Best Wireless Dog Fence (Buyers Guide & Reviews 2018)

A dog is man’s best friend. Many individuals have dogs as companions and a source of happiness. If you are one of these people, you better consider buying a best wireless dog fence.

Wireless dog fences are a technological advancement, nowadays, that will help you train your dogs. It will also ensure their safety while having the freedom to enjoy playing and roaming around in your yard.

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Top 9 Best Wireless Dog Fence Reviews
9 Best Wireless Dog Fence For 2018

What should you look out for when choosing the best wireless dog fence for your pet?

First of all, it is important to remember that when you are buying a system like this, you are not simply buying a fence. The battery pack, transmitter and boundary flags are all essential for creating a strong perimeter. However, your can’t forget about the quality of the collar and its impact on the dog either. Each component has to work together for a seamless, reliable system that maintains a consistent boundary and provides the right warnings to the dog.

The transmitter generally sits in the middle of the yard and transmits out across a determined radius. The bigger the radius, the more room the dog has to roam around. Some systems require a little manual work to install the wires and boundaries in the right place, so it is important to look for a model that is both easy-to-install and reliable. It is also important to remember that even the best models can be affected by interference from other signals and metallic objects. It is always best to test out the kit and understand the terrain before fitting a collar on a dog.

As for the collar, there are different types available with different pros and cons. The first consideration here is the type of response seen once the animal reaches the boundary. Some emit a static charge and other use noises. It all depends which you and your pet are most comfortable with. It is also worth looking at the weight and adjustability of the collar. Not all collars suit all breeds. Many have upper and lower size and weight limits so be sure to check the specification.

Top 9 Best Wireless Dog Fence Comparison

ImagesProduct NameRatingPrice
Best Wireless Dog Fence ReviewPetSafe Wireless Fence (PIF-300) with 2 Extra Battery Packs4.1$$$
Best Wireless Dog Fence ReviewPetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence3.6$$$
Best Wireless Dog Fence ReviewPetSafe Free To Roam Wireless Fence3.5$$$
Best Wireless Dog Fence ReviewDog Fence Wireless Containment System1.8*$$$
Best Wireless Dog Fence ReviewPetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence without Wire4.2$$$
Best Wireless Dog Fence ReviewPetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System4.0$$$
Best Wireless Dog Fence ReviewHavahart Wireless 5134GSSEL Radial-Shape Select Fence for Small Dogs3.1$$$
Best Wireless Dog Fence ReviewFriendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence with Radio3.3$$
Best Wireless Dog Fence ReviewPerimeter Technologies Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog Fence2.5$$$

PetSafe Wireless Fence (PIF-300) with 2 Extra Battery Packs Review

Best Wireless Dog Fence Review
Best Wireless Dog Fence

PetSafe Wireless Fence (PIF-300) is listed as one of the best wireless dog fence for its offered portability, safety, versatility, and ease of installation. Buying this product will give you peace of mind when it comes to the safety and enjoyment of your dog.

Wireless dog fence of PIF-300 has total measurements of only 9.4 x 12.6 x 11.6 inches and is very lightweight weighing 5.7 pounds. This makes it easy for you to carry around and strap on your dog.

This product provides high-level of safety for your dog by making an adjustable containment area with a maximum diameter of 180 feet. Once your dog leaves this boundary, he will receive a constant correction signal until he returns within the set area which can last up to 35 seconds.

The unlimited dog capacity this dog fence provides makes it very useful for dog lovers. Although the system works perfectly for dogs with weight over 8 pounds, it can also cater others as long as the neck sizes fit between 8 to 26 inches.

This wireless fence is also very easy to install as it uses a radio signal to setup a “Stay” zone for the pet. With just a plug in a cord, you can make your flat yard an instant perimeter fence for your dog. You don’t have to bury any wires or use poles, which are not pleasing to the eye.

To top it all off, the package includes fifty training flags and a waterproof receiver which uses a 6-volt battery system for multiple dogs. It also has 2 packs of free batteries, which are replaceable. These batteries have a maximum life of 1 to 3 months.

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PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence Review

Best Wireless Dog Fence Review
Best Wireless Dog Fence

PIF00-12917 Stay and Play Wireless Fence is another product from PetSafe which boasts its portability, safety, versatility, and ease of installation. It is slightly the same as the PIF-300 model with a few differences. This is also considered to be one of the top wireless dog fences available in the market today.

