Are calcium deficiency in dogs really serious?

Calcium deficiency in dogs should do? How to know if the dog has calcium deficiency?

Are calcium deficiency in dogs really serious?
Are calcium deficiency in dogs really serious? Symptoms, Causes and Treatment 

Symptoms of calcium deficiency in dogs

In the early stages of anorexia, indigestion, exotic eating habits, weight loss, slow growth, final symptoms are swollen joints, deformities, o-shaped or X-shaped limbs, limp or lying down thick. Such a situation is often due to lack of calcium, to supplement with vitamins, lack of vitamin will not absorb calcium well.

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Causes calcium deficiency in dogs

The amount of calcium in the dog’s menu is adequate, but due to their low absorption function, such as inflammation of the colon, anorexia, etc., will lead to dogs because of poor absorption, lack of calcium.

 Dogs absorb calcium in food, but calcium metabolism in their bodies is not good, leading to calcium deficiency.

♦ Dog aspects do not matter, because the amount of calcium in the food is not adequate.

Treatment of calcium deficiency in dogs

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♦ In dogs who are still breastfeeding without calcium, they may be able to get most calcium from their milk.

♦ After puppies weaned, puppies fed dog food without the need for calcium supplements, since the dog food contained large amounts of calcium.

 Large and medium sized dogs grow very fast, need large calcium, the amount of cnx in dog food is often difficult to meet the growth needs, attention should be added calcium.

Give puppies homemade feed, the more calcium should be added promptly.

– Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers need calcium, embryonic and milk to consume a large amount of calcium, not timely calcium supplement, will cause the body to use calcium in the storage of calcium in the store. body, leading to osteoporosis.

– Breastfeeding postpartum mothers will lose a large amount of calcium, leading to a lack of calcium after acute birth. Other symptoms are quadriplegia, rigidity, body temperature rising to more than 40 degrees, even leading to coma and death.

– Calcium content in meat or animal liver is low, while vitamin A is too high, used for long periods can inhibit calcium absorption. So reduce the amount of liver. If your dog develops symptoms of calcium deficiency, medications should be used.

– How much calcium should be added, depending on the breed, shape, age and calcium deficiency, to a veterinary hospital for advice from a qualified veterinarian.



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