Why Be Afraid To Travel When There Are Convenient Dog Cage

Dogs play essential roles in our lives from providing security in our home to giving us company as our favorite pet. For this reason, you make sure that you tag your dog along every time you take a trip. I know that you might be wondering how you can travel with your dog especially on long-distance trips, but your worries will end now.

This article will providee you all the necessary guidelines you need for you to get the best dog cage to use when travelling with your dog. This article will also be your eye opener as you will discover the essential aspects you should always focus on when choosing the right dog cage or crate for your dog.


Different dog cage come in different materials, sizes and style. The best dog cage (crates) you choose will depend on some factors. Some of these factors are:

  • The size of your dog
  • The age of your dog
  • Your dog’s attitude, if it likes open places or den-like atmosphere.
  • The mode of travel you regularly use
  • The climatic conditions of your home and also of the places you continuously visit.
  • Whether your dog is a calm breed or a destructive type of breed.


The size of the cage you get for your dog should fit the dog well and make the dog have an allowance to move around and about. For this reason, these are some key determinants you need to consider for you to get the right travelling cage for your dog. Some of these determinants include:

  • The length of your dog

You need to get your dog standing preferably against the wall and measure its length but do not consider the length of the tail, so no to get an extra-large cage for your dog.

  • The height of your dog

When looking for a cage for your dog, you need the one which will perfectly fit your dog for comfortability purposes. For this reason, take your time to measure the height of your dog. Measure the dog’s height when the dog is sitting in an upright position.
Observing these two key determinants will significantly help you in picking the right size or your cog cage.


  • Dog Cages (crates) easy mode of transportation

Dog cage are beneficial especially when travelling because your dog will entirely be enclosed in the cage. This reduces instances of the dog your dog can run out of your car and subject itself to injuries.

  • Dog crates help in house training your dog

This happens especially if your dog is new to your house. Keeping the dog inside the cage will make the dog familiarise with the new place. This will also help you always to keep the dog around your compound saving you’re the time always to go looking for the dog.

  • Helps to keep your dog away from dangerous attacks like diseases

In most cases when dogs are let out to mingle from other dogs from different places, they can easily contract diseases from other dogs which can end up causing their life and adding extra cost to the dog owner. On the other hand, dog cages help to keep your dog away from other dogs from other places. Cages work well in ensuring the safety of your dog is not at stake at any given time.

  • Dog cages help dogs to feel confident on their own

It is always good to make your dog feel that it can make it on its own without depending on other dogs or human beings. By allocating you’re a dog a cage will and treating the dog with special food, it will always gain confidence and have positive reinforcement that spending time alone will fun.

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There are three common types of dog crates you find in the market. These types of dog crates include:


  • This type of dog crates perfectly fits the small sized dogs.
  • The tripe of material that makes this type of crate is the plastic material, or at times the metal material makes up this cage. These types of materials make the cage to be strong enough to provide safety for your dog.
  • The size of this crate is designed in a way that small sized dogs will fit well and get enough space to move around in the cage hence of comfortability to the dog.
  • With this type of dog, the crate is convenient to use when travelling because you can easily hold it on your lap.
  • Many airlines allow this type of ‘cage when one is travelling with his dog.

EXAMPLE: 18 inches to 24-inch crate


  • This type of dog cage is convenient for small dogs and medium-sized ones.
  • Dog cages with a heavy-duty plastic are very strong and last longer as compared to other types of dog cages.
  • The heavy material makes strong enough to resist any breakage from other the dog or from outside forces which do cause harm to your dog.
  • The structure of this cage is unique as there are side ventilations which allow fresh air to flow in and out and also makes it convenient for your dog when travelling as it can go watching different sceneries on the way.

EXAMPLE: 30-inch crate

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  • The make of this dog’s crate is entirely on a metal material which is highly durable and ensures the dog’s safety.
  • The structure of this cage is designed to accommodate large sized dogs perfectly.
  • All the sides of this type of dog’s cage are lockable which further gives the assurance of the dog’s safety.

EXAMPLE: 42 inch dog crate

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  • STEP ONE: safely remove the dog from the cage

Before you take the step of cleaning up the dog’s cage, you should safely move your dog to another safe place.

Also, remove everything which is inside the dog’s cave before pouring water on inside the cage.

  • STEP TWO: swipe all the solid waste inside the cage

This step is crucial because by sweeping the solid waste, you will remove all the waste which can create mud when water is poured which will prevent the dog from contracting bacterial infections.

  • STEP THREE: Dilute the disinfectants and cleaning agents

Carefully read the labels on the disinfectant to ensure that you get the right mixing rates of your cleaning agents and after mixing them well, carefully apply the solution on the cage and start a thorough cleaning exercise. You can also use your brush to dust off the ceiling areas.

  • STEP FOUR: rinse the whole place

After cleaning up the whole place with cleaning agents, the next step will be to rinse all the detergents on the floor the cage and the ceiling to make the cage smell fresh and free from cleaning chemicals.

  • STEP FIVE: move your dog back in the cage

After the dog’s cage has dried well, carefully move your dog back in the cage and provide fresh food to the dog as well as clean water.

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Getting the right dog cage for your dog plays a vital role in ensuring that your dog is always comfortable and the security of the dog is a guarantee. When determining the right size, you should buy for your dog, always focus on the length of your dog as well as the height of the dog regardless of the dog’s breed.

This article will serve as an eye opener you can use any time to get the right guidance on the essential factors you need to consider in a dog’s cage. Always remember that you should ensure the safety of your dog at all times to make the dog enjoy your company at all times.

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