Top 6 Best Organic Dog Food Reviews

Best Organic Dog Food In 2018 (Update)

Most consumers admit that they don’t know the best organic dog food for their breeds. The problem is that most of the dog foods in the market have their claim that their product is ‘all-natural’ and came from premium-grade ingredients.

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Best Organic Dog Food Review
Best Organic Dog Food Review

As a pet owner, you should know the best brand for your dog based on its breed. It is important to make sure that the dog food has been made in accordance with the safety and quality guidelines. In this buying guide, the top-rated organic dog food brands are presented to help you in choosing the best fit for your dog.

Making an educated decision about the type of dog food to feed your pet is very important. With literally hundreds of different dog food brands on the market, dog owners are confused which one’s best. There’s no single brand of dog food that’s ideal for any dog, but it’s generally agreed upon that best organic dog food brands offer higher quality, according to USDA.

Unfortunately, commercial pet food market is still lacking in strict regulations and there are many controversies surrounding the industry. Many popular dog food brands use artificial ingredients, fillers, chemicals and artificial colors and preservatives in their products, which have been proven in studies to be harmful to dogs and cats.

In this article, I will take a look at what organic dog food really is, how it can be superior to regular commercial dog food brands, and how to pick the best organic dog food brands for your canine. We’ll review some popular options, including these five best organic dog foods

Why organic dog food is better?

One of our writers has done extensive research into the pet food market, and has provided great advice on picking top dog food brands, and pointed out the many issues with today’s commercial dog foods.

The consensus that most unbiased vets, experts and scientists agree on is that some (not all) dog food brands include poor quality ingredients in order to save on manufacturing costs. Oftentimes, these savings are passed onto dog owners, making them pay less for pet food, but most pet owners are more concerned about their dog’s health than money.

Over time, poor quality ingredients in dog foods will have negative impact on dogs, as further research has shown. Many studies indicate how savings in pet food are passed onto to costs of pet healthcare. Plenty of canine diseases are linked directly to dog food.

Pet food labeling requirements and regulations are getting better (stricter) every year, which is good. However, even with the involvement of FDA, CVM, USDA, ASPCA and AAFCO, there’s still a lot of confusion among pet owners, according to Harvard studies.

Organic dog food brands are governed more strictly, and will require a more thorough examination of the ingredients used in these pet foods. Even though not all organic dog foods are always 100% organic, it’s still a huge step forward in the right direction.

What exactly is organic dog food?

Speaking of the “organic” label slapped onto organic dog food brands, there are a few things dog owners must know before purchasing one of the best organic dog foods.

This means that even though something is labeled “organic,” you still need to be careful about reviewing that specific dog food brand’s ingredients, and doing your due diligence on how the company operates.

For example, The Honest Kitchen has been named one of the most “compliant” manufacturers in that regard, according to Forbes.

With pet food labels still being pretty loose, choosing the best dog food isn’t easy, even when picking among the best organic dog food brands. Research and reviews are key.

Dog food reviews are helpful to further filter through the bad stuff. Using dog food ratings websites can help in understanding which best organic dog food brand may work better.

That said, it’s best to start your search by speaking with a canine nutritionist or your veterinarian before you choose. Your vet will help in selecting proper balance of nutrients for your specific dog. Though it’s advised to usually be skeptical of prescription dog foods.

When you’re in a complete unknown, “going organic” will usually be a safer bet in general. These best organic dog food brands listed below offer selections for puppies, adult dogs and pets with special needs (like dog food allergies, sensitive stomachs or pets prone to obesity). You should be able to find a formula that will work for your canine among these.

Top 6 Best Organic Dog Food Comparison

ImagesProduct NameRatingPrice
Best Organic Dog Food ReviewCastor & Pollux Organix Dry Dog Food4.4$$
Best Organic Dog Food ReviewReal Meat Organic Dog Food4.4$$
Best Organic Dog Food ReviewNewman's Own Grain-Free for Dogs4.0$$
Best Organic Dog Food ReviewBlue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food4.5$$
Best Organic Dog Food ReviewInstinct Freeze Dried Raw Market Meal Blends Grain Free Recipe Natural Dog Food4.5$$
Best Organic Dog Food ReviewPet Guard Vegetarian Dry Dog Food4.4$$

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#1 Castor & Pollux Organix Dry Dog Food Review

Best Organic Dog Food Review
Castor & Pollux Organic Dog Food

The Castor & Pollux Organix Dry Dog Food has a high content of organic chicken. It is a known fact that chicken meat is an excellent source of protein. This is the reason why this is also considered as the best organic puppy food.

