What Do You Know About “Taste Of The Wild” Dog Food?

What Do You Know About

Taste Of The Wild is one of the world’s fastest growing cat and dog food brands. Taste Of The Wild products are produced directly in the US based on the best production conditions.

“Taste Of The Wild” dog food is increasingly popular. Contribute to building a diet full of quality and energy for pets. With the core value of Taste Of The Wild, all pets deserve the best nutrition. At the same time, every pet owner deserves to receive reasonable values. This article, howdogcare.com will give you some information to better understand the quality of Taste Of The Wild dog food.

The “Wild” Flavor Is Typical Of Taste Of The Wild

Taste Of The Wild dog food has a unique flavor unlike any other food on the market. All nutritional formulas are built on the pet’s natural diet. The first important ingredient is meat and fish. Protein sources are taken from pork, wild cattle, salmon, duck, venison … Combined with aromas and spices to make food more delicious and attractive. Certainly one thing that will stimulate your pet to eat more.

The "Wild" Flavor Is Typical Of Taste Of The Wild

The “wild” flavor here means natural convenience. Modern science has proven that cats and dogs have been domesticated but their DNA still bears the characteristics of old dogs and wild cats. Therefore, Taste Of The Wild creates flavors specific to that “wild”.

However, Taste Of The Wild dog food still ensures the highest level of safety and quality. Keeping track of nutrient components and production processes is always at the forefront.

  • There are all 1,075 mycotoxin tests every week
  • More than 1,300 microbiological tests per week
  • Perform 180 stable oxidation tests on fats and oils every month
  • More than 6,000 nutritional ingredient tests every month
  • More than 45,000 finished nutritional tests every month

Through the above figures, veterinarians believe that Taste Of The Wild products are always safe and absolutely guaranteed.

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“Taste Of The Wild” Dog Food

High quality and complete “Taste Of The Wild” dog food. Do not use cereals based on the ancestral diet of cats and dogs. Protein content is taken from animal meat and fish. Combined with natural fruits and vegetables, fruits. This recipe is studied in accordance with all different dog breeds. Especially, it is suitable for both dogs who are pregnant or during lactation.

Taste Of The Wild dog food has a variety of palates. Each breed loves different tastes. Therefore, pet owners have many choices with Taste Of The Wild dog foods. Here are some options for you:

Food for smoked salmon dog, lamb, grilled venison, wild boar and wild boar: Pacific Stream Puppy Recipe, Pine Forest Canine Recipe, Sierra Mountain Canine Formula, High Prairie Canine Formula … Both dry and pate very convenient to use. Each one contains a protein that is essential for pet development.

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Cat Food “Taste Of The Wild”

The cats have inherently wild instincts quite high, so in the cat food Taste Of The Wild there is a special link between animal meat and vegetables, beans and fruits. Includes sweet potatoes, peas, tomatoes, blueberries and raspberries. Ensuring the supply of nutrients helps support overall health.

The pet’s immune system and digestive system play an extremely important role. The exclusive use of K9 Strain and Viabled Probiotic probiotics solves this problem. Dried food grains are produced in the form of small particles. Very good mouth to help teeth and reduce odors. Delicious soft pate helps your cat enjoy meals.

Some types of flavors are favorite pet cat such as salmon, beef, deer … Typically, food for Angus Beef Limited Ingredient Formula, Canyon River Feline Formula, Canyon River Feline Recipe, Turkey Limited Ingredient Formula …

So far, Taste Of The Wild dog food has been taking good care of millions of pets in over 80 countries and territories around the world. A reliable quality product for pets that you should definitely not ignore.

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