Top 3 Best Dog Pool Reviews

It seems like there’s just about everything for canines these days, from electrically heated beds to carriers with folding out sides for extra room, there are even pools for dogs. Far from being a gimmick, these useful dog pool have a number of features that are great for canines.

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Why a Dog Pool?

Best Dog Pool Reviews
Best Dog Pool In 2018

If you’re looking into getting one, you probably already have a use in mind for it. Most of us would just assume they’re for bathing, but they can be an amazing tool for allowing your dog to cool down in hot weather as well.

There are of course less practical applications, including recreation for your animal. A lot of dogs, particularly those that were bred to go after waterfowl while hunting, greatly enjoy the water anyways, so why not make a small investment in their happiness.

Apart from that, breeds that shed and drool a lot will be able to shed in the water and wash off the dried on saliva with little to no difficulty thanks to these handy pools. Every dog can benefit from an occasional bath, and it’s a great thing for you if you let them shed in a pool. It will keep the excess hair in the water, rather than on your floors and furniture if you use it regularly.

You might be asking yourself why you wouldn’t just use a kiddy pool, and the answer isn’t quite obvious. So here’s the rundown: canine pools are made for your dogs. While kiddy pools are generally made of thin and weak plastic materials, you’ll find that any quality dog pool is made of much tougher stuff. It’s generally more similar to the bed of a truck’s material than to the weak, easily cracked plastic contained in a lot of above ground pools.

Before we showcase a few of them, let’s take a look at what qualities you should keep in mind when you’re buying a pool for your beloved friend.

What To Look For Dog Pool

Like any dog product, it seems simple at first glance but you’ll need to be aware of some important factors when you go about selecting one. A low-quality dog pool is likely to set you back more than a lot kiddy pool, and it’s probably not going to last as long as even one of those flimsy pieces. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the factors you’ll need to keep in mind before purchasing one of these handy, recreational devices.

What To Look For Dog Pool

Like any dog product, it seems simple at first glance but you’ll need to be aware of some important factors when you go about selecting one. A low-quality dog pool is likely to set you back more than a lot kiddy pool, and it’s probably not going to last as long as even one of those flimsy pieces. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the factors you’ll need to keep in mind before purchasing one of these handy, recreational devices.

  • Capacity– You’ll want to take a close look at how much water the pool can hold. Some of them don’t look very big in the pictures, but might hold quite a bit of water in the end.
  • Dimensions– It’d be a terrible thing to purchase a pool that your Great Dane or other large breed can barely dip their head in. This is less of a consideration for smaller dogs, but if they’re not a water friendly breed you don’t want something too deep or they might end up in big trouble.
  • Material– There’s no point in spending a whole bunch of money on something that’s little more than a low-quality pool in a funny shape. The best ones will be made of tough, high-quality materials. This is especially an important consideration if your dog is a dedicated chewer, in which case a pricier metal option may be your best bet.
  • Aesthetics- Not something your dog will care about, but their owners certainly do love to get cute things for them. They come in a variety of shapes which range from gaudy to appealing, but as long as the rest of the qualities are in order this could be your final determining factor.

As long as you keep these qualities in mind, you’re sure to end up with something that both you and your dog love. Even better, when made from tougher materials, they’re sure to last a dog’s lifetime, which can make the high prices seem like less of a burden on your budget.

Using Your Dog Swimming Pool

Best Dog Pool Reviews
Best Dog Pool Reviews

You’ll want to take some precautions when using one of these pools, especially with smaller dogs. Many dogs aren’t accustomed to the water, and if they actually have to swim while within the pool it’s best that they do so under their owner’s supervision.

You’ll also want to cover it up or drain it during colder weather, even if your canine companion is large enough they can use it unsupervised. You don’t want them catching a chill after all. It’s probably best to just drain them in winter in most climates, and if you want to save water you can definitely use the water for watering plants or your lawn.

Try to keep the pool fairly clean as well, a build-up of bacteria can cause illness even in warmer times of the year. Inspect the water every few days when you have it up, and if it starts to smell or stuff is growing in the water it’s probably time to change the water out.

For the most part, though, in warmer weather especially, your canine should be just fine. Most of these aren’t big enough for real swimming, just getting in and cooling off. You’ll probably want to be watching anyways, watching your canine cavort in the water is a shockingly entertaining experience.

