Use Dog Hair Trimmer How Is The Right Way

A dog hair trimmer offers a complete pleasure for the dog. Regular dog trimming is not simply a beauty routine. It is also a way to protect your pet’s health effectively.

But not everyone knows how to use a pet hair trimmer. And how to buy the best trimmer. Please read our article below.

When to use dog hair trimmer

Normally, the dog’s trimming is usually by using scissors. But the truth is not so. There are many cases needs to be used to trimmer to shave the dog.

When your dog has long hair and pretty thick, and the summers are coming slowly. Actually, with the coat too long and thick, the outdoor temperature is too high. Heat escapes slowly, who dares to ensure that the dog will avoid thermal shock.

Shaving here is not a shave close to the skin. Shaved cat hairs always leave a short coat of about 1 – 3mm to protect their skin from direct contact with the environment.

When your domestic dog fur is too long, caked dirt. You can not bathe clean and dog hair comb. It is best to replace a new coat for them. Also very fast, their hair will grow back.

In another case, many dogs must go through. Especially Poodle. When the age is 3 months or more, owners often carry out shaving. The hair trimmer for the Poodle is the perfect choice.

Or if your dog is suffering from skin diseases (dog fungus, dermatitis). The parasite attacks: dog lice, ticks, fleas… you also need to use shaved hair trimmer for them. This makes it easier to apply the medication.

How to use a dog hair trimmer properly

Dog hair trimmer accessory is very easy to use. However, not so easy to the extent that any employer can use. If not careful, it is possible to hurt the dog.

How to use a dog hair trimmer properly

If possible, you should clean your dog first. At the same time, groom the bristles. Thus, the trimmer will be more convenient. Puppy will also feel comfortable.

There are many different blade sizes for dog hair trimmers. Consider the dog’s hair length to choose the right trimmer blade. Choice of trimmer blades for regular shaving. Later when the hair grows this will be better.

You should keep the dog stood with harness on a dog grooming table. Avoid dog run and mischief. Slowly move the trimmer put on their plumage. Must go in the direction of hair growth. Your razor starts from the neck to the feet. Try to get rid of the hairs too long.

After cutting the back, cut to the abdomen and head, tail. You should cut off slowly and gently to avoid scratching your pet’s skin.

Perform a complete re-examination to determine that any unassembled parts are missing. Then dry and oil the trimmer.

Or if you can not use the trimmer, or cut dog hair becomes choppy. No worries. There are many spa services that offer hair removal services

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What kind of dog hair trimmer is good?

There are many types of trimmers on the market. Durability, sharpness is also very different. To buy cheap dog hair and quality assurance you need to find out thoroughly. It is best to go to the pet store prestige or buy on the Amazon online shopping, choose products that are high buyer rated star.

The price for each trimmer is not too high. Only about $ 40 or less, you can own a dog hair trimmer safety and quality.

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