Top 5 Best Dog Food for Huskies 2018 Reviews

Looking for the best dog food for huskies? If yes, keep reading.

Huskies are an odd breed of dogs. They’re beautiful, with their light-colored coats and blue eyes. But also, they’re a hard breed to take care of.

Huskies are the closest dog there is to a wolf. And genetically, they bring some “wolf tendencies” along. They’re possessive, a pain to train, and slightly aggressive. Not to mention, they’re very energetic.

After all, huskies have evolved to survive in harsh cold environments. And in cold environments, you have high calorie needs.

Basically, Huskies eat a lot. And they need quality food.

Below, we’ll mention the 5 best dog food for huskies. They’re suitable for both domestic and sports breeds.

Test out each package, and stick to what your husky prefers!

Top 5 Best Dog Food for Huskies 2018 Comparison

ImagesProduct NameRatingPriceReviews
Best Dog Food for Huskies 2018 by Blue WildernessBlue Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe4.4$$Quick view
Best Dog Food for Huskies 2018 by Purina Pro PlanPurina Pro Plan Sport Performance4.5$$Quick view
Best Dog Food for Huskies 2018 by Bully MaxBully Max High Performance Super Premium4.4$$Quick view
Best Dog Food for Huskies 2018 by Milo's KitchenMilo's Kitchen Chicken Meatballs4.5$$Quick view
Best Dog Food for Huskies 2018 by InstinctInstinct Original Wet Food3.8$$Quick view

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1. Blue Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe.

Best Dog Food for Huskies 2018 by Blue WildernessComes from the same company that manufactures “Blue Buffalo” dog food.

This package is designed for large breeds. So expect the caloric density of this food to be high.

Specifically, it works for breeds that are 50-100 lbs. in size. Thus, it is designed for larger and aggressive dogs.

This specific package has red meat as a main ingredient, which is a staple food for huskies.

This package is fortified with L-carnitine, necessary for lean muscle growth and maintenance. So it’s suitable for energetic huskies.

Additionally, this package is grain-free. This is good, since huskies don’t naturally eat grains. And grains do have lower caloric densities than meat.

This package contains chondroitin and glucosamine for joint maintenance.

If your dog is a habitual runner, or a snow sport breed, you need those nutrients. While you can get them as supplements, it’s an added bonus if you supply it through food.

How Trusted is This Package?
This is one of the highest rated dog foods on Amazon. It’ rated at 85%, with over 760 reviews.

Not to mention, the package picture is one of a wolf, the husky’s close cousin. It’s a food blend literally designed for those breeds.

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2. Purina Pro Plan Sport Performance.

Best Dog Food for Huskies 2018 by Purina Pro Plan

Purina is another established dog food maker. And they design their packages a bit differently from other brands…

Their packages are made for energy needs, rather than breed sizes.

This package is for sports performance – which is what huskies are made for. So we’ve decided to add this on our best dog food for huskies list.

Comes with a Price Advantage.
The previous option (Blue Wilderness) was at $51 for a 22-pound bag. So that’s $2.30 per pound.

The Purina Sports Performance package costs $48 for a 37.5-pound bag. So that’s $1.30 per pound.

As you can see, this option costs ½ as much as the previous. And it’s a good quality package too, with high ratings.

So it’s a bargain. And it should be your first try.

How Well Rated is It?
This package has a 90% rating, with over 580 reviews.

On average, it’s better rated than Blue Wilderness, but it’s not as popular as a brand. And this is for a few reasons…

The main ingredient of this package is chicken. And chicken is cheaper than red meat.

It’s also not the natural food of a huskie, but it still suits them well.

Also, this package isn’t grain-free. So it isn’t “the optimal” digestive food for a huskie. But they can still consume it.

This package contains corn, gluten meal, and rice.

Now, this doesn’t make the package bad. It’s just not designed for digestive preferences. Instead, it’s made for high energy needs.

Like Blue Wilderness, this package contains glucosamine. So it’s got joint protection and healing properties.

Also, it has the added bonus of EPA (omega-3 acids). So it helps combat inflammation, and it maintains a dog’s nervous system.

It’s also 20% fat, and fat on average packs more calories than protein. And this adds to the energy density of the package.

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3. Bully Max High Performance Super Premium.

Best Dog Food for Huskies 2018 by Bully Max
Best Dog Food for Huskies 2018 by Bully Max

With 100+ reviews and an 88% rating, this is the most expensive item on our best dog food for huskies list.

