Please stop if you are a vegetarian dog

Please stop feeding vegetarian dogs or cats in large quantities. And eat for a long time. Why do you have to give cats and dogs to fish? Share if you are a true pet dog lover. The article below will specifically analyze the problem of vegetarian dog cat food.

Recently we have received quite a lot of arguments about whether or not your dog or cat eat vegetables. Eat with the content of how. How long does it take? And especially if you tell your dog to follow your vegetarian diet and conclude that she is still living normally (!?)

Three reasons why dogs and cats are not vegetarian

Stop vegetarian dog
Stop vegetarian dog

In this article, we will gather international scientific knowledge and materials and advice from local and foreign veterinarian councils to answer all of these questions. If you are lazy reading the testimony can go straight to the conclusion at the end of the article.

First of all, we need to understand some of the scientifically proven axioms in cats and dogs about proteins – Carbohydrates – Vitamins as follows:

  1. Dogs Cats are carnivores. The instinct that Mother Nature gives to cats and dogs is living and consuming energy from proteins and is of animal origin. Not plants.
  2. Dogs Cats need Carbohydrates (starch-sugar) account for very little (2-5% of diet). Because the digestive system of dogs and cats lack enzyme amylase (amilase) to break down carbohydrates into sugars.
  3. Cats Dogs take vitamins from meat, viscera and other non digestible foods in the viscera of the animals they hunt. If you lack vitamin, instinctively cats and dogs will eat some plants like grass. But will not digest) to supplement.

The above issues will lead to the following answer:

Dogs Cats are not vegetarian!

Stop vegetarian dog

If you have a vegetarian dog cat (mix rice with vegetables) and your baby is living normally. Please answer that all animals in this life are “living normally” until the disease and death. A vegetarian diet leads to a change in pH in the urinary system, which can lead to kidney stones. Also without or with too little animal protein will cause severe deficiency of taurine. Can cause blindness for cats and dogs due to reduction in retinal cells. If you want to change the world, do it yourself. Because humans are omnivorous and cats and dogs are predators. Please stop this natural evil again.

If for dogs and cats eat a high carbohydrate intake will cause diabetes, obesity, reduce the absorption of protein. And it is harmful to the internal organs because the cat’s digestive system is not designed to digest too much starch. (Note that potatoes have 20% carbs, 21% sweet potatoes and 12% pumpkin).

To supplement the vitamins for cats, we have rich sources of vitamins and minerals such as sea fish, dried beans, barley grass, supplement foods, and maybe vegetables.

The effect of keeping dogs cats fast for a long time

If you overuse vitamins and fiber with high and long-term vitamins and fiber, there are some disadvantages:

Not control or not calculate the amount of vegetables, vitamins. In addition, if using products containing vegetables are frozen and thawed, then most of the water soluble vitamins will be lost -> ineffective.

Our View: 10 Worst Dog Foods and 5 Recommend Feeding

“Most dogs will eat anything. From table scraps dug out of the garbage to clumps from the litter box, a dog’s desire to eat knows no bounds. Much of the time, your dog doesn’t even know what he is eating – all he knows is that it smells and tastes good. As a dog owner, it is your job to keep track of what your dog is eating and to make sure that the food you give him will provide for his nutritional needs.”

Synthetic vitamins may be harder to absorb than natural vitamins but will be more adequate & designed specifically for cats and dogs -> better dosage control & no excess or poisoning.

Excess carbohydrates. As mentioned above, boiled potatoes contain 20% carbohydrates, 21% sweet potatoes and 12% pumpkin. So to supplement how carbs do not exceed 2-5% diet of cats and dogs is a very mathematical calculation. Can not rely on experience as some of you say: “eat from there until now dead”.

How does vegetarian food affect dogs and cats?

Fresh vegetables are often used to reduce costs. Pull with the use of low quality animal products such as chicken neck, chicken bone to reduce costs. These types of products, though pureed, may still have bone-to-bone fractures. Or if the sharp bone can be pinned to the throat causing infection.

Mashed potatoes are the ideal environment for harmful bacteria to grow. If a fresh food without vegetables can be 6-8 hours outside the room temperature. Fresh vegetables contain only half the time, with the risk of rancid, mildew causing diarrhea. Even some types of mold can be fatal if cats and dogs eat. That is why fresh vegetables are always kept frozen and large fresh food manufacturers do not put vegetables in their produce.

For these reasons, give the cats and dogs of the cucurbits in calculated quantities, for a certain period of time (consult your veterinarian during each stage of your health). And not to be exploited in large quantities in the long run will benefit harm.

Conclusion why should not a cat or dog be vegetarian?

Stop vegetarian dog

Dogs cats are not allowed to eat vegetarian food.

Dogs Cats are carnivores. No one forbids cats to eat vegetables. But let’s revisit if you are thinking that mixed vegetable foods are not professionally produced. Rely on personal experience and claim that it is a dog cat food!

Give your dog cat a diet of meat / fish and low starch. To add protein and actually Lowcarb. Grazing grass to supplement vitamins, minerals. Remember that there are no cats in the wild who dig sweet potatoes, potatoes, and finally from the ground up or picking pumpkins to eat vitamin supplements and supplements.

Reference source for information related to vegetarian dog cat

Feeding Your Cat: Know the Basics of Feline Nutrition – Lisa A. Pierson – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Nutritional Disease Prevention (Catinfo).

Your cat’s nutritional needs- A Science-Based Guide For Pet Owners. National Institute of Scientific Research.

Taurine in cats – Documentation of the VCA veterinary hospital system with more than 750 hospitals in the US & Canada.

The carnivore connection to nutrients in cats – Debra L. Zoran – veterinary medicine doctor. The article has been evaluated by the American College of Veterinary Nutrition.

Accredited materials can be used by cat owners around the world. If there are environmental differences will be negligible.

Laura Norwood
Laura Norwood
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