Sweets for dogs, should it or not?

People love to eat sweets like ice cream or candy, but should you use sweets for dogs? Although these are essential ingredients for making their diets, such as sugars, excessive use can harm the health of dogs, much as humans do.

Sweets for dogs, should it or not
Sweets for dogs, should it or not

Dogs need sugar in some cases. They need carbohydrates (a catalyst for glucose metabolism in the body) to survive and function. You should not give them candy when they do not really need extra sugar. When the amount of sugar in the body is too high, some organs become infected. Here are the reasons:

Sweets for dogs will cause abdominal pain

If you want to avoid having to clean vomiting or diarrhea of dogs, you should absolutely avoid using sweets for dogs eat.

In some cases, sweets for dogs will lead to abdominal pain. All animals rely on bacteria and microbes in the intestines to help digest food. Too much sugar causes stomach ache and microorganisms in the food cause diarrhea – sometimes blood and vomiting.


Both chocolate and artificial sugars, which are used in sugar-free candy, are harmful to dogs.

Chocolates contain theobromine, a substance that is considered to be toxic to pets. Dogs can not completely digest theobromine as a human. Theobromine in the medical is used to help diuretic, vasodilatation, stimulate the heartbeat and help the muscles relax. Once the dog can not digest theobromine, there are many symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, thirst, pain, multiple urinary incontinence, arrhythmias, convulsions.

Tooth decay

Another disadvantage of eating too much sugar is the problem of decay.

Bacteria in the mouth usually produce acids, which, once acidic, can affect tooth enamel, causing tooth decay. However, you can not avoid sugar in your food until you overeat. The best way is to feed the dog with low carbohydrates and brush the dog. Dogs should be checked at least once a year.


Cardiovascular, osteoarthritis, fatigue and dyspnea are manifestations of excessive weight that put pressure on the ribcage. In fact, if the animals fall into this category, their quality of life will be reduced (energy is reduced, they will no longer enjoy the fun,…) if they are obese.

Obesity is a growing problem in livestock and it can lead to bad conditions for dogs.

Metabolic disorders

The sweets for dogs causes increased regulation of insulin, a substance that the body needs to store and use sugar. Isulin affects the hormone in the body, which changes muscle, fat, immune system and energy. This change leads to weakness, low activity and obesity in animals. They can contract hormone-related illnesses like infections and obesity.

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If dogs eat more sweets and continue to gain weight, they are likely to develop diabetes. The pancreas can not produce insulin or very little, while insulin is the hormone that helps regulate blood sugar.

Excessive sugar results in too much insulin production, leading to a reaction that does not respond to insulin and eventually to high levels of sugar in the blood.

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