Beagle health problems – How to you need to look out for

Like people, dogs can suffer from many different diseases and other maladies. If not treated promptly, Beagle health problems can be emotionally draining and expensive to deal with. The best medicine is to be proactive and help your dog maintain a healthy lifestyle and you’ll both be happier for it.

Your Beagle can come down with a variety of illnesses, but one difference between dogs and people is that your dog can’t tell you when it hurts until it has progressed beyond a minor ache. To avoid having your dog suffer, you’ll need to check him over regularly and learn to recognize symptoms early.

Cherry Eye (Nictitans gland prolapse)

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Cherry eye is the enlargement of the gland of the third eyelid with resultant prolapse. The gland basically emerges out of the normal position and becomes swollen.

This can cause panic among first-time beagle owners because it looks like the gland is about to come out from the beagle’s eye.

Therefore, the cool, calm and collected approach is suggested when dealing with this beagle health problem.

The main causes of cherry eye are inflammation and lack of connective tissue bands which are supposed to secure the gland in its proper place. Some experts also believe that cherry eye is also hereditary, although others believe otherwise.

Signs and symptoms: Reddening of the eyelid’s inner lining

A pinkish or reddish mass protrudes from the eye’s corner

Mucous nasal discharge which can be overlooked as runny nose

Consistent itchiness as manifested by your beagle continuously scratching the affected area

Treatment: Usually, surgery in terms of tacking or in terms of removal is implemented by a trained veterinary surgeon.

Tacking means that a professionally trained veterinarian sutures the gland back into its normal position; removal basically removes the gland using a cautery procedure.

It is highly important that the veterinarian who is going to perform the procedure is experienced and trained. Otherwise, he may do more harm than good, so be careful.


Your beagle’s body fails to produce a normal amount of thyroid hormone – it produces less than the required hormonal amount. The thyroid hormone is involved in metabolism so metabolic changes can be observed in your beagle’s body.

Hypothyroidism can be brought about by several conditions. These three conditions are known to cause thyroid dysfunction:

Your beagle’s immune system is weak

His body is overloaded with toxins

He is not getting a proper amount of exercise

Signs and symptoms: Dull coat

Hair loss

Dry skin (He is also more prone to getting chronic skin conditions)

Mental lethargy (He is always feeling sleepy or tired)

Weight gain (Since his metabolism is functioning at a much slower rate)

Extreme intolerance for the cold weather (His body is not producing enough heat so if the weather becomes colder, he won’t be able to handle it)

Treatment: Sometimes, a more active training session can suppress hypothyroidism if the case is the lack of exercise or the abundance of toxins in your beagle’s body. However, in moderate to severe cases, a thyroid hormone supplement will be prescribed for your beagle to take it regularly.

Keep in mind to never self-medicate serious beagle health problems – always consult your veterinarian before introducing your beagle to any medication. Your pet beagle is worth it, after all.

Inter-vertebral Disk Disease

The inter-vertebral disk is supposed to be located between the vertebrae and the spine. However, when this inter-vertebral disk gets damaged, it goes through the vertebral canal and presses on the spinal canal, thereby causing the spine to be pressured. Various autonomic conditions are controlled by the spine, so if the spine gets pressured and injured in any way, various bodily functions can also be affected. This is a serious beagle health problem as in severe cases, paralysis may even happen.The inter-vertebral disk protruding into the spinal cord can usually be caused by physical trauma.Signs and symptoms: Limping

Lethargy (Your beagle refuses to get up, even for food)

Shivering or shaking

Your dog may act aggressive towards you when you try to pet him or pick him up

He refuses to strain his neck so he declines bending down

His rear end may be moving but your pet looks like he is not able to control it

Treatment: For mild cases, your beagle may be managed for cage confinement for at least two weeks to give time for healing of the mildly damaged inter-vertebral disk. If, after two weeks and there is still no sign of slight recovery, further diagnosis is recommended. Subsequently, surgery is done.

Idiopathic Epilepsy

Idiopathic epilepsy is characterized by recurrent episodes of seizures. It is a chronic condition that can progress hazardously, if not addressed properly.

This beagle health problem is thought to be passed through genetics. Additionally, here are more common causes:

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Low blood sugar

Liver disease

Kidney problems

Brain tumours or brain injury

Heat stroke


Severe thyroid problems

Signs and symptoms: Violent and spastic muscular contraction in repeated motions – this usually lasts for three minutes per episode; therefore, because this exhaustive movement takes a toll on your beagle’s body, he will subsequently fall asleep.

Foaming at the mouth

Fainting or loss of consciousness

Loss of bladder or bowel control (so your beagle may involuntary urinate or defecate)

Imaginary chewing on something

Treatment: Beagle owners are strongly advised to be educated when dealing with idiopathic epilepsy. When he starts contracting, make sure that the environment around him is safe.


Like their human counterparts, your Beagle can suffer from ear, eye, skin and tooth infections. Ear infections are probably the most common, given the large, floppy ears that are prone to accumulating dirt and unwanted organisms. Check your Beagles ears frequently for redness, swelling, dirt or fluids.

Infections are one of the easiest Beagle health problems to avoid – just keep your dog’s ears, eyes, teeth and coat clean and you will keep problems to a minimum.


Beagles can also have allergies and flea allergies are probably the most common. Look for redness and swelling on the skin and ears. The best cure is an ounce of prevention – visit your vet to get flea and tick repellents that are applied to the skin periodically. Food allergies may also be an issue, which can show up as skin problems and other issues.

Your vet can help you figure this out and how to best treat it, often with a different brand or type of dog food.


Heart-worm is one of the most serious Beagle health problems and will be deadly if left untreated. This parasite is passed on from mosquitoes and is prevented with medication available from your vet. Don’t wait until it’s too late, since heart-worm cannot be cured when it passes a critical stage.

Other parasites can invade your Beagle’s innards, often by eating dog poop. Your vet can test and treat for these, as well.


Beagle health problems will often be similar to those we find in human beings. Diabetes is a good example and can usually be prevented with proper diet and exercise. Feed your dog a high quality, high-protein dog food in an amount appropriate for his size.

Keep table scraps to a minimum, especially avoiding sweets and other sugary foods.

Arthritis and Dysplasia

While this isn’t as common in Beagles as some other breeds, you should make sure your dog has a healthy diet, including the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep his joints healthy. A regular vet check will help point out any issues here.


Like diabetes, obesity is becoming one of the more common Beagle health problems. Too much food (especially table scraps) and too little exercise is the main cause of canine obesity. If left on its own, it can be deadly by potentially leading to heart failure, cancer, liver disease, joint problems and skin problems.

Usually, obesity is easy to treat with proper diet and adequate exercise.

Keep him away from harm by controlling his surroundings. Never touch him while he is contracting because you might injure him more if you do so.

Your veterinarian will most likely run few diagnostic tests on your beagle accordingly because there are several reasons that can contribute to beagle health problems. Once the main cause is analyzed, your beagle will treat this aforementioned cause.

Additionally, he will prescribe anti-seizure medications in order to prevent seizure episodes from coming about.

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