Top 3 Best Dog Pool Reviews

Following, we’ll take a look at several different pools for you, and break down who might want them and what kind of quality they are.

Pet Edge Guardian Gear Splash About Dog Pool Review

If you’re looking for a high-quality dog pool that you can fold up and put away when the warm season is over, you’re definitely looking at the right one. This product from Pet Edge is simply amazing, and it’s sure to last for quite some time. Even better, you can fold it up and put it away when it’s no longer in use, making storage easy and convenient.

Best Dog Pool Reviews
Best Dog Pool Reviews


  • Easy Storage- Since it folds up, this pool is easy to store when not in use. You’ll find that it doesn’t really take up much room at all when you collapse it down.
  • High-quality PVC- The side panels and bottom are made of tough PVC, which is sure to be able to resist both the water and some light to moderate chewing.
  • Enormous- The pool is 11.8” deep, and an impressive 63” in diameter, so it’s sure to be able to fit any single dog and more likely to hold an entire gaggle of smaller canines.
  • Easy to Use Drain- The drain at the bottom is easy to use, so you won’t have to bail out water or get a couple friends to help you flip it out onto the lawn.

Best Dog Pool Reviews
Best Dog Pool Reviews

Keep Your Dogs Cool at a Bargain Price

When you’re looking at dog pools, the first thing you should always ask yourself is if they’re structurally sound. After all, a dog pool with a leak isn’t much of a pool at all, and it’ll not only lead to disappointment for you and your mutt, but also be a complete waste of money.

Fortunately, this dog pool from Pet Edge meets that requirement in spades, despite being lightweight and foldable. You’ll quickly find that it holds together quite well, and while it might not be suitable for truly enormous canines despite its size. If you’re careful about the size of the dogs you stick in it, you’re sure to have a long lasting pool.

Having a drain is also a massive bonus, especially for a larger pool. Most people wouldn’t be able to just flip something this size to drain it, and that would entail you having to bail out the water carefully. Unfortunately, you can’t stick a hose to this drain, so if you’re being water conscious you may still end up having to use a bucket to get it to your garden.

Some people have reported minor leaking problems with this pool, but it doesn’t seem to be that common and a bit of silicon should be able to make sure that it maintains its water storage capabilities even when it’s been repeatedly folded and unfolded.

The high-quality PVC construction of this pool means that it should be able to withstand some small amount of gnawing, although heavy chewers are obviously going to need something with a different construction material. The bottom should also be able to withstand some light digging action, but if your dog is highly-destructive this isn’t the pool you’ll want to make an investment in.


This is one of the best folding dog pools on the market. As long as you have a medium sized or smaller dog that isn’t prone to tearing things apart, you should be good to go. The return policy seems to be pretty good as well, so if you get one of the rare ones that doesn’t hold up right, you might be able to get it replaced although even someone with non-existent DIY skills should be able to patch it up permanently within minutes. If you need something that’ll save on space and keep your dog cool in a hotter climate, though, take a closer look at this great pool.

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One Dog One Bone Paw Shaped Pool Review

The main advantage of this pool is that it’s cute. It’s not terrible, but it doesn’t really compare to other offerings from this normally great company. If you’ve got smaller dogs, and you’re mainly concerned with having a pleasing aesthetic design for your dog’s pool, this may be a viable option, however.

Best Dog Pool Reviews
Best Dog Pool Reviews


  • Unique Design- The pool is shaped like a paw, and it’s kind of cute in that respect. It also bends like a paw to allow you to empty it, since it lacks a proper drain.
  • High-Quality Plastic- This pool is made of the same material as a truck bed liner, so it should hold up to most dogs’ paws and jumps.
  • Fun Sized- This pool only holds twenty gallons of water, so it’ll store easy and allow you to keep it out of the way in the parts of the year where you won’t need it.

Worth it for the Aesthetic

Unfortunately, this pool doesn’t really do anything special and it’s quite small. For those of us with smaller dogs and an affectation for cute things, it may be worth the price of entry, though. It’s also small enough to be easily stored, but if you have a medium or large dog, steer clear of this dog pool.

Unfortunately, while the material is high-quality, it’s also rather thin. The fact that it flexes “like a paw” so you can drain it should give you some indication of just how thin the material is.

