How to Keep Your Dog From Running Away

Keep Your Dog From Running Away

Does your dog run to the door in anticipation of making a break-for-it? Has your dog figured out how to escape from your yard? These can be common problems for many doggy pet parents. But wait, before you build a 10 foot concrete wall around your home, we have found some solutions on how to keep your dog from running away.

How to Keep Your Dog From Running Away

Why DO Dogs Run Away?

Before we give you the solutions, you might want to know why your pooch may be bolting.

  • Boredom/Loneliness
  • Mating
  • Trying to Get Back Home.
  • Habit
  • Scared
  • Excitement

So Here’s How to Keep Your Dog From Running Away

Let’s take a look at solving the above reasons.

  • Boredom/Loneliness

The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence, especially if you’re bored or lonely. Dogs that aren’t mentally or physically stimulated may try to leave to alleviate both of these problems.

Solution: Make your yard more enticing by giving your dog plenty of outdoor toys to play with or an obstacle course to run. Play with your dog by throwing a ball or flying disc. Take him for a long walk to break up the monotony of the day. Teach him some new tricks or practice obedience training. If you lack the time, make a playdate at least once-a-week for your dog to socialize with other dogs, hire a dog walker or consider getting another dog.

  • Mating

Unaltered dogs (both male and female) will do whatever it takes to procreate.

Solution: The best method is to spay or neuter your pal. This will help keep him in the yard and will also stop those unwanted, furry intruders from trying to mate with your female.

  • Trying to Get Back Home 
How to Keep Your Dog From Running Away

Whether you moved to a smaller area or you have adopted a rescue pooch, trying to get back to a familiar location can be triggering your dog to run away.

Solution: Create a feeling of home in the new location by walking your dog around the perimeter of the yard. Here he/she will have a chance to sniff and mark the territory as their own.

Additionally, you can create a feeling indoors by having your dog’s belongings readily available and even scattered around so he won’t feel so disconnected.

  • Habit

If you’ve moved to a new location (that is smaller) your dog may be running away just out of habit of once having a bigger area to roam.

Solution: You will need to practice positive reinforcement techniques; plenty of praise and dog treats for obeying the boundaries. If you are struggling, you may have to enlist the help of a professional trainer.

  • Scared

Dogs that are extremely afraid of something, like thunder/fireworks or get suddenly startled by a loud noise, will resort to the fight-or-flight instinct. If your dog chooses the flight, he will find a way to escape.

Solution: If you know ahead of time that your pup is afraid of thunderstorms/fireworks, bring her to another area where she won’t be as involved in the noise. You can also purchase Thunder Shirts that may provide comfort in these situations.

If your dog tends to get anxious, you will have to practice getting your dog to relax and accept the noise as not being a threat.

  • Excitement

Squirrels, birds, playing children or even another dog can all get your pooch wanting to hunt or join in on the fun. Running after an exciting stimulant is a common problem.

Solution: Again this is where training comes into play. Your dog has to understand that just because something is inviting, she can’t just take off after it.

More Practical Solutions

Here are some more practical solutions to keeping your dog contained.

  • Mending any holes in the fence
  • Building a barrier just inside the fence
  • Wireless pet fence system
  • Adding extra height to the existing fence
  • Use aviary fencing on top of or in front of the existing fence

Knowing why your dog is running away is half the battle. Once you do, follow these helpful tips and solutions to keep your dog contained.

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