Another good source ingredient of Organix is the chicken meat. This contains higher protein and compared to conventional chicken meat. A serving of Organix can exceed up to 300% the amount of protein given by other ordinary dry dog food.

To make it nutritious for your dogs, organic peas are also included. It can give energy to your dog because it is an excellent source of carbohydrates. This is important for keeping the body of the dog energized and vigorous.

Its high fiber content is one of the features that this brand boasts about among its competitors. The organic barley content contributes to the production of carbohydrates and other energy-giving compounds.

Dogs like rice just like how humans do. Organix has an organic brown rice content. This is very easy to digest for your dog and provides antioxidative properties. The chicken fat content is a good source of linoleic acid which is essential in keeping the skin of your dog healthy and supple.

The Castor & Pollux Organix Dry Dog Food is an excellent source of organic ingredients that will provide the favorable diet for your dogs from different breeds. This brand can be considered as the best natural dog foods brands. If you would like to give your dog a good ratio of fats and proteins, then Organix is the right dog food to avail.


  • Real organic chicken is the number one ingredient
  • Ingredients include a wide array of organic fruits and vegetables
  • Made in the USA
  • Certified under the USDA’s National Organic Program


  • Original family company sold out to a larger public company, which brings concerns for some buyers
  • A few consumers commented that their dog did not like this food

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#2 Real Meat Organic Dog Food Review

Best Organic Dog Food Review
Real Meat Organic Dog Food

The TruDog Red Dog Food is one of the top organic dog foods because it is equipped with nutritious and delicious supplements for your dog. TruDog aims to provide the best for your dog to keep them healthy and active.

This brand improvised their dog food to produce a great tasting meal for your paws. It came from America’s heartland, so it is ensured to be free from gluten and grains. It is composed of organic meat with wholesome beef.

The good thing about it is that it can provide a balanced meal to your dog. Protein and fats are evenly distributed. Aside from this, you can also mix it with kibbles to add up to its delicious taste. You can even come up with different recipes that your dog will surely crave for.

The Crunchy Beef Bonanza content of the TruDog Red Dog Food is considered as a super food. This is why TruDog is considered as one of the best natural dog food brands in the market. It is a powerhouse of most of the essential nutrients that are needed to maintain a strong body and resistance to most of the dreaded diseases.

This brand is hand-packaged and made from grass-fed USDA beef. This ensures that the nutritional content is retained in the dry dog food. One of the good thing about this is that there is no food coloring included.

The ingredients include beef bone, beef lung, beef kidney, beef tripe and other nutritional components. It is also a good source of vitamin E and vitamin D. This USA brand is ensured to be made from 100% Wisconsin beef.


  • Does not contain grains, gluten, chemical additives or fillers
  • Is 99% real meat, vital organs and meaty bone
  • All-natural
  • TruDog offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Although customers say it is warranted, this is one of the most expensive best organic dog food brands
  • As with any of the best organic dog food brands, there were a few pets that did not like this food

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#3 Newman’s Own Grain-Free for Dogs Review

Best Organic Dog Food Review
Newman’s Own Organic Dog Food

The Newman’s Grain-Free Dog Food can be hailed as the best holistic dog food because it is full-packed with different vitamins and minerals for the health of your dog. The main contents of this dog food are organic beef and liver.

The beef is ensured to be from some high-quality source cattle. Your dog will surely love the taste due to the generous amount of beef meat. If you are looking for a product that contains the ten essential amino acids, then Newman’s Own grain-free dog food is the right choice.

On the other hand, the liver also contains nutritious vitamins that will help in building a healthy immune system for your dog. This same goes for the beef broth component. It makes sure that the dog food would be able to retain moisture even after packaging.

You will like the fact that there are no food colorings and preservatives added to this dog food. This is the reason why it is also recommended by pet lovers. It is a good option if you would like to increase your dog’s body mass.

The formulation of this dog food has met the qualifications set by the American Feed Control Officials. Most of the users noted that their dogs like this so much. They also pointed out that their dogs have a significant body mass increase.

This product is best used for large breeds and hunting dogs. You will get good value from Newman’s Grain-Free dog food especially if you have dogs that need to maintain optimum weight and mass.


