Dog Door: 6 Things To Consider Before Buying And Installing

An idea of a dog door starts to sound pretty appealing when you consider the benefits for an dog active. Owners of livestock work unusual hours, or simply can not be bothered to give their dogs at all times, may want to give their pets the opportunity outside our own schedule.

In the list of dog supplies you may need to consider to get your dog, dog doors are not the first choice but it offers a lot of benefits and has many advantages. However, you must also consider the disadvantages of installing your dog door in your home and consider some other aspects of this method before buying.

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1. The dog door must really fit your dog’s body.

Being trapped in anything is not an interesting feeling, but it will be less fun when there is no one at home to help you escape the literal attachment you are staying at. Before you start the dog door installation process, measure the width of your dog’s chest from shoulder to shoulder; This is the widest part on their bodies. You will also need to measure your height so that you can pass without clumsiness or awkwardness.

A dog door can be extremely beneficial for both dogs and their owners. There are a number of shortcomings to consider, but as long as you know and prepare them, everything will probably go smoothly.

2. Your dog likes to burrow and escape

Dog door Your dog likes to burrow and escape

Dog doors are not a great idea, especially when you have a dog that likes to dig under the fence. Thankfully, there are available dog doors containing a piece of plastic or metal moving that acts as a barrier. As long as it closes, you don’t have to worry about your dog going over.

Just remember, our fangs are far smarter than they sometimes allow. They watched you open and closed a pet door every day, and they were finally able to find a way to do it themselves. So if you already have a determined runner and you’re worried the puppy can escape, lock your dog’s door and train your dog to stop digging.

3. Intruders

Although no one can enter your home through the dog door, the bigger problem is that your pet goes out alone and is stolen.

It’s great to know that you can go to work without having to go home with a mess, or worry about your dog keeping their bladder for too long. Small dogs are known for needing frequent breaks and sadly, they are also the most vulnerable dogs. However, small dogs are not the only ones missing.

To combat this problem after you set up a pet door, consider having a monitoring system just to make sure that if something happens, you have proof to provide it to the government. In addition to walkers, people living in states like Florida, where large reptiles crawl into the pool and houses of people in the season may want to reconsider a dog door.

4. Your dog can bring strange objects into the house through the dog door

Your dog can bring strange objects into the house through the dog door

Just because it’s designed for dogs, that doesn’t mean that other animals in your family won’t learn to use the door. Predatory cats are naturally born and will find ways around things like doors when they are on a hunting mission. If you have a cat that likes to mess around, you should ring them so you know where they are, although it still doesn’t solve all your problems.

This can be a problem for some dogs, but especially cats can carry things from the outside. These small prey like birds and squirrels will surely become victims of sharp and deadly claws of your kittens. The next thing you know, they are releasing corpses under the couch, in the kitchen, under your pillow and wherever they know you will eventually find it.

When it comes to dogs, unless you are the only one with many qualities of garbage compactor that most canines are, it is not surprising if your dog decides to take down some delicious, lying dead bodies around. Otherwise, your dog can carry objects from the nearest trash, which they consider to be food or a very smelly toy.

5. Many more dirt

Because they can be roamed in and out freely as long as you can reach the door, that traffic brings a lot of dirt, especially in the winter. This is not the biggest scammer and there are many ways to solve this problem. At the very least, consider adding floor mats inside and outside the entrance to the entrance.

Another trick is to invest in a cheap dog doormat, or even better – a cat carpet. It may sound silly, but they are made to keep dirt and anything else on your dog’s feet, and this is much better than the usual doormat. If your carpet starts to look dirtier, just take it outside and shake it to the grass, or wash it quickly.

6. Your child can use it

Talking about other people using dog doors, your little ones will probably be curious about their new best friend’s way out. Infants and toddlers never have access to dog doors due to the various dangers that it presents.

Small children are big enough to speak and understand, so they are introduced to this exciting new machine, if only to help them understand that it’s only for dogs, and they can get ouchies, and booboos, if they try to crawl through it.

Whenever children and pets share a home, it is better to get used to the way things work. Children who try to play with their dog through the door may accidentally be bitten or stepped on. This is a new situation for everyone, your child and your child still need time to get used to the rules.

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Note: If you live below sea level like Houston, Texas or many cities in Louisiana, these regions are known to be hot, humid and swampy, almost always accompanied by annual flooding, consider permeation.

The above are just some warning stories to make sure that everyone in your family has been prepared and your dog can make the switch safely, and nobody has unexpected surprises. Your dog may not want to use it immediately, but after a week or two, they should start feeling a little more comfortable with their personal door.

Laura Norwood
Laura Norwood
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