How to train dogs don’t let the dog sleeping in bed

There are owners who love to cuddle their puppies in bed with their dogs, but the experience of growing dogs is growing, but after a while they quickly discover that letting dogs sleep with them is not good at all – stop let the dog sleeping in bed.

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The impact of dog sleeping in bed

According to the study presented at the SLEEP 2014 conference, many pet owners for cats and dogs lying in bed revealed that they woke up at least once in the middle of the night. And nearly two thirds of the participants admitted they slept poorly. In addition to causing insomnia, one important reason that you should not let your pet climb into bed is because the bacteria hide in their hair or nails. Even when cleaned daily, cat hair and feathers can cause allergic reactions. So we have to find another place for sleeping dogs.

dog sleeping in bed
Impact of dog sleeping in bed with you

But for dog sleeping in bed for a long time has created a habit for them, allowing your dog to sleep in bed can lead to some problems. If a little friend jumps into bed and sleeps with you every night, he will think of it as his resting place. Will probably fail when you want it to sleep elsewhere. It can act stubbornly and continue to jump into bed or be resistant to a lot of barking and groaning, especially when you insert it into its sleeping area.

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On the other hand, some dogs see the bed as their territory. Your dog may allow you to lie asleep, but pets and other people may not be welcome or bitten. If your dog is small in size. You can lie on it at bedtime and injure it, and if it is large and moving, you may not be able to sleep. So how can we prevent a dog from climbing to bed, which takes time to train so that it slowly changes?

Dog training does not allow the dog sleeping in bed

It is only when it is discovered that the dog intends to climb onto the bed, to prevent it immediately. If the puppy climbed onto the bed, it was necessary to expel it in time, and to reproach it severely. Having to let him / her know that climbing on the bed is a wrong behavior, causing the owner to get angry and lead to punishment, through punishment the puppy will remember not being able to casually climb the bed.

dog sleeping in bed
Dog sleeping in bed

Next time, if the puppy does not listen to the owner’s orders, he continues to climb onto the bed. Then when the dog makes a mistake you can punish it properly, such as lightly hit his butt or use water gun with them. Slowly make pet dogs form habits of good behavior. Notice, when the dog also made mistakes to climb the bed, it is necessary to timely scolded and educated it, not to be later when the story is over, otherwise it will make the dog feel difficult to understand.

The dog sleeping in bed, is very harmful, so for those who are still sleeping with the puppies must pay attention, should be separated in time to sleep separately, so that they have the habit of climbing on his bed.

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