The Bully Max pack costs $99.99 for a 30 lbs. bag, making it $3.33 per pound.

Compare that to “Blue Wilderness”, which is at $2.30, and “Purina Pro” at $1.30.

But, the price isn’t for nothing. This is the highest quality item on our list. And it combines the best of “Blue Wilderness” and “Purina Pro.”

This is a sport’s package, like Purina Pro. But it use “red meat only” instead of chicken as a primary ingredient.

So it’s an athletic package that also respects a husky’s digestive system.

Now, the package isn’t grain-free. But its contents are all-natural, where it contains no soy, wheat, or corn.

This is excusable, since grains provide energy boosts necessary for athleticism.

This package boasts crude protein of 30%, and crude fat of 20%. And that’s a high level of natural purity in any dog food blend.

Then, there’s the caloric load to consider.

This package boasts 535 calories per cup, where 2 cups a day are suitable for a large huskie’s energy needs.

It’s extremely high energy. And it’s nutrient dense.

This package contains 0.5% Omega-3s.

It also contains Vitamin A, B12, E, and D3 supplements. So it has a good blend that replenishes your dog’s mineral needs.

And finally, this nutrition is suitable for puppies too. This food, while high energy, is highly recommended for young huskie pups.

You can feed it to them as a growth accelerator.

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4. Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Meatballs.

Best Dog Food for Huskies 2018 by Milo's Kitchen
Best Dog Food for Huskies 2018 by Milo’s Kitchen

Huskies need treats too. And this item does the trick.

A single package is 510 grams (1.1lbs), costing about $13. It’s the 3x as expensive as the “Bully Max” package.

So this isn’t a huskie’s main course.

The Milo brand supplies dog treats with a variety of flavors. This is the chicken option, 1 of 5 you can try.

The reason for chicken? This is the most natural option we can find out of the 5, with others being…
• Chicken jerky.
• Duck jerky.
• Steak grillers.
• Sausage slices and rice.

Jerkies are stripped of fat, making them unnatural. It also makes the treats less energy dense, not suitable as a reward for an exhausted huskie.

And guess how the energy deficit is made up? It’s done so with non-meaty ingredients.

Rice is self-explanatory – it’s a grain, not the best fit for digestive health.

As for grillers, huskies work best with raw meat. They actually prefer raw over cooked food (try that as an experiment).

This package abides by the standards of the FDA and AAFCO. So you can be sure that it’s safe.

Also, this package is highly rated, at 90% with over 200 reviews. So you’re buying excellent quality treats for your huskie.

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5. Instinct Original Wet Food.

Best Dog Food for Huskies 2018 by Instinct

The last item on our best dog food for huskies list is wet dog food, with the previous options being dry.

The “Instinct” brand supplies some of the best wet foods on the market. And their recipes are well-suited for huskies.

This is for a few reasons.

High Purity.
The brand uses real beef with very high purity. Specifically, this recipe is 95% beef and liver. The other 5% is vegetables.

Also, this package is grain-free, with no soy/corn/wheat. And it contains no fillers.

Now, you can get other flavors too. You can get chicken, duck, rabbit, venison and lamb.

But all of them share a common purist trait. The meat is real, there’s no mix between different meats, and also…

It’s Raw.
“Instinct” prides itself on supplying raw dog food. And this mimics well the type of food that huskies evolved to eat.

Obviously, being wet food, it’s easy to digest. And it gives your husky extra hydration.

Many Package Options.
Most brands supply canned dog food in 12oz packs.

But with “Instinct,” you have many can sizes to choose from. You can go for 3, 5.5 and 13.2.

The variety suits your huskie’s stage of development. You can get smaller packages for newborn pups and small huskies.

And adults get the 13.2oz.

Cans come in 6, 12, and 24 packs. So there’s a variety in the amount of bulk you want to order.

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3 Options – So Which Should You Pick?

You have to prioritize. Huskies need good quality food. And all the options we mentioned here are excellent options.

But you can’t go broke getting the best dog food for huskies.

So here’s what you should buy…

(If Budget is a Priority): Get the Purina Pro package. It’s the cheapest dry food on the list, with excellent nutrition.

But it isn’t optimal for digestion.

(If Health is a Priority): Get “Instinct” and “Blue Wilderness.” Both are purer and avoid grains as much as possible. So your husky can digest them better.

They’ll save you vet visits.

(If Performance is a Priority): Get the “Bully Max” and “Milo” packages. The first is the high energy food your dog needs for performance.

And the 2nd are the treats you need to keep your dog interested!



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