All The Information About Calcium Tablets For Dogs

Using calcium tablets for dogs is one way you can supplement your friend’s nutrition. With the main ingredient including calcium and phosphorus gives pets a comprehensive development. However, the use of calcium tablets will not bring good results if you do not know how to balance the dosage. Please follow the useful information of Howdogcare under this article to know more about this issue.

Requirements for calcium supplements for dogs

There are many howdogcare’ customers who are concerned about what calcium supplements for dogs should be based on those characteristics. Calcium requirements with dogs depend on many different factors. Some of the most important points to note are seed, age, genetics and health status. Therefore, before deciding to use calcium for dogs, you should consult your veterinarian. This will ensure nutritional balance and adjust the diet of pets more appropriately.

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Eg adult dogs weighing 5kg need 250mg of calcium per day. But for larger dogs about 25kg, 300mg of calcium will be needed. Puppies will need less to maintain growth in their bones and teeth. Pregnant and breeding dogs should also have a different dose. Calcium supplements for dogs are usually in tablet form, so it’s easy to control this problem.

Calcium is a mineral, so that puppies cannot produce it themselves. Through diets and supplements from drugs, your milk can give them the necessary amount of calcium.

How To Use Calcium Tablets For Dogs

In addition to being in tablet form, calcium supplements for dogs can also be in liquid state. The use of medicines is also very simple. You can feed your dog directly or can crush it (pellets) and mix it into their food and drink. Another way is to inject it directly into their body. But this is often the case when pets suffer from severe calcium deficiency. However, the dosage depends on the above factors mentioned by the veterinarian.

Calcium tablets will be very safe if you know how to use them. However, if not combined with the doctor’s instructions you will most likely endanger the pet. If too much calcium is supplied, other minerals such as magnesium and zinc will not be absorbed. This is not good. Do not focus on just one nutrient but ignore other important nutritional ingredients.

In addition, excessive calcium supplementation can cause the dog to fall into bone development disorder or increase the risk of kidney stones and nutritional imbalance. Unexpected side effects may be: vomiting, abdominal pain, kidney failure …

Guide To Buying The Best Calcium Tablets For Dogs

Calcium tablets for dogs make cats and dogs’ bones and teeth strong. Some owners buy calcium tablets for humans to use for pets. This is the wrong way to use medicine. The development of humans and pets is not the same. And the ingredients in calcium tablets are also completely different. Therefore, if the owner has such intention, stop immediately.

You can find calcium tablets for dogs at many locations Pet shop specializes in providing products for pets or large online stores like amazon, etc. However, for the health of your friend, choose the most reliable stores. You can look at top 10 products calcium supplements for dogs sold on amazon with the famous brand, reliable and good customer feedback.

Hope the article gives you more useful knowledge. Wish your puppy is healthy!

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Laura Norwood
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