunglasses are marketed in many sizes for the correct fit on any pooch, large or small.

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Playing Dress-up

I remember when my two sons were growing up — oh how they loved to dress their pets up! Their dress-up candidates included cats, frogs, lizards and dogs. But as best I can remember, the dogs were the easiest targets.

Armed with bandanas, hats, sunglasses and, of course, ribbons and bows for any female participants, the boys would give the chosen pet a new look. Unfortunately, the time spent getting them all gussied up took much longer than the time spent by the pets getting out of those ridiculous get-ups.

But with changing times, you can now purchase almost any outfit (and accessories) for your pets.

Doggles, the Dog Sunglasses

Doggie sunglasses from sun and wind
Dog sunglasses from sun and wind

Doggles are designed solely for canines. Veterinarians often recommend them, citing both UV protection and element protection as logical reasons sunglasses should be a part of your pet’s health-care kit.

Dr. Sophia Yin, DVM, MS, has stated that Doggles are often a necessityfor those dogs that love to ride with the wind blowing in their faces. Many chronic eye conditions make it a must to avoid direct sunlight. Just as in humans, pink eye (conjunctivitis) can also be a problem with dogs. According to Dr. Shea Cox, DVM, breeds that are inclined to have eye problems, such as shepherds or pugs, may benefit greatly by wearing sunglasses for protection from the sun.

Regular sunglasses are designed for people, and people want them to have the right fit. Your pet will appreciate that his shades fit him properly too, given his wider-than-human nose bridge and facial structure. When choosing sunglasses for your pet, make sure they are snug-fitting, with polycarbonate (shatterproof) lenses and have flexible frames. For a minimal price — around 20 bucks — your dog can look trendy, and you can have the satisfaction of knowing his eyes are protected.

Customer reviews for Doggles have been fairly positive. One point most everyone agrees on is that although it may take your pet a little time to get used to wearing his shades, he will eventually look forward to putting them on. (Pairing them with a tasty reward may coax your pet into accepting his eyewear a little more willingly).

More Sun Protection Tips

Doggie sunglasses from sun and wind

Get your veterinarian’s opinion on whether sunglasses would be a good buy for your pet.

Other ways to protect pets from too much exposure to the the sun include keeping them inside during the hottest part of the day, providing shaded areas for them to run and play when they are outside (especially for 30 minutes or longer), and making sure they always have plenty of fresh drinking water available.

If it’s really hot outside, follow Pets Adviser’s heat wave tips for pet owners.

Although when my kids were young, I never imagined there would come a time when sunglasses would actually be custom-made for dogs, I do understand the thought behind this invention. But, nonetheless, I cannot picture my chihuahua, Angel, ever wearing doggie sunglasses. That’s just not her style.



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