All of that aside, the unique aesthetic of it makes it a great fixture in the yard and the material isn’t going to be chewed through easily by any but the most determined dog. It’s solid enough for smaller dogs, and since it’s only about 26” at its longest point, larger dogs are more likely to use it as an oversized water dish than as a pool.

It’s not really a bad dog pool, but with the number of higher-quality options available the only real draw it has is the paw-like design. For a tenth of the cost you could easily buy a kiddy pool that may only last for a season or two, won’t be as pretty, but will definitely be much lighter on your budget and suitable for a wider variety of canines.

Small dogs will love it, though, especially if they’re exposed to the summer heat. Some people have even discussed landscaping around it, in order to make it a fixture in their yard which certainly isn’t a bad idea since the material is UV-resistant and the white color should keep it from warping too much as time goes on.

Anyone with a dog much bigger than fifteen pounds or so, or who care more about pragmatism than cuteness will probably be steering clear of this particular pool.


If you’re looking for a cute pool for a small dog or two, you could do a lot worse than this one. It’s particularly well suited for mildly destructive small dogs like terriers, who will be able to chew on it and try to dig a hole in the bottom to no avail. If the aesthetic of your pool is your primary consideration, and you only have one or two small dogs, you might want to take a closer look at this dog pool, but for anyone else there are much better options available.

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Frontpet Foldable Dog Pet Pool Review

If you’re looking for a way to keep your dog cool in the summer and don’t have a lot of space or cash around this might be the perfect way to do it. It comes in at a fairly low price, and when you’re done with the hotter months you can easily fold it up and put it away for storage. Let’s talk about this foldable pet pool for a moment, and you can see if it’s right for you.

Best Dog Pool Reviews
Best Dog Pool Reviews


  • Foldable One of the best parts about this pool is that you can fold it up at the end of the warm season in order to store it in a compact manner. This will save a lot of space in your home, shed, or garage.
  • High-Quality PVC- The outer parts of the pool are made of a layer of high-quality, water-resistant PVC which should help keep things together. The inner part of these panels are heavy-duty cardboard, which keeps everything light enough for nearly anyone to carry around.
  • Big Area- The pool is 11.8” deep, and the large size measures a full 50” across so it’s sure to be big enough for even a pack of canines.
  • Built-in Drain- This pool comes equipped with a drain, which will allow you to easily water your lawn when the warm months are over.

A Bargain Dog Pool

Best Dog Pool Reviews
Best Dog Pool Reviews

This dog pool is one of the better ones on the market, and at its low price point, it might be kind of hard to beat it. It offers some of the best value for your money that you’re likely to find in this area of pet products, and that means your wallet needn’t suffer heavy losses during its purchase.

Now, there are a couple of things to be aware of if you’re considering this pool. Unfortunately, the bottom of the pool isn’t super-sturdy, so you might want to look elsewhere if your dog is much over twenty pounds or so.

It’s also unfortunate that the PVC coating on the panels isn’t highly chew-resistant. If an intrepid Canis familiaris var. gnawer manages to put a hole in the PVC, though, it’s sure to soak into the cardboard panels which will make short work of your pool.

If your dog is of a suitable size and temperament, though, the low price of this dog pool makes it one of the best things you can get for them to keep off the summer heat. You might even want to consider using it for their baths in the offseason since you’ll be able to easily drain it and fold it up for storage again as soon as you’re done.

Due to the size of this pool and the unique challenges of its construction, it’s probably best suited for those with several smaller dogs. If you fall into this category, this is a nearly perfect product for you and your pack of pooches. They’ll be able to stay cool through the warmer parts of the year, and you’re sure to have a lot of fun watching them play in the water.


If you have a single medium sized dog or several smaller ones, you should definitely consider making the purchase of this pool. Even if you’re not in a particularly hot climate, it makes a perfect doggy bathtub, and if you are they’re sure to love it. The fact that it folds up makes it ideal for homes with smaller amounts of storage as well. If you think you might need a dog pool, and your dogs fit the bill for this one, it’s an amazing bargain.

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As you can see, there’s a good bit to take into consideration when considering a pool for your dog. In some climates, they’re almost a necessity, particularly if you have heavily furred animals and it’s important to pick one out that’s high-quality so you don’t find yourself wasting your money. If you live in a suitable climate, and the summer months are rolling in, take a close look into getting one of these instead of a kiddy pool and you won’t be disappointed.



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Top 3 Best Dog Pool Reviews
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