Top 8 Best Grain Free Puppy Food Brands Reviews

Looking for the best grain free puppy food?

You should. Because you can never be cheap when buying food for your pet.

Food defines any being’s health, including your dogs. And to maintain your dog’s health, you need grain free food. You see, dogs don’t naturally eat grains. They’re mainly carnivorous, and they require protein rich diets for top health. Also, some dogs are allergic to grains. And your dog might be one of them. So below, we’ll talk about the top 8 best grain free puppy food packages.

Read the list, compare each item, and get what your dog needs!

Best Grain Free Puppy Food Brands: Top 8 Reviews

1. Best Grain Free Puppy Food Brands By Wellness Core.

Best Grain Free Puppy Food Brands By Wellness CORE

One of the highest-rated foods on Amazon. This item has over 3000 reviews, with an 86% rating.

Wellness Core is one of the most diverse dog food brands. They manufacture food for all breeds and dog ages, including puppies.

This specific package is “natural” and “grain free.” So they exclude preservatives and artificial colors.

Also, it excludes soy, corn, or wheat. And it doesn’t contain meat by-products.


Dogs don’t judge food colors. Dogs just eat, they don’t judge plate aesthetics!

But, dogs still do care about taste, and Wellness Core provides that well. You can get…
• Turkey and chicken.
• Lamb.
• Ocean whitefish, herring, and salmon.
• Wild “game” duck, rabbit, and turkey.

Turkey and chicken flavors are the default for small puppies and breeds. But you can explore with different flavors as your dog grows.


Wellness Core supplies 4, 12, and 26 pound packages. The higher the weight, the more of a discount you get.

The 12 pound bag is at $51, with the 26 pound at $92.

That’s $4.25/pound, versus $3.50/pound. A pretty good offer, right?

One More Thing.

Wellness Core is probably the best grain free puppy food maker on the market. And the variant we mentioned is the most popular…

But the thing is, this is the “dry food” option. Maybe you need wet food for your puppies. And if that’s you, check the 2nd option!

» Top 5 Wellness Core Dog Food Reviews

2. Wellness Core Wet Canned Dog Food.

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Dog Food

Puppy food has to be protein rich. And wet food aids with that.

On average, canned wet food preserves protein better than dry food packages. And they’re also softer to consume.

So they’re easier on a puppy’s digestive system.

Also, it ensures puppies stay hydrated.

Now, Wellness Core supplies wet food for puppies and grown dogs. But it has a specific package designed for pups.

A single can is 12oz, and the food comes in packs of 12 – costing $35 total.

So that’s less than $3 per can, which isn’t a bad deal. But it’s a bit pricey compared to other brands on the market.

Is it Trusted?

Absolutely. This product has almost 700 reviews, rated at 78%. And this is higher than most pet supplies on Amazon.

It’s easy to digest, and it’s designed for allergic dogs. If your dog is a bit sensitive to food, this is a meal to give them.

Like the previous option, it contains no grains, color, or preservatives. It’s all pure animal protein.

And in the puppy packages, you get added DHA (omega-3s). This is vital for young puppies to develop their eyes and brains.

Extra Flavor Options.

Wellness Core provides a set of flavors for its dried package. We mentioned those previously.

But for the wet food, you get a few bonus flavor. And those would be…
• Beef, venison, and lamb.
• Turkey, pork, and duck.

There’s more room for flavor experimentation. So we recommend you try can-by-can, and stick to what your dog prefers best!

3. Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Puppy Dry Food.

Best Grain Free Puppy Food Brands By Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo is a strong competitor in the grain free market. And like Wellness Core, it supplies a wide range of dog food products.

It’s also a well-liked brand. With over 380 reviews, this package is rated at 86%, a similar rating to option 1.

Blue Buffalo is unique in its attention to detail. Here, you get a variety of added nutrients, in addition to the grain-free mix.

This includes…
• DHA, for puppy growth.
• Guaranteed “real meat” (no by-products) as the prime ingredient.
• ARA (arachidonic avid) – which combats body inflammation in muscles.
• A blend of vitamins and anti-oxidants for growing puppies.

Now, do note this product doesn’t come with a flavor diversity. So this is as a nutritional booster, more than a taste bud soaker.

Also, this bag contains sweet potatoes and peas. Both can be digested by puppies, and they’re carbohydrates.

So it’s added diversity to the diet.

Finally, we come to price. The 24 pound bag is at $49, making this product much-much cheaper than Wellness Core Dry Food.