It has total product dimensions of 8.6 x 7.8 x 10.6 inches and weighs only 4.5 pounds. This makes it portable for you and your pet which you can bring everywhere you go.

PIF00-12917 ensures safety for your dog by providing 210 feet in diameter adjustable containment area. Once he attempts to leave this set boundary, he will receive a mild static correction which will teach him to stay only within the vicinity.

Like the PIF-300 model, it can also cater an unlimited number of dogs as long as you will strap them with PetSafe collar receivers. This makes it advisable for individuals who own lots of dogs. The collars are designed for pets of 5 or more pounds and neck sizes ranging from 6 to 28 inches.


This model shares many of the same positive points in the features, like the indicators, guides and markers. There are some differences, but it comes out ahead as a portable model. The transmitter is much smaller and easier to carry around. Also, there is a lighter collar that can be used on slightly smaller dogs and even cats. Furthermore, the transmitter covers a 44 to 210 foot diameter and a 22 to 105 foot radius, so is a little bigger than the one above.


Once again we see the same old issues with interference and circular shapes.

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PetSafe Free To Roam Wireless Fence Review

Best Wireless Dog Fence Review
Best Wireless Dog Fence

Yet another PetSafe product, Free to Roam Wireless Fence also shares the limelight with its competitors as one of the best wireless dog fence as per various wireless dog fence reviews. This is because of the manufacturer’s constant giving of priority to the product’s portability, safety, versatility, and ease of installation.

This wireless fence has measurements of 11.5 x 11.6 x 10.3 inches at a weight of 5.4 pounds. With this, it is of good use for your dogs, whenever and wherever you are.

The PetSafe Free to Roam Wireless Fence gives your dog a containment area totaling to 180 feet in diameter. You can still adjust it depending on your needs and preferences. It sends a harmless static signal to your pet once he crosses the determined boundary zone.

Roam Wireless Fence can also cater multiple dogs as long as you will strap them with collar receivers. This invisible fence system is very much advisable to kennels in order for them to train and discipline their dogs.

Like the other PetSafe models, this is also very easy to install as there are no wires to bury. It would bring less hassle for you, especially if you are on the go. Once your dog is already trained to not cross beyond the boundary, you can start bringing it anywhere you want. You can do this as long as you can plug the transmitter and if you have a setup fence system.

This model has its own share of tones and alarms. It has an early notification feature as it emits a warning tone as your pet approaches the set boundary. Other than that, it also notifies you when the receiver collar is running out of battery power.

You can also set an alarm when power is removed from the transmitter. Remember that a powerless transmitter means no wireless containment system.

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 Dog Fence Wireless Containment System Review

Best Wireless Dog Fence Review
Best Wireless Dog Fence

Focuspet Wireless Containment System is considered as one of the best wireless pet fences available in the market for its offered features. Like other wireless fence systems, it also promises portability, versatility, safety, and ease of installation.

This wireless fence system has total product dimensions of 11.4 x 7.1 x 2 inches. It is one of the lightest among its kind at only 2.1 pounds. With these product descriptions, it clearly is a very portable product which you can bring anywhere for your pet dogs.

The transmitter of this product can also support multiple collar receivers just like the other products of its kind. Dog breeders and trainers will benefit much when buying this product. It is best for dogs with the weight of 8 pounds above with neck sizes ranging from 6 to 26 inches.

Focuspet Dog Fence Wireless Containment System can support up to 500 meters radius at maximum. It is adjustable depending on your preference. It sends a harmless static shock to your dog once he attempts to go beyond this boundary. This will keep him safe and away from potential accidents.

Also, it offers ease of installation because you will not dig holes for wires and unattractive poles. The receiver collar can easily be configured with the transmitter. You can typically do it in just 20 seconds if instructions were followed correctly.

The batteries pack a total standby time of about 12 hours and ramp up to 8 to 9 hours with full usage. The receiver collar also has waterproof features and an automatic sleep function in case of power loss.

To top it all off, the package comes with a clear and comprehensive safety manual for you to follow. It clearly describes the do’s and don’ts when using this product. This will ensure your and your dog’s welfare and safety.

