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    Once you have decided to get a dog one of the first things you should look at is a plan dog insurance. Not everyone gets insurance but you can guarantee those who don’t somewhere down the line live to regret this decision. Unfortunately all dogs can get sick, most of the time it is nothing that a simple trip to the vet and some tablets can’t solve, but sadly sometimes it is a little bit more than this, and this can end up costing you a lot of money.

    Having an insurance policy behind you will just give you that bit of support if you do ever need it, the benefits of pet insurance out way the small monthly bill you have to. Dog insurance plans support you if your dog requires any medication or any treatment, the only thing you ever have to pay for is your regular vet check-ups, and if you make sure that you look around for a well-known and decently priced vet this shouldn’t cost you too much.


    There are a number of different insurance companies out there which means you are about to shop around and compare the top pet insurance for you and for your dog. There are a number of packages that you can go for that all vary on the level of cover that you want, they start at a basic level of cover and then go higher in price the more they cover. They tend to be three levels of cover that tend to be; essential/standard, classic/premier and ultimate/premier plus.


    The essential/standard cover only covers you for 12 months, so if you choose this policy you will have to renew it every year. They tend to cover for any treatment up to $3,000, and also a complementary treatment up to $500. They also offer an amount for emergency overseas travel treatment, as well as third party liability, these are the general areas they cover, and you will also find that different insurance companies will also offer slightly different coverage such as money towards a death of your pet due to accident or illness, some also offer money towards any treatment for behavioural issues or problems.


    The classic/premier cover offers you more support as it is the middle level of cover, they tend to offer around $3500 to $7500 (the amount they cover up to will depend on the company you choose. With the rise in cover you will find they offer everything the standard cover did but they offer a higher price range for each section.


    This is the same for the ultimate/premier plus cover which offers anything from $6000 to $13,000, for veterinary fees, this amount of course depends on which company you go with. This top pet insurance cover also works as an on-going cover so you will pay one fixed cost and it doesn’t need to be renewed

    What you will pay…

    With any cover you will have to pay a certain amount of excess, this tends to be anything from $50 to $75, this will be the amount that you have to pay for the treatment to your vet that you won’t get back. Some vets will allow you to pay the excess charges only and then they will send off the claim for to get the rest of the money directly from the insurance company. This is not a guarantee and will vary between different veterinary centres so check this with the vet before you need to claim.

    Shop around

    It is advised that you look around at different policies and covers that are available so that you can be assured you get the best cover for you. All dogs should have insurance as they all run the risk of getting ill and this will just allow you to be able rest assured that you will be covered if the worst happens.

    When it comes to taking out dog insurance for pre-existing conditions you will have to declare this on your policy, and this will vary depending on the issue. For example if your dog has a hereditary condition due to its breed or a congenital condition most insurance companies will offer policies for this, but you do need to declare this when you take out a policy as your cover will be different from the average.

    Furthermore is also varies slightly for pre-existing conditions that include broken bones or existing injuries this will also change the type of cover, they are often outlined under two headings; recurrent and on-going. You will still be able to cover your dog but it is very important that you declare these from the beginning so that you are fully covered. Remember, prevention is the best and easiest way to prevent dog accidents! This is why many dog owners choose to have a dog crate and a dog playpen for their canine companions!

    Likewise if you have an older dog and you want to insure them, this is also available but you will probably find the cover is a little bit of a higher monthly cost.

    For our pets, we use Healthy Paws Dog Insurance. Click here to check out their website! Note: We have no affiliation with Healthy Paws. We are just really satisfied with their product and service.


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    Dog Insurance
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