  • Grain-free and USDA certified organic
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • Provides energy and helps dogs to maintain their ideal body weight
  • Available in many delicious flavors, allowing you to give your dog variety


  • Some dogs had loose stools while eating this food
  • Some buyers noted that this food smells stronger and less appealing than others they have tried

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#4 Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food Review

Best Organic Dog Food Review
Blue Buffalo Organic Dog Food

This one of the best organic food brands is recommended for maintaining and improving the optimum health of your dogs. The components are made from real meat and whole grains and to add up to its health benefits, veggies and fruits are also included.

The LifeSource Bits is created with the right blend of nutrients that are fully-packed with essential nutrients and vitamins. The antioxidant properties are overwhelmingly abundant for Blue Buffalo Life Protection dog food.

The Adult Chicken and Brown Rice variation is comprised of deboned chicken that has complete protein. This excellent source of protein can trigger muscle build-up with the dogs. The carbohydrates also promote energy for active dogs.

Other components include essential vitamins as well as calcium. This contributes to strong bones and healthy teeth and gums. It is also optimized with phosphorous to make it more efficient in strengthening the body of your dog.

To improve the mobility of your dog, Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Dog food contains glucosamine. Aside from this, chelated minerals are also included to promote healthy and stronger immune system.

Most of the users recommend it for dogs who are prone to rashes and other allergies. They also testified that their dogs develop the lean and muscular body. You won’t have any problems in feeding it to your dogs because they will surely like the taste.

If you are looking for a dry dog food that promotes a holistic approach to boosting the well-being of your dogs, the Blue Buffalo Life Protection dog food is just a few of the best choices in the market.

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#5 Instinct Freeze Dried Raw Market Meal Blends Grain Free Recipe Natural Dog Food Review

Best Organic Dog Food Review
Instinct Freeze Organic Dog Food

Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Market Dried Meal is the best way to feed your dogs with raw food. This is made from real foods that can be blended or given as nuggets. The fresh vegetables and chicken are freeze-dried to retain its nutritional value.

This brand has the principle that pure and whole foods should be fed to your dogs to maintain their health. The company also believes that it is best if you will feed foods that are close to its natural form.

The protein source of this dry food comes from pure animal protein. It comprises of essential amino acids and other minerals. You will also be ensured that there are no corn and wheat in its component.

The remarkable blend is composed of turmeric, real fruits and meats. The enzymes included in this dry food is a good way of provide ultimate protection for your dogs. The anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric add up to its value.

Most users praise it because of the convenience they get. You don’t need to refrigerate it to keep its freshness. It also makes the stool of dogs less odorous. This is a sign of optimum health according to professionals.

What other users like about Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Market Dried Meal is its versatility. You can feed it to your dog regardless of its breed. It is recommended for both large and small breeds. If your dog needs to attain a certain weight, then this brand is the perfect choice for achieving this requirement.


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#6 Pet Guard Vegetarian Dry Dog Food Review

Best Organic Dog Food Review
Pet Guard Organic Dog Food

Being USDA Certified Organic, vegetarian, and free of byproducts, chemicals, fillers, wheat, corn, and soy are just some of the reasons that Pet Guard is one of the best organic dog food brands.

It provides omega 3 and 6 (helps with a healthy, shiny coat), wholesome organic grains, and multiple organic fruits and veggies which have been proven to be healthy for dogs.

This food has no antibiotics, added growth hormones, or harmful pesticides. Although it is a vegetarian mix, protein is not sacrificed, thanks to the leading ingredient – quinoa.

Vegetarian dog food options are less than common, so this food is ranked highly among those who want their animals to live a cruelty-free lifestyle along with them! Pet Guard Vegetarian Dry Dog Food promotes a nice, shiny coat and great overall health, and pet owners can attest to both! Dogs seem to love the flavor, and pet owners love that they can quit making homemade dog food.

This dog food is aimed toward a very specific population, and that group of pet owners is extremely happy with all it has to offer. Negative reviews or even comments are almost impossible to find, proving that this dog food delivers!


  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Vegetarian
  • Free of byproducts, chemicals, fillers, wheat, corn, and soy
  • Provides omega 3 and 6, wholesome organic grains, and multiple organic fruits and veggies


  • This is a vegetarian option, which not all pet owners feel is right for their dog

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Best Organic Dog Food Buyer’s Guide

Best Organic Dog Food ReviewYou would want the best natural dog food for your paws. It is necessary to be meticulous with the ingredients. There are tons of selections in the market and it can be a bit challenging to come up with the best brand.

You need to know what you are specifically looking for to select the best food for your dog. Understanding the ingredients is a major factor in this case. Here are the factors to consider in choosing the best natural dog food brands.