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PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence without Wire Review

Best Wireless Dog Fence Review
Best Wireless Dog Fence

From the leading manufacturer of wireless pet fences, PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence clearly paves its way as one of the best fences as per various wireless pet fence reviews. Just like the other products, it possesses the manufacturer’s promise of portability, safety, versatility, and ease of installation.

This best wireless dog fence is very lightweight at 2.5 pounds which you can easily bring on your trips and vacations with your dogs. Your mind will be at ease because even the most stubborn pets can be trained using this product.

The PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence operates multiple collars so you’ll have the capacity for all the dogs within the family circle. It is ideal for dogs of over 8 pounds having neck sizes ranging from 6 to 28 inches. It is versatile enough to cater, small dogs, medium-sized dogs, and even large ones.

This product has five levels of correction for dogs, which you can easily adjust, to train stubborn pets. It is equipped with an alarm tone with a pet-pager attached, which can be used for dogs with hearing impairment. It uses vibration to signal that he is nearing the boundary and when it’s time to retreat.

PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence is also very easy to install and can cover up to 10 acres of the containment area. The package comes with fifty pieces of flags for training sessions. You also have the option of purchasing separate additional wires if your dog is undergoing the worst case of stubbornness.

Lastly, the product package also comes with a 9-volt battery for the receiving collar which has long battery life. Aside from that, a light tool is provided, which is also helpful for the training sessions.

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PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System Review

It is all about creating a strong perimeter, with room to play inside, and a good collar. There is no in-ground installation so it is a simple set up with a fairly large perimeter. There are 50 boundary flags that reach out to 90 feet in radius. It is seen as a great portable option for all types of dogs.

System Includes 

Best Wireless Dog Fence Review
Best Wireless Dog Fence
  • 50 boundary flags
  • Wireless transmitter with power adaptor
  • Receiver collar with RFA-67D battery
  • Test light
  • Long contact points for long-haired dogs
  • Operating and training guide


  • A choice of static or tone.
  • 5 levels of static correction
  • Adjustable waterproof collar from 6-28 inches.
  • Unlimited number of pets on one system.
  • Test light and battery indicator.
  • Water proof collar
  • No digging required
  • Training guide.


Unfortunately, there is still the typical risk of interference and the awkward round shape. There is also the size restriction of minimum 8 pounds. The good news is that most of the problems are the sort seen in all models. It is easy to see why this is one of the more popular models, but it is not the only choice.

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Havahart Wireless 5134GSSEL Radial-Shape Select Fence for Small Dogs Review

Another fence that has a lot of great features is this Havahart model. There are some nice features to this set-up. It work to correct your dog for 30 seconds and resets itself when your dog reenters his “safe” zone.

System Includes 

Best Wireless Dog Fence Review
Best Wireless Dog Fence
  • 75 white training flags.
  • Operating and setup guide.
  • Controller and waterproof collar.
  • Heart-shaped collar tester.
  • 2 probes for long haired dogs.
  • 2 probes for short-haired dogs.
  • Two rechargeable batteries with charger.
  • AC adaptor with power cord.
  • Screws/wall anchors.
  • Removable wall mount strips.


The main selling point here is that it has one of the widest areas – up to11 acres with 75 flags rather than 50. There is also the waterproof collar, different probes for long and short-haired dogs and two rechargeable batteries, so it shouldn’t run out.


So why is this model 3rd on the list compared to those PetSafe models above? The simple answer is the installation process. There are problems in narrow or roadside properties without the addition of the in-ground wires. Therefore, installation is not as easy as with the others. Also, it is not as portable and more expensive.

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Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence with Radio Review

One of the biggest issues with the fences above is that general issue of a circular area. While this makes sense in terms of the technology, it doesn’t fit the shape of the standard yard. This unit is expandable up to 5 acres with 4,000 feet of cord and will not have any dead spots or transmitter holes. There are 50 training flags & 50 cords.

System Includes 

Best Wireless Dog Fence Review
Best Wireless Dog Fence
  • 50 training flags & 50 cords.
  • Power adaptor and transmitter.
  • Mounting system.
  • Adjustable dog collar and wireless receiver.
  • Screwdriver and spare fuse.
  • Contact points.
  • LED test light and 9 volt battery.
  • Setup and start guide.


There are other positive points here to appeal to owners, such as the adjustable, waterproof dog collar and wireless receiver and the fact that it is designed for multiple dogs.