We’re looking at $2.04 per pound versus $3.50 per pound, which is a 42% cheaper.

If you want a mix of budget and quality, this is the product to try.

4. Blue Buffalo Freedom Wet Canned.

Best Grain Free Puppy Food Brands By BLUE Freedom

We can’t discuss dry food without the wet.

Same brand as the previous. And it’s as well-rated as its dry variant.

It also comes in a standard 12oz can, where you can get a 12 pack. So it’s like Wellness Core wet foods.

The main difference is that this higher on vegetables. The can contains carrots, peas, and sweet potatoes, higher on the carbohydrate load.

Note: The previous aren’t the main ingredients. They’re added items, to the main ingredient of chicken.

But still, you can guarantee no grains, preservatives, additives, corn, wheat, or soy.

5. Nutro WHOLESOME Essentials.

Best Grain Free Puppy Food Brands By Nutro WHOLESOME ESSENTIALS

The 3rd brand on our list. Nutro provides excellent dry dog food.

Their package flavors are purist (very straightforward). So if you don’t feel comfortable with different meat types, get this.

They also provide a different scale of packaging from other brands. Here, you get 5, 15, and 30 pound packs.

But what’s special about Nutro is the ingredient list. Here, you don’t just get DHA. But you also get pasture-fed lamb too!

So it’s not just a grain-free meal for your puppy. The meat too wasn’t fed grains before being slaughtered!

6. Whole Hearted Puppy Wet Food.

Best Grain Free Puppy Food Brands By WholeHearted

Most dog foods provide a standard flavor of chicken, plus some vegetables. This one starts with beef as a main ingredient.

And that’s not all. The beef is dipped in gravy.

If you want a taste diversity, get this. Give it to your dog, see how they react to the gravy.

Cans for this are at 13.2oz, slightly larger than the market standard. So it works for accelerated growth.

This product is less than $23 per can, so it’s quite affordable (compared to Wellness Core’s $35 per can).

But it’s a relatively unknown brand, so try it with care.

7. The Honest Kitchen Dog Grain Free Training Treats.

Best Grain Free Puppy Food Brands By Honest Kitchen

We can’t discuss puppy food without mentioning treats.

Puppies are energetic. And when training them, you need a healthy reward system.

This package does the trick. It’s a sponsored item on Amazon, rated at 80%. And it’s grain-free, with beef as a main ingredient.

Specifically, the treats are bite-sized cookies, suitable for puppies. And they’re low calorie, so it doesn’t disturb your puppy’s energy levels.

This treat comes with a variety of flavors, such as…
• Beef and blueberry.
• Fish and pumpkin.
• Duck and cherry.
• Chicken and cranberry.

The treats are a mix of protein and little sweetness – a main difference between treats and main courses!

8. Zesty Paws Allergy Immune Supplement.

Best Grain Free Puppy Food Brands By zesty paws

The last item in our best grain free puppy food brands lists is the supplement.

Grain-free diets are designed to avoid allergies. And if you’re doing that, why not include supplements?

Zesty Paws does the trick. This package contains 90 “pills” in the form of chew treats.

This supplement performs a variety of functions, such as…
• Combat seasonal allergies.
• Combats itching and skin problems.
• Contains probiotics/prebiotics – for improved digestion.
• EPA and DHA Omega-3s for brain and eye development.
• A blend of immunity boosting vitamins.

The main ingredient is wild salmon fish oil – a healthy nutritional booster for dogs.

A Few Tips When Buying The Best Grain Free Puppy Food

Your options are endless. So below, we’ll mention a few tips when buying best grain free puppy food!

(First): Start safe. Check your dog for allergies before buying any type of food. Then pick a package that suits your dog well.

(Second): Wet foods work best with puppies. They’re easier to consume and digest. So if your dog has digestive problems, stick to those.

(Third): Experiment with small package sizes. Don’t buy big bags for your puppies. Buy smaller ones, and check to see how they respond to the food.

You save money that lets you test out different products.

(Fourth): We mentioned a supplement on this list. This supplement is best suited for foods that lack added nutrients.

While the supplement is safe, you can always get a vet’s opinion on its use.

(Fifth): Price matters, but quality matters more. You can’t feed your dog what ruins their health. But similarly, you can’t go broke feeding your dog.

The previous review provides a combination of quality and price. Some are high quality/price. Others balance well both.

Experiment, and go for what suits your dog best!

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