1) Activity Level of Your Dog – You should note the activity level of your dog before buying his dry dog food. Active dogs need the high level of proteins as well as carbohydrates. They need these essential components for their active lifestyle.

On the other hand, inactive dogs need the lower intake of fats and calories. They just need the moderate level of these elements to maintain a healthy body. You should remember that inactive dogs should not be fed with the high level of calories especially when they are not able to metabolize it. It can lead to a severe health condition.

2) Health of Your Dog – This is one of the most important considerations to make when buying dog food. Puppies that are still weaning require dog food that will contribute to faster growth and development. It should be protein-rich and high calories and fats.

On the other hand, puppies that are prone to sickness need essential supplements that will help them to recover easily. These animals will eventually grow stronger and healthier. They just need a bit of help from their owners.

If you have elderly dogs, it should be noted that their foods should not be harsh in their digestive system. They also need essential nutrients and supplements to help them cope with the frailties due to old age.

3) Dietary Needs of Your Dog – It is common for dogs to experience allergies and intolerances. This is the reason why you need to consider the food that you will give to your dogs. Try to diagnose the dietary concern of your dog before choosing his food.

Be aware of your dog’s behavior. When you notice that something is off, you should ask for medical help immediately to avoid making the problem worse.

Another important reminder to consider is that not all dogs are compatible with a particular diet. They might have allergic reactions or other complications. It is always best to ask the intervention of veterinary experts.

You can also subject your dog to different tests to see if they have deficiencies. In that case, it is easier to choose the best organic dog food that will fill the gap.

The Most Important Dog Food Ingredients

Best Organic Dog Food Review
Best Organic Dog Food Review

You need to make sure that the dog food you’ll be buying should contain the six main nut-group. These are essential to your dog’s health and growth.

1) Vitamins – Vitamins are needed for catalyzing the enzymes of your dog. This is the main contributor for proper metabolism. Your dog needs an ample number of Vitamins A, D, and K to ensure that their metabolism functions properly.

This also helps in promoting the growth of muscles and maintaining the good condition of the hair and skin. You will notice that some dogs that lack vitamin intake have poor health of the skin. They often develop ticks and other skin parasitism and infestation.

One of the most important vitamins is the Vitamin D or the sunshine vitamin. This is the main component for regulating the phosphorous and calcium in the bloodstream of the dog. Aside from this, Vitamin K is also essential for bodily functions.

You should also take note that the right bacteria in your dog’s intestines are the good source of Vitamin K. Dog foods that have probiotics are recommended to dogs that have a low number of good bacteria in their bodies.

2) Minerals – These inorganic compounds are produced naturally in the body; however, they are not always sufficient. These compounds are also critical in maintaining the healthy development of teeth and bones.

Homeostasis is also achieved when there is ample amount of mineral in your dog’s body. Equilibrium in your dog’s body helps to maintain the overall health of your dog. It is recommended that puppies should get the higher dosage of minerals.

3) Fats – You should remember that fats are essential for both human and animals. This is an excellent source of energy. In fact, they can provide double the amount of energy given off by carbs and protein. The fatty acid component of certain dog foods reduces the probability of developing skin related sickness.

4) Carbohydrates – The intestine needs the help of carbohydrates to perform its bodily functions. They are a good source of energy. Glucose is also sourced from carbohydrates. Fiber is a known form of carbohydrates that is used to regulate the bowel movement.

Some dog foods contain beet pulp for regulating your dog’s digestive health. It ensures that the digestive system functions properly. Diarrhea is also avoided when their dog foods have a right amount of fiber.

5) Protein – Protein is primarily from raw meat. It is critical in improving the health of your dog. This ensures that there is enough energy to be used. It is needed by the tissues and cells to continue functioning properly.

One of the most important proteins is amino acids. They are the main reason why dogs can recover from diseases. If your dog is lacking in amino acids, they will likely develop health ramifications.

6) Water – It is of utmost importance that your dog is properly hydrated. This is detrimental because hydration is the key to overall health. Most dog foods have the higher content of water up to 80%. Make sure that your dog has access to clean water.


It is important to know and determine the best organic dog food before you buy it. Remember that there’s a lot of good choices that you can find in the market; however, you must consider the pros and cons.

Determine the life stage of your dog because dog foods vary on the age of the dog. Another concern that you need to consider is the pet food safety. Make sure that the dog food follows the health and safety regulations.

The BLUE Buffalo Life Protection Dry Dog Food is one of the best options in the market. It has all the necessary enzymes and vitamins that your dog needs. Raw is still the best options because the nutrients and enzymes are still retained.



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