The biggest problem here is that it is difficult to set up this shape. It needs a shallow in-ground boundary wire and additional transmitters for areas over 5 acres. Some find that the battery isn’t as great either.

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Perimeter Technologies Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog Fence Review

The final model to consider in this guide is one that claims to be smarter and a bit less rigid than some of the others. It has a highly integrated signal chip that allows a constant link between your dog and the Smart Station. This then “intelligently” tracks your dog’s location on a constant basis.

Best Wireless Dog Fence Review
Best Wireless Dog Fence

System Includes

  • 50 boundary flags.
  • Advance wire free base station.
  • Waterproof collar transceiver.
  • 2 rechargeable/replacement lithium ion batteries.
  • Comport contact probes.
  • Long-hair steel contact probes.
  • Quality nylon collar.
  • Instruction/Basic training manual.


  • Two rechargeable/replacement lithium ion batteries.
  • Use on long-haired dogs.
  • A lightweight, waterproof and durable collar.
  • Settings for multiple dogs.
  • In addition to this, it also has more levels of corrective static than other models.


The problem here is that it is not as reliable as it could be. The system will fail if you have metal objects on property or if your area is filled with dense trees. Some may also find that it is a bit expensive

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Guide To Buy A Best Wireless Dog Fence

Best Wireless Dog Fence Review

Advantages of choosing the best wireless dog fence

1) Portability – Best wireless dog fences are very lightweight and easy to carry around with your dog. It usually consists of two essential devices: the transmitter, and the receiving collar.

The transmitter is the one you plug into a cord at a strategic location which will be the center of your circular containment area. You have to make sure that this will not be placed in places that have the majority of metallic materials which can block the signal from transmitting.

The receiving collar is the one that you will be strapping on your dog. It is usually waterproof and battery operated. This device will be the one responsible for giving warnings to your dog once they are nearing the set boundary.

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2) Ease of Installation – Wireless dog fences are usually very easy to install because it requires no use of wires or poles. You will not have the trouble of digging up holes just to have a connected fence.

It is an invisible fence which acts like a real one and prevents your dog from wandering around the neighborhood or in other houses and territories.

3) Versatility – Most wireless dog fences can cater multiple dogs. These usually have unlimited capacity. Not only that, they can be used with different sizes of dogs because the receiving collars are adjustable.

4) Pet Safety and Freedom – Wireless dog fences ensure the safety of your dogs by keeping them in the designated containment area. The receiving collars will give warning signals when your dogs come near or cross the set boundary. At the same time, it gives them freedom as they are not caged or chained.

You will not also worry about your dog using battery operated receiving collars for they are waterproof. They will not be put into the danger of being electrocuted while using these devices considering their activities.

Also, the static warning is very harmless and will not hurt or inflict pain to your dogs. These products underwent a series of tests in order to not violate laws protecting animals. They are also made with inclinations to animal tolerability to shock.

This will guarantee that your pet is safe while he is enjoying your backyard or the area within your trips.

Disadvantages of choosing the best wireless dog fence

1) Dependent Source of Power – Most wireless dog fences have transmitters that will not work without plugging them in a cord. While some may work without this option, it is for a very limited and short time.

So its portability can be compromised when traveling without any source of power.

2) Costly to Buy – These types of devices are highly priced as they use an advanced radio signaling technology. Not all pet owners will have the capacity to purchase wireless dog fences.

Factors to consider when buying a best wireless dog fence

Price – Various wireless dog fence products have different prices. The price will depend on its distinctive features compared to its competitors.

One example is the maximum containment area capacity of a wireless dog fence. It is reasonable that with larger area capacity, a brand will be quoted at a higher price. Select one that fits your needs and preferences, and more importantly your budget.

1) Size of Your Dog – You have to consider the size of your dog when buying wireless dog fences. Although most have an adjustable feature to fit with most dogs, they are still made perfect for specific dog sizes. You don’t want to see your money come to waste when your dog breaks the receiving collar.

2) Neck Size of Your Dog – Receiving collars come in different lengths and sizes. This will be dependent on the neck size of your dog. Make sure that you have measurements before buying one in order to avoid wasting your time.

3) Size of Your Yard – Wireless dog fences have different maximum containment capacity for your pet. Make sure that you’ll buy the right one that perfectly fits the size of your yard to enjoy the product at its maximum potential. Know the measurements of your yard before buying a wireless fence.

4) Nature of Your Dog – Some dogs are very stubborn to train that it requires the usage of stronger correction module. These types of products have different correction intensity. So, it’s better to observe your dog first before deciding to install a wireless dog fence system.

Dog Training Sessions Before Buying

Although best wireless dog fence are made to train and ensure the safety of your dogs, it will always be better to train your dog before buying one. You will never know if the dog will respond and adapt positively to a wireless dog fence system so it’s better if you prepare first.

Additional information to consider when using a best wireless dog fence

Best Wireless Dog Fence Review

Tip # 1 – Be There

Putting the transmitter collar on your dog and just letting him go into the back yard will not work. Remember, this wireless fence is not a physical barrier, but rather an invisible one. Your dog’s first reaction to being shocked may be fear, confusion or even panic. Some dogs may try to run away from the static, just to be corrected again and again. Other dogs may just sit in fear of moving. For these reasons, it’s important that you be there with your dog to help him/her become accustomed to the correction and to help guide your dog back to the safe zone.

Tip # 2 – Use a Dog Leash for Boundary Training Sessions

Your dog must learn the proper boundary behaviors from you, so for this reason training your dog on a leash is highly recommended with wireless fence systems. To properly train your dog, walk him the perimeter of your yard. When he crosses the boundary and is statically reminded, gently pull him back and issue the “sit” and “stay” command. Praise and reward him for a job well done.

Tip # 3 – Let Your Dog Wear the Correction Collar Before Activating the System

Experts recommend allowing your dog to wear the transmitter collar at least 3 days (up to 7) before activating the wireless fence. This allows your canine companion to get used to the collar before it begins transmitting the correction. This process will also allow your dog to associate the static correction with the boundaries of the yard, not the collar itself.

Tip # 4 – Limit Collar Wearing Time

Do not leave the correction collar on for more than 12 consecutive hours. The static prongs on the inside of the collar can cause skin irritation, so remove the collar at night or if you are away from home for an extended time-period.

Tip # 5 – The Invisible Gate

Picking a spot for your dog to safely exit the yard with you is a very important step in any dog wireless fence system. This “invisible gate” will become your dog’s way out of the yard with you in charge. This can be done with a few simple steps;

  • Pick the spot for the invisible gate point.
  • Deactivate the wireless system.
  • Use the “sit” and “stay” commands at the invisible gate.
  • Cross the exit point with the “come” command. Your dog will not be statically corrected.
  • Use the same spot every time you want to exit the perimeter.

With a little bit of time, practice and persistence the benefits of having a best dog wireless fence far outweighs the negatives; wireless fences…

  • Are less expensive than building a physical fence.
  • Are portable. Some units can be used for camping or holiday homes.
  • Can be taken with you to a new home.
  • Provide more freedom for your dog.
  • Are less worrisome. Your dog can’t escape the yard via digging or jumping over the fence.
  • Hassle-free. No more tangled tie outs or ropes.

Finding the best wireless dog fence doesn’t have to be difficult

There is a lot to consider when looking into these wireless fences. It is easy to understand why some owners may be cautious about using the approach on their dogs, but they really can be a great tool with the right training. It is better to have a secure dog that learns not to get static correction than one that is free to roam and could get lost, or worse. It can take some time to teach the process to some dogs, but the best system will provide a simple set-up in a wide area with a reliable response. The collars are adjustable and can fit many different dogs. The pros of these wireless dog fences really do outweigh the negative aspects. Consider the size of the yard, look at the features on offer and take your time to train your dog. With time, your dog wont get corrected at all and will be as safe as can be.


It is essential for dog owners to buy wireless dog fences. It does not only ensure the safety of your dogs but you will also have the privilege to train them with this product. They will know what areas are off-limits and they will refrain from going there.

Also, best wireless dog fence provide less hassle to dog owners. You will not have the trouble of digging holes for fence poles and connecting wires to contain your dogs. Just by plugging the transmitter in a cord, you can select your desired containment area and strap on the receiving collar to your dog.

With that being said, it is best to buy PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence considering the quality of the product. They always impart portability, versatility, safety, and ease of installation to their products. This is the most portable wireless pet fence they’ve released with same features as the other models. This is the best choice whether you are a home person or always on trips and vacations together with your pet dog.



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